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  1. is it bad that I think we might lose some more people soon?
  2. I don't know who I want to go for, but at the same time. I don't really like using armor units. Why have so many heroes in the Christmas, sorry, festive banners have to be armored? Aslo remind me, is Tharja armored, and if so two, WHY!?
  3. I've summoned twice already, I didn't get Ewan, but I got Leif. I'll take it, he was one of my best units back on my tablet when he first came out.
  4. I really want Ewan, I hope that my luck will finally come back for me to get him. He's my favorite recruit and I love using him as my druid so I can make Knoll my summoner.
  5. I forgot to say that if they make it a combined game. As in both FE6 and FE7 in one. basically you can pick which game you play. I'm sorry, I'm having troubles trying to explain it.
  6. I forgot to mention this, but I also think that FE6 would be a good choice. Roy has gained popularity through smash. If people hear a new fire emblem game with Roy as the main lord, they might want to by the game. Also, Lyn has gained some popularity as well as an assist trophy. So, a FE6 remake might be better since it has a character everyone is familiar with.
  7. My top two choices are between FE4 and FE6. I think that FE6 is more likely. I think that having a FE6 remake will work out a lot better for the newer fans to the series. If they did make a FE6 remake, I can see it being a huge success. I also think a FE4 remake would do well. The reason I'm leaning towards FE6 is because of the maps. If FE4 was going to be remade on the 3DS, I'm not sure the system could've handled it very well without changing the chapter system. If it was going to be a FE4 remake, then each castle you'd have to capture would have to be it's own chapter for the game to run smooth enough on the 3DS. Also with a FE4 remake, I'm saying this for the newer/casual players, they wouldn't add a casual mode. I'm a classic mode player myself, but for those who play on only casual might not like it taken away from them. FE6 I think is also easier for any of the other new players and it would be cool if this was a bundle game that had both FE6 and FE7. Though what ever game it is, there is one thing I'll be glad they add, and that is critical quotes. Roy: "A leader belongs on the front lines." (Fishy emblem cipher crit for FE6)
  8. I don't know if I even can pull him. I'll try to pull him, but my RNG has been trash lately. I really like the artwork as well. Props to the artist. I think I only have four legendries total and that's including Fjorm and Ike who you get for free.
  9. I'm hoping to start making a project soon. I've been trying to find files of the GBA sprites to no avail. If anyone could help me that would be amazing. Thank you.
  10. Going to the original question, I would like to see a ranger type class that you see in those medieval fantasy movies. i.e. Legolas from The Lord of the Rings. They would be an infantry unit that could use swords and bows (Which is a thing now 😞) and could have skills that improved stats in forests and other terrains.
  11. I tend to not trust leaks. This is going to sound cringy, but I remember when code was leaked(or datamined) from Mario Tennis Aces that showed Link being in the game. I don't see him yet. Maybe Nintendo remembered that and someone made that statement so that the community won't freak out on any wrong info.
  12. I think I understand it. We still don't have much info yet. Though I think Casper might be a special commoner class that is similar to the trainee classes from the other FE games. Like I said not enough info.
  13. @LalaPony From the looks of your picture, it looks like Casper is going to be like the recruits from FE8 and/or Donnel and Mozu from Awakening and fates.
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