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  1. I'm hoping to start making a project soon. I've been trying to find files of the GBA sprites to no avail. If anyone could help me that would be amazing. Thank you.
  2. Going to the original question, I would like to see a ranger type class that you see in those medieval fantasy movies. i.e. Legolas from The Lord of the Rings. They would be an infantry unit that could use swords and bows (Which is a thing now 😞) and could have skills that improved stats in forests and other terrains.
  3. I tend to not trust leaks. This is going to sound cringy, but I remember when code was leaked(or datamined) from Mario Tennis Aces that showed Link being in the game. I don't see him yet. Maybe Nintendo remembered that and someone made that statement so that the community won't freak out on any wrong info.
  4. I think I understand it. We still don't have much info yet. Though I think Casper might be a special commoner class that is similar to the trainee classes from the other FE games. Like I said not enough info.
  5. @LalaPony From the looks of your picture, it looks like Casper is going to be like the recruits from FE8 and/or Donnel and Mozu from Awakening and fates.
  6. They better have the javelin. (Sorry if I missed it in a trailer). I also hope they remove all the bull crap nerfs from the weapons they had in fates. I couldn't use the javelin much at all in that game.
  7. I wish I was going to E3. I will make sure to look up everything from it after it happens. I can't wait for the game. Though I'm going to have to find an emulator to play :'(
  8. I don't know what it is but I do not trust Rhea. I swear she is going to be evil in some way.
  9. Read it myself. Looks confusing and you definitely have to use it. Please have casual mode.
  10. Blue Lions all the way. Plus the student I want to romance is in that house. Though, she's going to die to a 1% crit.
  11. I completely forgot to say which house I'd join. I'm definitely going with the blue lions. They see like the types who show honor and that is how I am. Also on the topic of romance. I don't choose based off of appearance, but if I had to choose. I'd say Annette. I feel like lots of flack is coming. Also I'm going to lose her to a 1% crit. Why FE. I've already been through the pain. For once spare me.
  12. I feel like that they haven't revealed all of the characters yet. Even if you take out the child units in fates and awakening. (Only think of one path for fates) There are still more playable characters then this game so far.
  13. My friend and I are going to do a run where he makes all of the "Teacher" Decisions and I do the maps. I wonder how many times i'll break controllers to one percent crits.
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