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  1. I can't wait to see the lord's families, especially Dimitri's. I sense that each family will be severely different and will explain a lot about their personalities and their appearance post time skip.
  2. I remember seeing the name "Byleth" on the save files menu, so I think that probably means we can change the name of the character. Like everyone else said, I think we can't change the appearance in any way and the change of hair colour is likely related to the plot.
  3. Yeah, he's definitely a boy, his voice it's just very high. Since I watched the video prior to the CV I was fooled for a moment there haha I guess the only student that could kinda fit the bill would be Linhart, but his grunt in the second trailer sounds kinda masculine...time will tell I guess.
  4. I was half hoping he was a girl dressed like a boy (kind of like a reverse Forrest) so that we had an equal gender representation among the students, and I have to say his voice seemed to prove this He genuinely looks like a sweetheart, and he's even going to the academy to the academy to help support his family, which if the bio is any indication, it's not exactly his vocation. Overall, a very good surprise and a nice addition to the Golden Deer crew.
  5. Seriously what happened? Or more importantly how long was this? If she's not the only case, then maybe that explains why they're not showing any English clips. So sad honestly, I really love her work and I hope they bring her back for another role in the future.
  6. I think you're right on the money. I wonder why they decided to leave the most obscure characters (Ingrid and Marianne) to last, it totally looks like it's on purpose.
  7. She's so darn cute! Wow the Blue Lions are yet to have a bad reveal for me, all the characters look amazing. A funny thing I noticed is that she sort of mimics Mercedes mannerisms like holding her hand(s) over her chest and having the same cute smile with her eyes closed 😊 I don't think so, or at least I don't see it anywhere.
  8. Wow the place is huge! It looks like IntSys is trying their hand on an open-world setting since they're really popular in modern games. This must have taken a good chunk of development time, judging by the size of the place and the content therein. It really looks like this hub is too important to ever leave, of if Byleth does leave it won't be for long. Or maybe that's what they want us to believe, and before we know it the place gets completely obliterated right before our eyes in a heart-wrenching scene.
  9. So there's cats and dogs roaming the Monastery? I hope we can pet them because that would be really cute ☺️
  10. Either that or the Church made him/her disappear for some reason and then covered it up. I wonder if the same won't happen to Byleth...
  11. Huh, actually those are a different set of cards, good find! Here's the translation for the other set, the one with the official artwork in it. I got it from FEcipherENG as well: Byleth: “Learn with your very flesh!” Edelgard: “I had hoped so. May you instruct us Black Eagles well.” Dimitri: “The Blue Lions are quite the boisterous house. I would wager you’re in for more than your fair share of grief, but we are glad to have you nonetheless.” Claude: “Taken a liking to me, have you? Is that why you chose my house? Heh… Well, you might want to take a different tone of voice there.”
  12. So apparently a teacher made a run for it during one of the outings, if that's not suspicious I don't know what is. I guess that's another reason why they picked up Byleth as a substitute. I think Yeritza/Jeritza is probably Alois, since all the other instructors were there before Jeralt mercs and Byleth came.
  13. Ah thanks for the kind words! I'll be waiting for the next update. I honestly never met another Portuguese FE fan either (aside from my sister that is), but I'm pretty sure they're out there somewhere
  14. I wonder when they're planning to finish the English website and give us the bios and videos in English. Maybe they're waiting for E3, but it's kind of annoying that most of the material we got so far is only in Japanese when the localization is probably well advanced and ready to be shown this time around.
  15. Just found this hack and it looks stunning! I'm finishing a SS playthrough and once I'm done I'm giving this patch a try. Thanks so much for making it, I love this game to pieces and playing it again with these enhancements it's going to be a blast for sure
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