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  1. Sorry for the late response since I hadn't logged in a while. I actually nerfed the player and buffed the enemy, including equipment. I am testing the chapters to make sure this isn't impossible. I honestly just thought I should make the game harder in almost every possible way not that just buffing the enemies would be all that is needed. Honestly those were my opinions with how things were at the time. I honestly would say I was a bit harsh about Erika when I initially wrote that. She can be used in the early game easily it is just if she faces a lance unit besides an early game soldier she will either die or be at really low hp. After a few rounds of testing within the early game I would say she is overall at least 2/5 if not 3/5. I think other units are better it is just the early game has some good units just not many from the prologue to chapter 3. I would say Artur and Lute really help the most besides Seth. Colm will be more useful than Vanilla Sacred Stones so I would use him just as a little hint. I still need to get one route balanced if you are wondering.
  2. I will mention right now that I have changed chapter 2 to make it easier to get Garcia because it was heavily luck based before; I will say how in the patch notes for the next set of patch notes.
  3. I just want to say I am finally back. I know it has been well over a year since I said anything and I just want to say right now I will be focusing on finishing the hack including re-balancing chapters on Ephraim's route and any chapters before the route split as soon as I can. Then I will finish the re-balancing on Erika's once I am done with that I will post the patches after I finish each route. I will leave patch notes to reference what I have done after I get the patch up.
  4. It was Lyn's Grandfather. Though I don't know why they chose Dorcas.
  5. I just wanted to give my own rating for some of the units so far based on how things have been going in Maniac Mode. Erika 1/5 She has Eliwood Syndrome except she can double at first but she really can't do much without her needing to be overleveled to contribute. She dies really easily even against enemies she has weapon triangle against. She also after the first few chapters won't do much damage in general. She also can't even one round enemies in the first chapter. She will die if she gets hit more than once by pretty much everything in the early game. Overall just a bad unit. Seth 5/5 He will carry you through the early game. However, there are a few things that the player can do that can cause him to die. If one of these is done, like using a silver lance on the prologue, then you have messed up. Though most cases he shouldn't have trouble kill most enemies. Though by chapter 5 he may have a couple of issues. Otherwise, he is a really useful unit. Franz 3/5 Originally I would have given him 2/5 because of the issues he obviously has, but I feel he is better that most units in the game. While he does have some durability issues, he makes up for it with a decent ability to double and do decent damage. He doesn't struggle to hit or dodge but don't take that too far as he won't always be good enough at it. He can be used to rescue units but he is better off picking of other enemy units. He is serviceable unlike quite a few of the cast members. Gilliam 2/5 Gilliam is useful for the first few chapters but he quickly drops off as he can't really take as much hits as he could in normal FE8. Though in the early game he can be used to wall out some enemies to make things a bit easier. He will never double. He doesn't double Soldiers even which are still kind of slow. He struggles to hit quite a few enemies after he joins. He also will hold up your units if you try to make him keep up without rescuing him. Vanessa 2/5 Vanessa isn't that good. She will stop doing any real damage quicker that Erika. She is really frail and is really only a good rescue bot. She also doubles consistently and can hit things, but she really can't do much. Overall a pretty bad unit. Moulder 3/5 He is your first healer and one of the only ones worth using. He starts off at level three which will help him promote easier. He is also a little bit frail in general. He is serviceable for what he is. Ross 1/5 Ross has nothing going for him. He gets doubled, dies to most, if not all, enemies in two hits, and struggles to dodge. He can only really hit things. He also is only a trainee so it isn't worth using him.
  6. I am working on getting the next patch it should be out by the 30th if I am behind. Though I wasn't able to work on the patch earlier due to some other issues including being sick for part of it. I will put out the patch when it is ready.
  7. I don't expect this to be balanced completely before the end of the month. I will continue to balance things to make sure that the game can be completed without any real luck involved, unless you play too quickly.
  8. I think you are stretching the truth with how good path of radiance's story because we halo that has mostly good writing that makes path of radiance look only decent and we also have other games like The Witcher(Only that I have heard) and Undertale.
  9. I just found an issue with Chapter 9 on Ephraim's route that will be fixed in the next patch. I haven't checked to see if Erika's Route has any issues yet though I will be checking that myself pretty soon.
  10. I started this a while ago. I just wanted to make this post here for those who haven't seen the first post about this. I will link the first post as I just wanted info on Ephraim's Route so I knew what exactly to do to make it at least make it harder in the right way. The link will also give access to the original version. https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/85337-what-makes-ephraims-route-easy-in-fe8-fe8-maniac-mode/ < Link to original post. If you want to see the changes between patch 1.1 and the Original that I have done I will keep it in a spoiler area. There were some chapters I have done on Ephraim's route that are now done. The chapters have not been test yet so they may be changed as needed. If you want to see changes to the characters I will leave them in the spoiler area below.(Info on route split is not in here yet). I plan to finish Ephraim's route before the end of this month but that could change if I can't finish it from other issues that me or anyone else finds. Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Maniac Mode V1.1.ups I just wanted to put out the new patch real quick with some notes on the changes I have made. Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones Maniac Mode V1.2.ups The changes are in the spoiler below. Ephraim's Route has been updated to chapter 19 but is not balanced yet as well as Erika's route not being fully balanced yet. I may have more balance changes done fairly soon. Sorry that this was a day late, I am putting this out now since I committed to getting it out. Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones Maniac Mode V1.3.ups There wasn't many changes besides chapters being changed for maniac up to both endgames now I will be rebalancing the rom from here on. Though I find it odd that if you change Chapter 21x on one side you do it to the other so if anyone manages to beat Erika's route that map will be the exact same.
  11. All I have to say is seven words, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Maniac Mode.
  12. Yur4

    Awakening GBA

    Well I hope it turns out to go well for you. I am working on a solo project myself but it isn't the same idea as this.The project I have been doing is FE8 Maniac Mode and I will have a second patch coming out soon. I do need help testing it as I am one person and I will need input on what needs to be fixed if anything. Though if I may ask is it custom tile designs or just custom effects that you can make tiles have?
  13. That makes sense that people would do that as dumb as that is. Though I think there was a donation area that I saw when I went to download the Last Promise.
  14. Did you really pay for the first one? These are still FE rom hacks. So it kind seems odd to pay for something that is should be free if you did. I could understand if it was made using RPG Maker, but if I remember correctly the first one wasn't. Though I am working a few projects at the moment but I don't expect two of them to be done anytime soon unlike FE8 Maniac Mode.
  15. Well time to watch Mangs' The Last Promise let's play.
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