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  1. I kinda get you're missing the point of what I said. First of all, the orphans I used as examples are mentioned in his supports. His C and A support to be exact. After re-reading these however, it turns out he merely captured the children. Which does mean he must have killed at least one child off-screen, but we have no way of knowing whether they were "innocent" or hostile. Considering the context however - the full blown war with children losing loved ones left and right - it is more likely he was attacked by children. At least only one child, you may ask? Yes, as not having directly killed Fleche himself does not mean Dimitri can not feel responsible for her death. As the support proves, he could have easily disarmed Fleche, stopped her in some way, and prevented Rodrigue and Fleche from dying. Oh, and thinking about it... didn't Edelgard try to assassinate her fellow students multiple times? Before the war? You know, when they were under 18? "Children", one might say. Which kinda brings me back to this. Edelgard was aware of who Dimitri was: her childhood friend/step-sibling. And I don't remember Dimitri allying with Rhea before the war, huh, weird. And you are telling me she only invaded Faerghus because he allied with Rhea? Why try to assassinate him then? But heavens, this thread is hardly about Randolph and Fleche anymore and is devolving into a Dimitri bad/Edelgard bad thread once more. I think imma stop bothering with this, maybe we can pick this up in a more appropriate thread, hm.
  2. Well, even one example is more than you gave, to be quite honest. You merely created some highly theoretical scenarios of little, innocent boys, killing to survive, to get some bread and such. As Axel987 mentioned, the only other concrete proof of Dimitri killing children, besides Fleche, is his own support line. You know, those orphans who attacked him, with obvious lethal intent; circling back to Dimitri not having killed any non-combatants. Merely those showing clear hostility towards him, in a time of war. Fleche and those orphans are already enough children to be counted as "children". Dimitri saying he killed "Adults and children." doesn't mean he slaughtered millions of them. Pretty sure he would already feel bad enough about killing those few, hostile children. And yet you say Dimitri is "way more of a hypocrite", "he's in for revenge" and criticize him for not seeing "himself in the wrong". In a route that is not his own. A route without Byleth as Dimitri's support. Doesn't he state multiple times, in AM that is, that he wouldn't know what he would have done without the professor? Like, literally the same reason you defend Edelgard for her actions in the other routes?
  3. Byleth can only train their budding talent via teachers, not via weekly instructions. Hence one needs to spend a total of 12 activity points. Mind you, activity points and not instruction/teaching points.
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