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  1. Thanks for the reply. The old translation rom works.
  2. Which version of FE6 rom should it patch on? It does not work for the original JP version nor the English translated version.
  3. Cool. Thanks for the reply. I am in Chapter 27 now. Really enjoy the gameplay and the plot. Although I am having a hard time to recognize the same character when he/she turns older with a different portrait, due to it was used as a different character in the original FE. But that's still fun. Hope it will get some update.
  4. Really cool. Can't wait to try it.
  5. A question about the game: In Chapter 25, the two NPC, Issac and Lydia, Issac's panel shows that he has a conversation to Lydia. However, Issac remains as the NPC even after having both Isaiah and Teagan talked to him. Therefore, Issac cannot talk to Lydia since he cannot be recruited. It seems both two NPC cannot be recruited through this Chapter 25. However, Issac automatically joined the team in the next Chapter 26 while Lydia is not. Does it supposed to be in this way?
  6. Really like the inclusion of male pegasus rider, especially using swords
  7. Might better to promote Thief to Rogue. It is more relevant based on FE6 setting. It is not like that the thief in FE7, which relates to Black Fang and therefore Assassin makes sense. Plus, there is no need to bother the absence of Lethelity in FE6.
  8. That'll be great to have an updated FE6 just adding new classes, such as Assassin, Monk, and new weapons & items from FE7.
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