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  1. Sorry for necroing the topic but im wondering about chapter 9. I got everything working until turn 3. Lyn always misses 1 hit on the cavalier and he lives. It also seems that rainbucket has deleted the videos and s/he hasnt visited the site since 2017 so i have to ask here.
  2. For PoR, use whoever you want, its the easiest FE that ive played. Just finished my hard mode run and it wasnt hard at all. RD is much harder but gives you the option to cheese endgame by bringing all laguz royals, i did it to see their battle conversations and their stats at lvl 40.
  3. These are my favourite fire emblem games. Things i like: The writing and the way the story is set up from PoR to RD. Black knight <3 - the way he rekts everything left and right and isnt afraid of anyone, too bad we didnt see him duel and kill caineghis after he killed greil. Also too bad we didnt see him duel and kill tibarn in tower of guidance/river crossing. Sephiran - a very well written antagonist imo. Recruitment themes - best in the franchise. 3 unit tiers in RD. They brought back skills from FE4(which is also one of my favourites). Things i dont like: PoR is too easy - im playing hard mode now and its still too easy. RD is too hard - it was my first fire emblem game and it was painfully hard to play. Dheginsea isnt recruitable :/
  4. He was probably going to free/take custody of sephiran and/or he figured out where ike and the party would most likely be headed. He stands in that spot because the boss in chapter intro tells him to leave the fighting to his men who are itching for a fight iirc. And he moves if you engage the boss or a few turns pass.
  5. I beat the game on normal, started a new run for transfers but oscar and boyd dont have their respective bands when they join me. Why?
  6. Should have clarified, i will not be using units i used in my last run(astrid, fiona, meg, edward, rhys, all royals) How important is this? It seems like its just 2 chapters so i might not care enough to build my team solely around this. Also i dont use dragons, only used kurthnaga with paragon+blossom because i wanted to get every royal to lvl 40. EDIT: I started PoR but boyd and oscar dont have bands, what gives? The wiki says bands appear automatically from 2nd playthrough onwards.
  7. Radiant dawn was my first ever fire emblem game so im biased towards Dawn Brigade characters. I will save scum sothe since he only takes around 1500 bexp to get to 20? I used astrid with transfers in my normal game run, she was supported with fiona. Neither were very usable at the beginning but endgame they wrecked everything, i dropped titania and oscar for them. I dont think ill give her transfers though, it was hard enough to get her going in normal mode. Also used illyana in both PoR and RD(with transfers), she was used in every chapter she was available and i wasnt too impressed with her in either game. In PoR she didnt cap anything except resistance and skill, and in RD soren and sanaki outperformed her except in the chapter full of dragons. Do i use transfers only for units that i plan on using throughout the entire game? And how many units can get transfers on NM without boss abuse? So far my planned RD team is forced units+ zihark(never used him), nolan, jill, marcia/tanith, soren, laura/mist and aran/nephenee. This is under the assumption that i can get 6 characters+sothe to max lvl. Is this realistic? On my last PoR run only illyana volke rhys and astrid got to 20/20 by the end of the game. edit: its my second playthrough so i want to get the extra ending scenes as well. edit2: what is this 34speed cap i keep reading about in HM threads?
  8. Hello everyone, long time reader first time poster. Ive beaten PoR and RD on normal mode, now im going to replay PoR for RD HM transfers. Which characters besides jill, sothe and nephenee should get transfers? Also how can i check if my RD is compatible with easy mode PoR?(im playing via dolphin). If its not compatible with easy, should i play PoR on normal or hard?
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