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  1. *flashbacks to flex tape commercial* T H A T ' S A L O T O F D A M A G E ! ------- "Bitch my hair is waayy better looking than yours!"
  2. OwO That beard tho! Why can't I have that? I only have a five o'clock shadow...a shitty one at that. One day...I'll have a beard as big as yours....
  3. @Espurrhoodie Haha! That's great! But seriously though..wtf is with me recently? I've been doing some strange things....stranger than usual anyways. ---- You must have an amazing luck stat for that to happen! The RNG gods were blessin' you! Seriously, what can't I have that luck? --- Is sarcasm T R U L Y the best language?
  4. Well that's...strange. But it's certainly not the weirdest thing TV Tropes has ever done. Pubic hair as teeth or teeth as pubic hair? Sorry is this too much?
  5. Well, looking at the internet's definition of one.. I fit those requirements So you're correct
  6. Basically Repeating What I Said On My Discord Yeah, I think the idea from the PoC would be better for the game. It has more potential to have better jokes and subtle callbacks to the FE games. As the writer, this would give me more creative freedom. So all in all, I'm leaning towards the idea from the PoC. NOTE: I wasn't able to play the PoC, due to me being on mobile, so I wasn't aware of Von's idea.
  7. Some dudebro from the caveman times Palla or Catria? 😉 Definitely a Palla dude myself
  8. SAO was my first anime that I actually got into. I love the show btw! Technically it was DBZ but I only watched a couple of episodes of that.
  9. Wait, special episode..of Angel Beats? I know what I'm doing now... Gave me something to do
  10. Probably didn't understand what I was saying.. I need to stop typing out weird, confusing shit
  11. I believe we should have those original FE stories become books written by someone's great-great grandfather. I volunteer to be that someone. Because it kinda ties in to my own childhood, my great-great grandfather wrote books for his family to enjoy, since my character is a self insert, it would hit close to home to me, and it would make it easier to write. I just need to base the grandfather on my own. I'm really bad at typing more than a short sentence..let me know if you're confused Von.
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