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  1. @Von Ithipathachai Sorry, I've been awfully busy recently. I'll update y'all when I have something.
  2. For the people who think that they're too late, I'll give you guys a month or two, then I'll go through the list and see which names are available. You guys have a little while.
  3. @Zangetsu Only letters for my username, other symbols aren't allowed. But good suggestion.
  4. Forgot the cap, guessing 7-10. I'll update y'all when I know for sure.
  5. OK, so I've been rocking the gamertag, l Corrin l for a little bit, but I am growing tired of it. I want a stupid, but creative gamertag for my XBL. Go wild, Ladies and Gentlemen.
  6. I gotta feeling that I said something stupid.. I ran out of ideas..umm..yeah. I'm another anime chick with an unnatural hair color! ...yeah that's it.
  7. Yes! Spot on! Doesn't know anything about the Mortal Kombat series
  8. There ya go! I'm probably the waifu of thousands of otakus, and that's horrifying..
  9. Now that's a little too easy! All the neckbeards want me, and they know it!
  10. Debate? This isn't debateable, it is S T R A I G H T facts! Anyone who says otherwise is lying! But seriously.. FFTF sure has fallen, no?
  11. I... Am actually flabbergasted.. I don't know what to say.. I'm actually fucking stumped lol
  12. They're called ice clones. 🙂 Observes dimensions
  13. Share a name with a character in a steamy romance novel, obviously 🙂 WYR be frozen by Sub Zero (me) and be left there for eternity, or be trapped in the Netherealm by Scorpion and be left there for eternity.
  14. Probably wants a nice, cold ice cream sandwich
  15. @Rezzy This game is supposed to be comedic, so it would fit kinda well.
  16. Indeed, we can possibly fill the rest of the chapters with monster bosses and recurring characters.
  17. @KnightOfNohr @Espurrhoodie Why not? It'll end up saving us a little more time. 🙂
  18. I'll shift over to the enemy side then. I'll be a leader of a band of rouges and thieves, at the start of the game, probably two or three chapters after @Pengaius has been recruited. Recuited by: Eclipse, Pengaius (I plan to have the Butter Bandits and my band of thieves tie into each other) (Sorry for the white, randomly popped up)
  19. Tellius....I'm gonna get shit on.. The games really don't deserve the amount of praise it gets. The characters are kinda lackluster, the setting isn't that memorable, and the gameplay is kind of boring. The games aren't BAD, no FE game is imo. It just lacks the "these characters are so good they're like family to me" type of feeling. The games are OK at best.
  20. Idk, probably because they read too many "How to be an Uncle" books. Watch them actually be a thing.. ------- WYR.. Have someone paint your naked body and have it shared on social media for millions to see. Or.. Have one of your units die from a 1% crit. Do WYR's count?
  21. Lives in a place I cannot pronounce
  22. Has no reason to be stressed out. You'll do fine! :3
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