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  1. Hey y’all! I’m looking to buy the following cards. I’m fine with international shipping so that isn’t a problem. Thanks in advance!! Gaius - B18-058R (high priority!!), B18-059N Navarre - B17-008HN, B17-007SR M!Corrin - B17-048N Takumi - B17-036N Leo - B15-058R (high priority!!) Kaze - B03-059N, B06-074HN Byleth - P18-012PR, B18-001SR Dimitri - B17-111HN, B18-019N, S12-005ST, P16-013PR _______________________________________ +1 jiayejoe Edit: Updated the list as I've found some of the cards!
  2. Hey!! I'm looking to buy the cards listed below! Gaius - B01-073SR M!Robin - B14-006SR Byleth - P17-014PR Claude - P16-014PR Dimitri - B17-111HN, P16-013PR Edelgard - P16-012PR Thanks!!!!
  3. +1 Kirie (Thank you for being amazing as always. The card was really well packaged!!)
  4. +1 jiayejoe Always a pleasure to buy from, amazing customer service and really friendly!
  5. Hey guys! I'm looking to buy the following cards so if you have them and don't want them, please send me a DM!! Thanks! B01-073SR Gaius B14-006SR M!Robin
  6. +1 ChibiToastExplosion Super awesome packaging and an amazing person overall (can I give another +1?)
  7. Hi!! I'm in search of buying Leo, Takumi, Gaius, male Corrin, Asugi, Lucina, and Chrom cipher cards as I want to collect them. If you have any and are willing to part with them, please pm or leave a message here! Thank you in advance!! Cards I want Leo Takumi Gaius Male Corrin Asugi Lucina Chrom
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