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  1. Something to consider about the situation in Hrym is the possible reasons why Arundel is invested in that territory and in causing strife. Mainly that Shambhala happens to be located in the far east of that territory so there's motive there to cause unrest even if they had to scale back/focus on the area around Shambhala. As for the surgical strikes, I quite enjoyed that gameplay and story aspect of CF. Decapitate the noble (and Cornelia) leadership of regions and sieze the strategic location in the first chapter than move on to the main target in the next.
  2. Uh any reason to think it wouldn't? And besides I think it was Constance who was specifically called out to be able to escape with magic, she probably showed off half a dozen rope based spells to Yuri and never understood his innuendos and implications. As for her Gimmick it also gives her a reason to be in Abyss.
  3. World building wise magic is not widespread and is connected to/horded by nobility and magical ability can be boosted by crests. Gameplay wise while there are alot of enemy mages and such anyone being able learn some magic and crestless units being able to be trained into/start with a magic specialization is most likely intentional.
  4. Even if the list was outdated that's supposed to mean what exactly? That because your suppression of technology for dubious reasons failed that means you get a free pass?
  5. There's also Edelgard's allies/supporters in the Empire to consider with a lack of a war/reunification effort.
  6. Pretty sure it was mentioned that Seteth banned that one, and given his character and the other book he banned I thinks it's more likely it's just a non-historically accurate trashy romance novel.
  7. Okay what scene is it, because the scene I watched didn't really have anything to do with Byleth's current lack of heartbeat (as said Byleth can allude to it but that's it) but the circumstances of their birth and lack of hearbeat/being still born. And again the lack of heartbeat (but iirc they did have a pulse which I think is synonymous with blood pressure here) wasn't the only symptom that concerned Jeralt. (Nor do I believe that Byleth's condition was Jeralt's only concern with Rhea)
  8. Okay can you give the name of the scene? And answering any of my other points because frankly what your saying doesn't match with what I got out of the dlc. (Or the main game for that matter)
  9. I agree that she acts less suspicious here (still has her moments though) but I'm not sure that's enough to be considered being put in a"much more" sympathetic light.
  10. Or Rhea was just going to be an ally unit at Shambhla, speaking of ally units Rhea has appearences as one pre-skip and is pretty integral to the premise of both. (Chapter 12 you could easily have her leave the army at that point, but her other apperance is a paralouge whoch could happen at any point and is already focused on other characters) From a character standpoint Rhea herself is seemingly against the idea of traipsing around with you in a guidance box question.
  11. Yeah not sure where that came from (the posts before that seemed more along the transfusion line), as for Byleth I'm not sure if their blood would even work for that. Frankly the incest angle just seems a bit silly to me when it comes to the goddess and her children.
  12. Dragon blood transfusions extending life isn't really headcanon. Though to me it took a bit of an unexpected turn into Byleth's god powers and status as a dragon, my intials thoughts on transfusions were more about those who already had crests.
  13. Please tell me this is an appeal to popularity and not what it reads as? Not that "the community which edits a wiki also agrees with me" is that much better.
  14. But Kostas did "miraculously" pull off the alleged plan of getting rid of the teacher. Personally I wouldn't rule out attempting to assassinate the other royals as a motive for the attacks, but I also don't think it's the only possible motive. Also with a blunt undirected instrument like Kostas I think it makes sense to spread out your objectives, frankly I think Edelgard could do a whole lot better for an assassination attempt. Also in regards to killing Dimitri the kingdom is already in pretty bad shape because of the tragedy, play your hand too strongly against him and you could strengthen the kingdom's position. (We even see that a bit in crimson flower)
  15. I definitely agree that specifically choosing the church route make the song more powerful, also not quite sure what vow she's referring to if you're not playng that route. (Though I've haven't played Golden Deer yet cause my sister called dibs, and repeating the academy phase makes events in them kinda blur together.)
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