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  1. As far as I understand, undrafted thieves can get promo items and desert items, but nothing else. Of course they can't get attacked in any circumstance. Chapter 6 - 9/39 Ugh. Had to wait around so that I could talk to Cath. Didn’t get any treasure because no chest keys. Got that epic Roy Marcus support though and that makes it all worth it. Chapter 7 - 7/46 Oh boy this was a fun one. Zealot (I really don’t want to call him Jerrot) was a huge help. Got the hero crest and the physic and a few others. Kinda short on money because I bought two chest keys. I plan to have them pay for themselves though by opening money chest. The gist of the chapter was just Marcus, Zealot, and Allen killing everything they could and then all ganging up on the boss. Chapter 8 - 19/65 Oof I lost six turns on this map. Brought Chad and Astore to get a guiding ring and a knight crest. One turn was lost for the guiding ring, and the other five were just sub optimal play. Used a chest key use to get the killer bow because it didn’t cost time. Hopefully Klein can put it to good use. I played this one quite slow but at least I got under 20. Not my proudest chapter but I got a lot of exp on Allen. Didn’t get to train Oujay at all sadly. Talked to Cath. Chapter 8x - 10/75 Basically just a long hallway. Oujay got some kills. The boss was a real pain, took a few tries to get a kill on him that didn’t take ages. Used a lot of killing edge uses on that (got it in Ch. 7). Nobody I have can use the Durandal yet. Chapter 9 - 9/84 Pretty easy chapter thanks to all the axe enemies. Allen promoted at level 15. Oujay got a few kills. I murdered Shin and Fir. The boss was a pain again but Allen took him down with the last few killing edge uses. Chapter 10 - 8/92 More easy axe units were easily killed by my three paladins with swords. Got clogged up a couple times though so didn’t quite get an optimal clear. Oujay did some good clean up work and got some nice exp. Allen killed the boss, as he is now by far my best unit. Roy killed Gonzales because the devil axe backfired. Stats (At the end of Ch. 10): (HP/Str/Skl/Spd/Lck/Def/Res/Mov/Con) Roy, Level 3 Lord: 20/5/6/8/8/5/0/5/6 Marcus, Level 7 Paladin: 34/11/15/14/10/10/9/8/11 Allen, Level 3 Paladin: 38/15/11/18/8/13/3/8/11 Merlinus, Level 1 Transporter: 15/0/3/3/10/3/0/5/25 Saul, Level 7 Priest: 22/4/6/10/2/3/5/5/6 Zealot, Level 5 Paladin: 39/10/13/14/7/11/8/8/11 Oujay, Level 7 Mercenary: 27/8/11/13/8/5/0/5/8
  2. Chapter 1 - 5/5 I settled for a 5 turn on this one. Allen got two level ups. Got the money from the village. Only used up two silver lance uses (for the boss). Chapter 2 - 7/12 Had to retry a lot to find the best strategy for this one, but it payed off. Allen got some more good levels. Used a fun little trade chain with undrafted Thany to kill the boss with the armorslayer. Barely managed to keep the merc squad out of enemy range. Chapter 3 - 8/20 A bit slow because Marcus was getting bottlenecked in the indoors. Allen killed the soldiers coming from above and to the right, and then caught up to Marcus on the last turn to kill a fighter. Roy is still at level 1. Got the Mend from the eastern village. Chapter 4 - 6/26 Managed to barely avoid having to deal with Rutger. Allen put in a lot of work killing cavs and Roy got his first level (it was pretty bad). Failed to get any of the villages but Clarine auto recruited herself. Hopefully that’ll save a turn or two in Ch. 11 when I recruit Klein with her instead of Roy. Chapter 5 - 4/30 An easy and quick chapter. I think the bottleneck lost me a turn but I’m not too worried about it. Nothing of interest really happened Stats (At the end of Ch. 5): (HP/Str/Skl/Spd/Lck/Def/Res/Mov/Con) Roy, Level 2 Lord: 19/5/5/8/7/5/0/5/6 Marcus, Level 3 Paladin: 33/10/14/12/10/9/9/8/11 Allen, Level 9 Cavalier: 27/9/7/12/5/9/0/7/9 Merlinus, Level 1 Transporter: 15/0/3/3/10/3/0/5/25
  3. A skilled Sophia can beat any Percival Good luck to everyone, let's have a fun time playing some FE6
  4. I pick best unit in the game Sophia and I guess @Volbeat has to pick Wendy
  5. Yeah it was my pick. I'll just take Cath though so it doesn't really conflict Now you can go @fiver
  6. Wow what an all star lineup of unit we have left Guess I'll take Oujay, at least he can get the first hero crest @Volbeat or @fiver whoever's picking
  7. Dang I wanted Gonzales Klein @AnonymousSpeed just realized that gives me 4 units recruited in the same chapter lmao
  8. Echidna @Volbeat or @fiver if you are still picking for volbeat
  9. I'm just gonna @The Chad Sharpy so he gets a ping for his pick edit: oh heck ninja'd
  10. I'm not super confident on who to pick, but I'll go for Saul @AnonymousSpeed
  11. I'll pick everyone's third favorite FE6 paladin, Zealot @Volbeat
  12. I'll pick Tate @AnonymousSpeed
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