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  1. Aha, I saw your stuff on Twitter and I knew I recognised your username. Good shit, keep it up.

  2. Hey Marcella, big fan of your voice work! I've always wanted to ask, how do voice actors make the sounds when a character is getting hit/injured?
  3. A compilation of most of the sprites I've done/started on. If anyone wants to mess around with anyone of them, feel free. Click on the picture to enlarge! Just remember to give credit where it's due though.
  4. Whatup guys! 3DS Friend Code: 3969-7370-4440 Castle Address: 16160-82838 07842-73180 Chosen Affinity: Nohr Avatar name: Sean Castle name: AthenaWyrm Food Resource: Berries Mineral Resource: Sapphires
  5. Thanks for all the kind words/votes, peeps. It means a lot to me. I spent a majority of January working on this thing while being swamped with college graduation, so it was pretty tough. But I managed to finish it, so that was a load off my back. It took me like 30-35 hours to finish it lol. There is still some stuff I want to add, such as Naga and the Divine Tree somewhere further to the right of Grima maybe. I wanted to depict the story of FE:A through a picture by having the cape represent the struggles Lucina had to endure in order to save the player's timeline, so I included most of the villains along with Chrom and Robin. Originally it was just going to be Validar and Aversa, but it felt too empty so I decided to add the rest of the goons. This meant adding a huge white block to the frame, and it caused a big mess while I was trying to make everything look like one picture lol. I'm pretty happy with the finished result. I will clean up the whole thing more even after the contest is finished, but I'm flattered my picture has received this much attention. Thanks a lot!
  6. The one thing I am worried about is people spoiling the game when I'm in the chat drawing fates-related things.
  7. <- My first sprite I started spriting because I wanted to make Fire Emblem hacks. Who knows when that will happen though!
  8. I may come back to some if I feel like it even though I doubt it. Howeva I recalled my stance about my sprites earlier and they are all up for free use. So if anyone feels like messing with any of them or using them, feel free to.
  9. Have a Hector I'm never going to finish
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