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  1. Weapon refines have been a great way to insert life into heroes, from Incredibly Interesting effects to plus 10 damage on special trigger. Me personally would want to have ghb units receive refinery next as most of them have been out shined as time pasted and as seeing as Arvis is my favourite ghb unit I'm gonna be using him as an example. I personal would like him to get adds de-duff on the opponent to damage dealt but that but might be a bit self carrying so maybe instead it can be adds total de-buff to special but I'm not the biggest fan of that or maybe half of de-buff to damage dealt, but I'm just throwing ideas out atm. anyway what's your guys ideas for weapon refines?
  2. I'm Most likely gonna pick ether Berkut, Mae, Or Anna after Owain finally got into the game
  3. I would would say Scott pilgrim vs the world the game even though I doesn't really fit the category of cancelled games but seeing as it was pulled off all E-store shelves Before I got into The series About 3 years ago
  4. I see where your coming from, but I think fates is to new to deserve a remake yes it did come out 2-3 years ago but its fairly new, I feel like older fire emblem games are more deserving for remakes like geology of the holy war, thracia 776, binding blade. But I know what you really talking about is a re-release or remaster which would be nice (and I quick check for Nintendo and Intelligent Systems) and it by what your proposing a fix to the games most glaring issue, the story (for what I heard, I need to finish the games). with all that said its not really in Nintendo interests at the moment, but its fun to think about
  5. I have heard in a leek, that (will be in spoilers text)
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