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  1. Ingrid has been my only character to recruit throughout, because she is just BEST GIRL. Mercedes usually, as she's the best healer and I killed her one time (Crimson Flower) and her death quote made me fucking hate myself like I was a monster. Marianne I consider a freebie, as she doesn't show up in Part 2 (and like Loki above, when you realise why that might be........) Otherwise I deliberately keep the recruits to a minimum, as recruiting too many people really hurts the impact of the story, it practically killed my original BL runthrough as I recruited Dorothea, Petra, Bernie and Caspar.
  2. Went with Edelgard. I'm aware she is WAIFU for a lot of people, but as rushed as Crimson Flower was, that story opened up a lot of her personality for me. I love the fact that she makes real decisions and nothing she does or says is ever black and white. I have a proper hard-on for morally grey characters though.
  3. Nice little topic here, so as we know 3H puts a lot of emphasis on character deaths, and that you'll have to kill many of the students you saw at the Officers Academy. Obviously some students you can't wait to kill (I'm looking at you Lorenz) or are at least indifferent to (oh hello Ignatz) but with a rich and diverse group of people invariably you'll have to kill a favourite or two. So which death affected you the most? Which student did you hate to kill? I'll start myself with Mercedes. BL was my first run through and as a result I have a big soft spot for some of the characters (Dedue, Annette, Mercedes, Ingrid). I also realised that in recruiting half of the BE house, I had lessened the impact of the story, as I wouldn't have to kill Bernie, Petra or Dorothea. It was a fun run through however and Mercedes was one of my favourites due to her ability to nuke (as I had put a lot of focus into Reason) while healing. Plus Live to Serve makes her a brilliant front-line healer. I loved her interactions and support conversations and her friendship with Annette was magnificent. So for my following play throughs I made a rule that I could only recruit 2 characters, one from each house (except SS which will be a recruit everyone run). For my GD run I chose to recruit only Ingrid and Bernie. So fast forward to Gronder Field MK II and I'm forcing my way through the BE and BL forces. It's hurting to kill the likes of Felix or Sylvain but then at the end I killed Mercedes and I saw her death quote. No word of a lie, I turned the Switch off, chucked it to the end of the sofa and spent the next 15 minutes telling myself that I was a monster. The option didn't appear to spare her, so that was it, she was dead. I had killed the absolute sweetest cinammon roll and there was no going back. In the end I struggled through, but I was remembering that I had killed Mercedes and was very thankful that Annette didn't show up during GD. Don't know what I would have done if she had been killed as well. So with that in mind, which character death affected you the most?
  4. Welp. First and last time I spend money on this game. Started an account and had some money to spare so dumped in £75 for 140 orbs. Ended up getting nothing until the second the last pull, where I got Bridal Ninian. Luckily my free pulls got me Loki, WF!Hinoka and Brave Lyn, but still man I just wanted Fallen Robin (F). I think I'll save now. My aims are in order; * Fallen Celica * WF Nino * Long term, all the Awakening characters.
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