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  1. Don't really have the time/motivation to make custom mugs but I retouched some splices I had lying around :0
  2. a little inspired by a certain fire nation princess ^^
  3. joining a trend thing woo i feel like a cool kid
  4. what are you talking about i always had something red there (edited my post, hopefully this much red is OK? D:)
  5. wow it's been 3 years ._. but i posted some new stuff and updated the first post! :D
  6. i had already started before you changed the theme, so have a wealthy lady :3 apparently the wealthy wear feathers that look like leaves or something
  7. mug description contest guy and Galanoth from the BattleOn series for the splice competition pretty satisfied with how the first one turned out, going to start working on #2 soon :D
  8. greatest dragonslayer from my childhood :D (is this too much customing :c) ended up taking pieces from this guy's design in two separate games, result isn't as good as I wanted it to be but I'm still glad i did this :3
  9. Wow I absolutely love the beard and armor on that guy xD Outlaw also seems really cool, now animate it
  10. I'm going to give it a shot, hopefully I'll finish in time haha
  11. it's actually based off of this guy's clothing, with a few changes here and there I guess it'd be a Lord class, since that guy is a prince? xD
  12. hi I still sprite :D my hair's not green but otherwise this is probably as close as a self-portrait is going to get :3
  13. This is such a cool idea! :D So cool that I decided to enter~ Love the other entries so far, too.
  14. I LOVE THAT GHOST ANIMATION WOW Can't wait for more progress! Good luck! :D
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