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  1. I know Rengor has argued on his site that she's the worst. Granted, he's probably coming from the perspective of efficiency or speed runs. I've personally got quite a bit of mileage out of Mercedes in casual runs, but if you're going pedal to the metal, starting D rank white magic is bad. And you will have enough mages that can use physic by the time she gets an A rank for fortify. Fortify is kinda situational where warp is basically always good. Marianne is more of a weird middle ground where she gets a D+ for healing early game but has a passable offensive spell list and soulblade/frozen lance for mid game.
  2. To be perfectly clear, not suggesting MS is good. It's pretty clearly not. The speed difference is kinda moot because Marianne shouldn't be taking a counter attack regardless. The safest thing for someone as frail as her would be one shotting, which MS is better at than Trickster. My point was that I can't think of a single thing Trickster does better than MS.
  3. If we're only talking healing potential it's sort of a wash. If we're talking offensive mages tho, I think Linhardt is the only one in the entire game that's worse than the heal bot and the rally bot duo. I'll take Lysithea >>> Dorothea > Marianne over them any day if something needs deleted.
  4. I like Marianne, but Trickster is kinda just bad. It's basically inferior to Mortal Savant in every way, which is really saying something because Mortal Savant is average at best. Compared to Mortal Savant, Trickster gets half magic uses, no Tombfair, no Swordfair, and 5 move insteaed of 6.
  5. +: Battalion Wrath + Battalion Vantage + Retribution makes Dimitri the single most busted unit in the entire game, change my mind.
  6. I didn't dig through the general questions thread, so this is helpful. I did already know that "b" was the case. I did not know "a" or "c" tho. The NG+ file I'm on has at least 7-8 chains, and this most recent playthrough is the first time I've experienced this. I find it incredibly hard to believe that the first time I experienced this was on a gender swap for 3 characters I had max support points for was a coincidence. Also, to clarify, "b" is not applicable to what I'm describing, if I correctly understand it. Ex, you clear CF with male Byleth and pick Edelgard at the end of the game to unlock her S rank support > NG+ pick female Byleth and unlock S rank with Edelgard with renown. What I'm describing is: Clear CF, Marianne had an A rank support with maxed out support points with female Byleth > NG+ pick male Byleth and the S rank that doesn't even exist for female Byleth is now available. Here's the theory I have, that I will be testing over the weekend unless someone can disprove it before I clear the game again: We already know that support points get capped when you get to a threshold that triggers a conversation, meaning if you have an A rank support with Marianne as male Byleth, you can't get more than 800 support points unless you select her at the end of the game to marry, which then bumps it to S rank (1001 points). If you have female Byleth, who does not have an S rank for Marianne, I'm thinking this check to cap your points doesn't exist, letting you get up to 1001. Then on NG+, it doesn't check the actual support rank, which in this case was A, but just looks at the points, which is 1001, which if you carry over to male Byleth ends up being an S rank.
  7. I have no idea if this has been discovered or explored yet, so I thought I'd make a post and potentially compare notes. I believe I discovered an unintended interaction with support ranks that could potentially be used to get all S rank supports significantly faster than you could otherwise that I stumbled upon by chance. Here is what I observed: On a NG+ run with female Byleth, I had a max support value (the internal number that tracks support points) for Marianne, Hapi and Constance. I had not unlocked S rank supports with any of these three characters by selecting them at the end of the game to be paired with male Byleth on any previous runs. After I completed this run, I started another NG+ run with male Byleth. Upon looking through support conversations in the journal, all three of the above mentioned characters had S rank available to unlock with grade. I then decided to investigate further, quickly did a speed run but used the support point lady in abyss to max out the support for several female characters. Started another NG+ as male Byleth and did not experience the same result. I haven't done a second test with male Byleth to female Byleth or vise versa, so if this is reproducible, it probably has something to do with support values doing something screwy when carrying over a NG+ file while switching the gender of Byleth. Has anyone else experienced anything like this, or has this been documented somewhere I wasn't able to find?
  8. I'm going to speculate that TWSITD would have won had Byleth not shown up. The fact that they have nukes makes them easily most powerful of anyone except possibly Rhea. AM and VW don't even know they exist (Well, Claude might, but no way does he know the extent) and I don't think Edelgard would have been able to wipe them out after the fact without Byleth. If I'm remembering correctly, it's actually stated in CF that they were relying on TWSITD for their strength pretty heavily before Byleth showed up, which is one of the reasons they were able to sort of part ways with them.
  9. You aren't wrong about their imperialism of other cultures, but they're absolutely raciest in the worst possible way. They currently have internment camps for Uyghurs for example, who are rounded up. There's all sorts of reports about forced sterilization for anyone ethnically pure enough as well. What China is doing is far closer to what Hitler did than anything the white nationalist idiots over here do.
  10. Just out of curiosity. If rioters showed up where you live and tried to burn it down, would you be cool with it? By your logic, complaining about violence might distract from the cause that the rioters so clearly dont' give a shit about. Again, I'm for making changes to the system, but why stick up for people who clearly care less about equality than you do?
  11. So this discord mod was wishy washy when asked if he supported the cause (I'm assuming "the cause" in this context is fighting racism) and was then fired because he had a problem with violence and looting? I honestly don''t think a majority of the violent looters even know who George Floyd is. How is wishing there was less violence a dogwhistle? I suppose I can't peak for others, but I don't hear a dogwhistle. I just hear people wishing their supermarkets were't on fire, or that their grandma didn't get beaten in the streets. Are you suggesting that the protests shouldn't be peaceful? I don't think it's a stretch to get from this comment to active calls to violence. @Specta Is there anything in the code of conduct that says anything about making calls to violence? Might want to add that if it was overlooked somehow.
  12. Just to make sure I understand what you're saying, if I were to, hypothetically of course, suggesting that looting and vandalism and beating people to death in the streets is unacceptable, then I'm responsible for derailing a productive discussion about how to address racism, and the people doing all the things I think are unacceptable are somehow not responsible for derailing otherwise peaceful protests? I feel pretty confident that isn't what you're implying, so please correct me. You're right, and that's in my view part of the problem. If the way you're protesting alienates more people than it persuades, then you're actively hurting a cause that I personally care about.
  13. Just to be perfectly clear, I'm not suggesting it's fair. It's absolutely not fair. But you have to ask yourself, what's the goal of the protest? Is it to get revenge and spite the people you believe are oppressing you? Or is it to gain support for your cause to fix the unfairness? It's an important question, because you actually can't have both. I can totally understand why people who believe they're oppressed would go out and be as obnoxious as possible, but it won't effectively persuade people to help them make the changes they want.
  14. 1. Not going to go into any real detail on this, but I basically agree with your overall point of people in positions of power needed to be held to a higher standard. Most cops live up to that, but even if "most cops" is 99% of them, we have like 7 million cops iirc. 1% of that is still an outrageously large number of potential problems, particularly if we aren't holding them to account. And I think the public in general would give police more wiggle room in scenarios where they probably deserve it if they actually held themselves accountable when they should. 2. It was just one example. I'm not suggesting it would solve all the problems. There's a bunch of different problems. I was just saying they need to be dealt with one at a time instead of treating it as an overall narrative, because it's more productive. I think this is a mistake, unfortunately. Protests are suppose to persuade people. At least, the most effective ones throughout history have. I facepalm every time I see the protesters who just scream and hold up traffic, because I know every time they do that they probably alienated a ton of people who would have otherwise supported their cause, but ended up hating the protest because they were late for work that day.
  15. Oh, sorry if I implied that I thought you were. You're pretty clearly not, that's why I used those examples to make the point.
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