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  1. What? Sylvain is easily one of the best paralogues to do, especially on maddening. Early Lance of Ruin, Energy Drop, Speedwing. You cant cheese his paralogue in one turn with warp+stride like a few of the other ones, but it gives you a huge amount of early game benefit in a mode where that's the hardest part of the game.
  2. Basically, yeah. I have this headcannon where in an alternate universe where Sigurd somehow doesn't die, he's probably just running around murdering everyone even loosely connected to it. Fits pretty well.
  3. I thought Dimitri fit the Camus/Eldigan type far better than Marth. He is by far the most "honorable" character in the game, which he arguably dies for in 3/4 of the routes.
  4. Totally agree that you only need one, but you still REALLY need the one. And there's only three battalions in the entire game that give it to you. So those battalions should be looked at for more than just mediocre stat bonuses.
  5. I basically agree with your rankings, especially when it comes to evaluating them on a statistical level. HOWEVER, I think "Retribution" should be looked at with almost the same level of importance as Stride. Which more or less means that Kingdom Archers should make the cut for D rank, Indech Sword Fighters should be looked at more highly at A rank, and the already very strong Black Eagle Pegasus Co. should probably be looked at as the strongest A rank. As far as smaller nit picking comments, you put some decent comparisons between Cichol Wyvern Co and Goneril Valkyries without pointing out that Goneril Valkyries cant be used by fliers. I also think Royal Guard should make the cut for B rank ones based on how strong offensively the gambit is. Two use 2x3 that does effective damage on cavs is approaching the same level of goodness the lord C rank ones offer.
  6. Well, the "Abyss-Mode" thing sort of fits. If they're referring to putting it at the end of BE. I mean, it's outright stated that they kill TWSITD after the last chapter, and they all live underground, or in an abyss, so to speak.
  7. 100,000. I actually started my most recent maddening run with 54,000 that carried over + 50,000 from multiple clears.
  8. I think dismissed battalions can be hired from the vendor guy.
  9. Probably. Especially if you plan on doing future NG+ runs. QR is the single most busted ability in the entire game, and getting it at level 1 is insane. I also think there's value in general getting gender locked skills for Byleth in case you do F!Byleth on your next clear, because you can unlock stuff you normally couldn't get with grade renown.
  10. It's still good, just not for the reason you're giving. WM is meant to be used with killer weapons IMO. QR gives you double attack on enemy phase while your HP is over 50%, so you always get two attacks with 50~70% crit rate. Gauntlets on player phase give you the same chances for a crit kill before the enemy can even counter attack, and vantage gives you a 50~70% crit one shot potential on enemy phase when you take enough damage for QR to fall off. And before anyone asks, 20% crit from WM passive + ~30% from killer weapon + base crit + 10 because you probably S ranked gauntlets or axes by this point.
  11. I honestly don't think the auxiliary battles or the turn wheel or divine pulse or whatever they're calling this iteration of it is a problem, I think it's a symptom. If you're the game developer attempting to make a meaning difficulty curve, it's going to be basically impossible in a game like this where you have no idea what the player is going to do at the time of development because of how many choices you know you're going to give the player. So what you do instead is lean on the side of making it on the more difficult end, but then throw in auxiliary battles and a turn wheel as a lazy design solution in case you effed up and made it too hard.
  12. I feel like this is a false dichotomy. The real choice should be Bow Knight or War Master. The only thing Sword Master does better than War Master is fewer requirements. It has less move, less crit, a worse class skill, and only one weapon type. Gauntlets are also quite good at getting around any speed issues caused by his relic mid game, and QR fixes the same problem for Axes late game.
  13. A thing I did with Ingrid to fix her objectively mediocre str on my most recent BL run is to train her in Axes and Armor to C~B range. You want to get Axes anyway for WK at 20, but also because a 40~60% pass chance at fortress knight at level 20 fixes her bases enough to offset her growths(17 str and defense). You end up getting a higher armor rank than you'd probably want, particularly because she's fast enough that the -3 weight doesn't really help her, but it isn't so far out of the way that this is an unreasonable amount of time.
  14. If your late game plan is to have him as a GL, I think it might actually be worth while to try and get his lance rank to S+. Since GL is basically sacrificing mobility for far more forgiving weapon ranks and raw stats, it seems like doing a full tunnel vision on lance rank for the +5 damage might actually be worth it. You only need a C in authority to use his OPAF battalion, and a B in riding to get paladin for agies.
  15. I think the reason HP seems underwhelming, at least compared to a lot of previous games, is that attack in general is a lot higher. The base stats at level 1 for attack for most units is close to double what it would have been in say....FE7. Then add in all the +5 class skills and battalions and suddenly, hp and defense is somewhat consistent with previous games, but attack is so much higher it's laughable.
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