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  1. @Nanima Oh, Sakura clear time. Yay, OG Sakura defeated the boss in one combat again. But with two staff Sakuras you are clearing things really fast and even the dagger one did some real damage. Cool clear, well done! Poor summer Takumi, gets benched and then you make it look like he isn't needed. This one started a bit slower with more hit and run, but just when they thought they had you finally cornered, your big attack began and everyone got taken out so fast. Really nice, good job! @Alexmender Haha, funny how Eirika gets just thrown into everything right at start, because she is just so powerful at this point. The enemy then focused to try to sabotage the solo by coming from two sides, but your good positioning dealt with that as well. Good job! Oh, an Ishtar clear, that was pretty cool as well. At first I was confused how those units are thunder themed, but only Ishtar did the work so it fits. Well done. @mcsilas Oh, cool theme, but poor Niles didn't even get to be 5*. Funny how both Haars did 0 dmg right after each other. But cool clear, especially with this low investment. Tempest theme, nice again. And still pretty cool that you get so much done with missing skills, also really nice timing with Sothe's special so instead of dying he did a lot. Haar manages to sneak into every team and also cool to see Rhajat. Wow taking the armor effective weapon with your armor and then using that to vantage special the mage. Nice themes and clears, well done.
  2. It was more of a joke after you said "I will just use 4 Chroms from now on" but it got us a cool clear, so everything turned out well, hehe
  3. @Nanima Sending fliers against you doesn't seem like a good idea and that is pretty much how it went. But even though it looked like you just easily took care of everyone without much effort, it is still good to see the Takumis back again. Thanks and well done! @mcsilas Oh, that team again, cool! Good job keeping the wyvern alive so it would block the armor slayer and also finding the right combination of skills to get all the kills. Nice theme and clear, well done. @mampfoid Cool, that you already found a clear to bring your long-awaited rabbit. Also yay for Hector again, throwing people around and supporting specials. As always you make it look really easy, so lets hope there weren't too many deaths for skills behind the scenes. Well done! @Landmaster Weren't you the one who brought Chrom up? But still really nice clear with lots of cool and smart skill choices as always! Well done!
  4. You almost make it sound like a bad thing, that you invested so much time and effort to provide us with so many fun clears, thank you very much for that. And I could have watched them one at a time, if I was't really late for it (again *sigh*) It is really kind of you to say that, if I could make you even a bit happy I'm glad. But I still can't compare to you in the slightest, you are always so nice and invest so much time to not only provide us with nice and fun clears, but to also reply to all these other clears and all replies to you, even going out of your way to apologize, if you can't reply to some, because you are simply missing the time.
  5. @Nanima Oh, it's Sakura time again! The beginning looked grim, poor Halloween Sakura nearly died and then you got completely surrounded. But you can do so much with your healers that you broke out of it immediately and then only had all of them in front of you. And even though there were still a lot you outmaneuvered them and emerged victorious. Well done! The beginning feels familiar, poor Sakura. But one of the Takumis has his comeback as well now and immediately gets things done, as does everyone else. Even Reyson took care of that cav all on his own. Nice teamwork and nice clear. Good to hear you had fun doing the clear, as did I watching it. Thank you for the fun clears and well done! @mcsilas Nice tribe theme and I'm always for throwing Azura into teams. Good job kiting the enemies around the walls and I liked the warping Azura to take care of Garon. Well done! Water theme cool as well, means more Azura. A lot more enemy phase power this time, but poor Kana took a beating. More warping Azura and she took care of the boss again so yay. Nice clear, good job!
  6. That made me laugh way too much. Interesting theme again, but wouldn't Sue fit there as well instead of the second Lyn? Two swords and two archers, looks challenging and having B Lyn tank an armor is something I haven't seen too often. Good job using the water to hit the armor and finally taking it down at the end. Nice clear, well done!
  7. Huh? Since when do I get tagged here? Thanks, and congratulations on your Loki and Kaden, hope you have fun with them! Hmm, yes I decided to stay back a bit on discord the last days and I guess before that the days where I showed up early were more rare as well, sorry. But don't be sad I can try to be there early more often.
  8. @Alexmender Is it a solo? Is it a 1 turn? Oh it is both! That is really impressive! Good job, well done!
  9. @Nanima That was fantastic, how easily you flew through one of the hardest abyssal. Strike down enemies hard and fast, retreat everyone out of range only to strike at the right moment again. Beautiful to watch really well played. Good job! Nice to see, you found a team you have so much fun with, but poor Takumis.
  10. @Nanima Wow another one. Tibarn handles everything and makes it look easy on top it like always. But the highlights here have to be Reyson dealing with the blue manakete alone and Leanne taking that special. Just wow, figuring out how to survive that special was the hardest part of the map for me, and you just let your dancer take it. Really impressive, well done!
  11. @Nanima Another nice one! Good job using the terrain against the enemy and really nice splitting them up when this big group came to you, even though poor Naesala had to take that hit to the face to make Reyson teleport back. Well done!
  12. @Nanima Wow, looks like you are on a roll now. Another great clear. Tibarn darting around taking out an enemy in the middle, then to the left getting refreshed and then another one in the middle is fantastic. Finding a way to take out the archer immediately was also great. Just watching it, it looked like Ryoma just got taken down like a basic enemy, but after reading it, it took a lot more effort, so good job coming up with a solution!
  13. @Nanima Aw, I'm so sorry you couldn't get Yune. Hope you get something you love soon and get her when she returns. There were some really close calls, so good math there and the herons are amazing for not only singing but keeping everyones health up, so you wouldn't be in danger for the rest of the clear with that low HP. Too bad we didn't see that awesome Leanne moment, but still great clear, well done!
  14. @Nanima Yay, good to see you enjoyed yourself! Having everyone come from the same side made this one of the easier ones like you said for sure, as the units that can't take that many hits weren't under the constant threat to be attacked from all sides. The danger of this map was keeping track were Lucina could end up, so she didn't suddenly shoot down a flier, and you managed that really well by having the mage attack Reyson so Lucina would be blocked from attacking. You really seem unstoppable wth that team. Well done!
  15. @mampfoid Sorry, really late for this. Aw, Azura is out for that one, but yay for Hector. That sword unit was really annoying, but of course you also had an answer to that, hope it wasn't too expensive. Great clear again, well done! @Alexmender Looks like the enemies had the numbers and stats this time to give Eirika a challenge. Looks really annoying with enemies from all sides to always keep the support out of range and then actually clearing the map while you are at it. So really well done keeping on top of things all the time and prevailing against all these tough units. @Nanima Oh hey! Welcome back! And them I'm so late to check back and notice it, sorry. I hope you had a really fun and interesting time in your internship and learned a lot. And also got to enjoy your break of course. That was a really great clear, I love that team, good to see it again. Tibarn got so much done it such a short time, Naesala also did a lot, only not as fast and the herons supported perfectly. Well done! (Also you probably get spammed a lot when I go through all your clears, sorry, don't feel the need to reply)
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