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  1. Unless I'm trying to breeze through a part of the map I've done already, I always play with the animations on. It can take a while at times, but the battles lose their tension and excitement without them.
  2. Ahh...the old "Guess that what happens when your ultimate weapon is 3000 years old" joke, classic. And yes, that would be unbalancing (and kind of hilarious). As for game balance, what about having Legend Weapons grow stronger over time? They start off weak, but grow stronger or gain new properties and abilities as you progress in the story or by completing special paralogues. Kind of like how the Falchion from Awakening becomes the Exalted Falchion after you complete Chapter 24.
  3. I was watching some FE6 videos a few days ago and I started thinking: Should Legendary Weapons even have uses? They're the arms of ancient heroes, forged to kill dragons, demons, and gods! If they break and disappear forever after 40 or so attacks, doesn't that undermine their significance in the game's lore?
  4. Ch. 26. Battle Before Dawn in Blazing Sword. Battle Before Dawn was annoying because you had to protect Zephiel for 15 turns while dealing with Fog of War. If it hadn't been for Jaffar's high evasion, I never could've completed it.
  5. Which Fighter promotions do you prefer? Not much else to say.
  6. Working on some new ideas for skills. Here's my first one: Ward Type: Command Target: Self Effect: When activated, physical attacks (Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows, Daggers, and non-magical Monster Weapons etc.) target Resistance instead of Defense for 3 turns. Once the effect ends, the user can not use Ward again for 3 turns.
  7. -A better implemented Trinity of Magic. While I like the idea of magic users having their own Weapon Triangle, it was still more practical to use a physical attacking unit to take them out. I think the Crests Edelgard mentioned will play a part in how magic works in Three Houses' gameplay as well as its lore, making it a good opportunity to give the Trinity a second chance. -Branching promotion paths. -The ability to promote units by leveling them up like in the Radiant games.
  8. Based on the title and Edelgard's line about the Crests, it's looking like her, Dimitri, and Claude, are the "Lords" of the titular Three Houses, with "Teacher"/Byleth acting as a faction-neutral Avatar. We still don't know whether all four will be in the same army like Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector in Blazing Sword (or Chrom, Robin, and Lucina in Awakening, for newer fans), but if they do, Three Houses would have the highest number of playable Lords in the series*. That got me thinking, how many "Lord" characters should a Fire Emblem game have? Do the they ride together or can there be only one? Before We Do This, Let's Set A Few Ground Rules... For this discussion, a "Lord" is defined as a unit who... ...is the protagonist or a major character in the story. ...has higher stats and growths than the other units, as well as exclusive weapons (Ephraim's Reginleif, Hector's Wolf Beil, the Rapier, Legendary/Divine Weapons etc.). ...is required to be on the map. (Depending on the game or chapter, this can be only the main lord or all of them) ...and whose death results in an automatic Game Over. *Radiant Dawn technically had five Lords: Micaiah, Ike, Elincia, Geoffrey, and Tibarn. However, the latter three were only Lords for certain parts, whereas Ike and Micaiah retained their Lord status throughout the entire game. My Thoughts Narrative-wise, I like this. Having a deuter- or even a tritagonist Lord gives the protagonist someone to interact with and flesh out their character. For example, back when I still owned a copy of Blazing Sword, I could never figure out how to trigger Support conversations, so the main story was my only way to get invested in the characters. I'll admit, Eliwood may be the main Lord of one of my favorite FEs, but he's the weakest personality of the trio. But thanks to Hector's battle-hungry boisterousness and Lyn's kind, but stubborn spirit providing contrast, I still found him likable. As for gameplay, I'm a bit mixed. On one hand, a Lord's higher stats and growths, and their special equipment (especially Legendary Weapons) can make them gamebreakingly overpowered, so having more than one can make things worse. On the other hand, extra Lords means the enemy has extra chances to instantly defeat you, so the risk and reward sort of balance eachother out, to an extent. But what do you think?
  9. Hello everyone! I'm BlazingSwordOfSeals, nice to meet you. I'm not much for lengthy posts, so I'll just get straight to the point. Like a lot of members of this site, I'm a big fan of fantasy fiction and Nintendo, and one of my favorite pastimes is coming up with my own ideas for characters and games. I've been a fan of Fire Emblem ever since the GBA days and my favorite entries in the series are (as of this writing) Rekka no Ken/Blazing Sword and Awakening, while my least favorite is Shadow Dragon. I joined Serenes Forest to get some feedback on my ideas and maybe find some people who can help bring them to life (even if it's only as a few mock-up screenshots and pixelart sprites). That's all I have to say at the moment. For now, have a great day everyone! I look forward to discussing FE and spitballing ideas off of you.
  10. Which of the secondary Weapon Triangles would you like to see more of in future titles?
  11. Having trouble figuring out the difference between character and class growth rates? The Fire Emblem wiki lists some characters' growth rates as higher or lower than the growth rates of their class (sometimes significantly).
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