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  1. You need characters to have a coherent narrative, but you don’t need to have as many narratives as Heroes does. Maybe Nifl v Muspell could have gone on for multiple books and the characters been given more development. As for my 2 cents, nothing against the OCs, but I would have made Forging Bonds/Lost Lore the main narrative of Heroes.
  2. I completed the circle, and I got another Micaiah! 🙂 But she was ALSO +def! 😞 Still, I guess we have Trait Fruits for that purpose.
  3. I went back to Micaiah's banner, and have managed to get her. -spd +def My question is, I had 4 colourless orbs in the session, and she came out of the first one, should I open the other three to hope for a merge/better nature? Pity rate is 9%, and of course I have already got Ashera and Edelgard so I don't care about getting them.
  4. Jugdral kind of needs it, but mixed game seasonals are a good idea in general. The pirate banner was exactly what I wanted, you had the popular units from popular games selling the banner, and instead of giving another freebie popular character, there was an actually obscure character given a little spotlight. Ares and Altena are the ones missing, as in if the banner would be mirroring last year's dancer banner. Maybe Delmud too.
  5. I guess this banner contributes a Duo with two males, for those who care about hypothetical penises on meta characters in their gacha game. I allowed myself to get excited at the possibility that maybe Pirate Lifis was hinting at something like Dancer Perne.
  6. Kind of boring lineup. No new characters, no Thracia characters excluding Leif and Nanna. But this is her third alt?
  7. To be fair, most of the actual pirates in the festival are Robin Hood types or sailors down on their luck. Lifis is the first one who’s actually a remorseless pillager of villages.
  8. I don’t think enough has been made of the fact that Lifis, of all characters, is the first playable Thracia character to get a seasonal. (Depending on how you classify Eyvel/Brigid, of course)
  9. The OC bloat was inevitable as OCs became summonable, instead of fixed units like the Askr trio. Not only does it break the logic of the game (Fjorm et al. can be sent home? Sent home to where, exactly?), but it encourages a quantity-over-quality approach to OCs. If they're summonable, they're sellable, and characters don't need to be well developed to be popular (e.g. Lif ranking 7th in CYL before he had even appeared in the story). Though Hrid is an example of what would happen if things were reversed. He was made summonable very quickly, and had a cool OP weapon and skills. Even when the flavour of the month eye candy OC happens to be male, it doesn't magically make the situation better.
  10. A powerful male free unit like Ares challenges the idea that IS always makes premium units are powerful and free units are weak. It is a general trend because premium units are the only ones being “sold”, but there are enough examples of strong free units that we can conclude IS just does whatever they feel like, instead of deliberately making every free unit weak. There are several underwhelming premium units of both genders around, so they’re not even deliberately making every premium unit strong. I don’t claim to be immovable. But in the face of all this evidence, any argument for a gender conspiracy must be very strong.
  11. There is a lot of hype and potential to his character, but it doesn’t have any payoff. Olwen’s ending says she was ashamed at his cowardice, but as far as the Camus archetype goes, he doesn’t inspire much sympathy. On another note, what is your opinion on Leila?
  12. I think that’s a rather unfair way to describe Leila’s role in FE7. The emotional impact of her death is very high and I imagine many people were disappointed she couldn’t be recruited. Iirc, Leila is actually fairly popular, at least compared to Elibe characters who aren’t in Heroes. So is Brigand Boss, but that doesn’t make him important. Apart from being Olwen’s brother, Reinhardt has nothing to distinguish him from the other generic named midbosses in Thracia. As a fan of Thracia who hoped Heroes could give Thracia more visibility and potentially inspire an Echoes-style remake, I’m disappointed Reinhardt has become more popular than Leif. Well, I was more looking for an answer as to “why does diversity enhance the user experience for you”. @XRay was talking about how strong Ares was, and your response was “well he’s a demote so he doesn’t sell”. That has no relevance to Ares’ strength as a unit. Which made me think that whether a unit is a man or a woman has no actual effect in gameplay, either. You may take it as snide, but it was purely an observation. I said it matter-of-fairly, and I definitely did not say it like “lol it’s just jpegs bro”. Many people in this thread seem to be going beyond venting, and criticizing IS for having female bias. I’m not a fan of it, but it increases the profits/longevity of the game and thus allows more characters overall to get into Heroes.
  13. Legendary Ryoma is widely used as an example of a non-lord legendary. You’re welcome to your opinion, but please don’t claim it as fact and belittle other peoples’ opinion. You said: “I mean look at the examples provided for almost every powerful male here.” Kindly point out where I’ve missed any of those units being mentioned in the thread. Even if we count alts separately, I make it 18 lords/Reinhardt/Fates royals and 29 other male units. By the way, the context of Shiro is that he was as good as Rhajat. Just because a unit is power crept, it does not mean they were not powerful when they were released. You seem to be outraged about a female NPC being a powerful unit, but not outraged about a male NPC being a powerful unit. All I was doing was using your rhetoric against you. “I mean it's not that deep but some people just like seeing more diversity.” That’s clearly implying I don’t like diversity, so perhaps you need to choose your words more carefully.
  14. If powerful male units are still being made, who cares if they sell well or not? As a player, your experience in using the unit in gameplay depends on their stats and skills, not their sales data. Even if a negative feedback loop exists, it doesn’t seem to be preventing powerful male units being made. In fact, their gender doesn’t really matter either. It’s not like they have reproductive organs. For example, if Nifl was male, what would be the implications apart from “this banner is no longer entirely comprised of females”? I’m not sure what the point is. If you’re saying female characters have less variety in physical appearance, even the same character can look very different when drawn by a different artist. And as you say, a character’s physical appearance is only one aspect of their overall design.
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