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  1. An avatar is supposed to represent the player, and the core gameplay of Fire Emblem is the player is directing the soldiers how to move. So Blazing Sword has already established how an avatar should be handled. The more an avatar is integrated into the plot, the more the plot suffers. I think it’s because an avatar is not allowed to not be sympathetic.
  2. If you feel you’d never use her, I recommend booking her. She isn’t great for fodder, and you never know if you could get pity broken by a copy with +atk/-spd.
  3. That was a rhetorical question. You don’t need to merge him to refine his weapon. With it, he’s still meta even if he’s not at his full potential.
  4. It’s still weird given that premium units usually get several premium skills. Duo units aren’t inherently premium, they are because IS designs them that way. If Spring Bartre were Spring Bartre&Karla, with the same kit, would that be premium? The same argument applies. Brave Ike is meta because of his refined weapon.
  5. They prove the point that it’s premium, not female, units that are getting favorable treatment. Most premium units are female, but that’s just a demographic thing. I haven’t played TH, but I got the impression they were female. Why not? He’s free and he’s male. Fits both of your descriptors. Well, it’s better than Brash Assault at least.
  6. Not to mention that you have to give up a unit slot to run Duo Idunn, so you lose out on a ton of buffs that defeats the purpose of using an armour in the first place. Idunn, like most new units, will be used as a bonus unit, then dropped for the next FotM. The meta is fairly settled imo.
  7. I've only timed out when using a EP team against a stall map, but that's just me being lazy. When taking this mode seriously, I would always build a PP team and use it when I see a map designed to stall you out. It's foolhardy to rely on one team for every kind of map instead of using a horses-for-courses approach.
  8. Sephiran wouldn't be given shabby treatment though, because he's not from Jugdral. The cynical answer would be that colourless tomes would be given to popular or highly sellable units, regardless of whether it makes sense or not. The same happened with other new weapon types.
  9. Forgetting a detail is not what I mean by willful ignorance, and I am not talking about you. Please stick to arguing about Sephiran’s validity as a colourless tome.
  10. They are a good tank, but have bad speed and mobility. For a start, I would give them Swap (to protect allies and help their mobility issues) and Quick Riposte. When you have more fodder to choose from and have a better idea of what job you want them to do, you can give them more skills. That team is colour balanced and has a healer, so it will work for PvE modes like Forging Bonds and Tempest Trials. You might want a different team for PvP modes like Arena. A dancer works well with player phase specialists like Brave Veronica. She can attack the enemy to debuff them, then either attack again or retreat and heal an ally afterwards.
  11. Not only does Sephiran have a tome in his only guaranteed appearance, he’s one of two playable characters in the series with ranks in light and dark magic. Even if one is willfully ignorant enough to forget he is the penultimate boss who uses a tome against you, that’s not a good argument for why he should not have a tome in his Heroes incarnation.
  12. It allows you to take damage for your support partner. It's similar, but Nihil prevents all combat skills. As an aside, it's called 見切り (mikiri), the same word is used for Null Follow-up/Null C-Disrupt.
  13. RD's Cancel is a different effect, it's the equivalent to -sweep skills. There isn't a direct equivalent to Guard's effect in the Tellius games. It's actually weird that it was ever translated to Guard, given that the Japanese name is an English loanword.
  14. Unique utility is an important factor in a unit’s worth. How many EP tanks and PP nukes exist? Neither Chrom nor Lucina have anything special in this department. Whereas how many units can use their assist and then take another action without being danced? That skill is much more useful for a PP-focused unit.
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