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  1. Goads, especially stacked, will make that team more dangerous since they’re mostly PP units.
  2. Those are two separate points you’ve drawn a link to. He says he used months of orbs to buy Steady Breath for his dragons, not to build his Sharena/Corrin/Eir AR team. He says you only need one fodder unit plus one Eir for that team, only the Eir if you merge up Nowi.
  3. Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. I don’t see anyone suggesting you need to save for months to reach T21.
  4. That makes no sense. Why would you need 8 copies of any fodder when an AR team is 5 units that should be doing different roles? CC fodder costs the same amount of orbs as DC for Sharena, and CC blade vantage would be vulnerable to Aversa and Hardy Bearing.
  5. But how are people supposed to get the required FIVE THOUSAND points a day without a bonus unit?
  6. It’d be ideal if every character got a normal version in, but that’s obviously not going to happen. The more characters that debut through seasonal, the less characters that miss out.
  7. @[email protected] banner is called Summer Refreshes. As in, one is refreshed by summer.
  8. “It seems you’ve become a faraway prospect” Summer Wolt: What are you talking about? I’m right here in front of you.
  9. Since the Yarne/Brady banner. Not until they power creep Desperation. I’m happy if they keep making debutants free units. I want Wolt but can live without the others.
  10. Anyone with high defence can use the sword well, like Seth or Draug.
  11. Having a straightforward defence map doesn't make it any harder for attackers to counter it. If anything, it'd make it easier.
  12. I also have completed my first (and probably only) grail project. @Landmaster It’s a fairly standard build, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.
  13. @Xenomata I know that feeling, I have 2000+ dew and at least half a dozen candidates I haven’t got around to refining yet. If I ever get the urge, it’s nice knowing you don’t have to wait for it build up. For I would say the triple Even build. Being mostly self-sufficient 50% of the time makes her stand out more.
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