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  1. The backstory in Akaneia is actually similar to Valentia/Judgral, not Tellius. According to Chainy, Narga intervened to save humanity after the degenerated Earth Dragons had nearly wiped them out.
  2. Well, hopefully then they'll cater seasonal debutants to the fans who won't be ungrateful.
  3. Deen scored higher in CYL than Rolf AND Dozla, y'know. Only a fool says IS definitely won't do something.
  4. Echoes could feasibly complete its roster without getting any more banners, y'know. I'm not blaming Echoes, I'm putting its situation into context.
  5. It doesn't work with Wings of Mercy so you'd have to be fairly close, but Physic does basically that.
  6. But apparently Thracia getting a banner would screw over Echoes. And how many notable Echoes characters are in the game already? How many of the notable Thracia characters? For the series in general? I get that Echoes has higher popularity in general, but surely you can see you have nothing to complain about in terms of representation relative to other games.
  7. Explain to me how having the best representation of any game in the series is being screwed over. Also wanting a second Thracia banner in place of a sixth Echoes banner is "extremely selfish" on my part.
  8. I have an iPhone so I can’t help you there. Some people put music on top of their videos, I guess.
  9. They’re the same person. Does Echoes need more banners? It already has most of its playable characters, and quite possibly has a higher percentage than even Fates and Awakening. As a Thracia fan, I find your attitude unbelievably entitled. I mean, this banner hasn't even been released yet and you're already thinking about the next one.
  10. If you take your team into Allegiance Battles, what does it score? My current team of Caeda (Duel), Lukas, Sheena and +0 Thrasir scores 732, and I had to fish to get into T21. Ana doesn’t have any duel units and probably isn’t using dual rallies/Aether to boost score, so even with Fred as the bonus it might not be feasible to score enough. Personally, I use the screen record function on my phone, it does the job if you just want to make a basic video.
  11. So it’s a pattern of canon couples always getting priority except when they don’t? That’s hardly a good reason to not have Tatiana without Zeke, especially when Zeke already has two versions without Tatiana.
  12. Yeah, he shouldn’t have been scarcely stronger than the war dragons we’d been killing throughout the chapter. Taking into account FE7, I choose to believe he’s just a Sonia-level war dragon.
  13. He saves Nyna from Medeus twice, that’s not nothing. Many other CANON ships haven’t been completed yet. GHB/TT units have been the pair of a banner unit many times.
  14. I feel like Binding Blade's true end is underrated as a climax. As far as tragic villains go, the gameplay tends to undermine the character arc, but in Idunn's case it's complementary. The "bad" ending meets the requirement of a challenging final boss, which is also complementary since you're facing the villain who has driven the plot.
  15. Silque will be my first preference, not least because of the possibility of Norne and Mercedes. The others aren’t priorities, maybe Python but I do have Sue already.
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