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  1. In this particular case, I’m not considering how to make Ryoma as strong as possible by giving him his best build, as much as how to make the team as strong as possible by giving Sturdy Impact to the best user.
  2. Velouria, Caineghis and Leanne are colourless physical melee units. Still, it would be better to have more choice there. Maybe some of the mercenaries can be made into Brawlers, there are enough infantry swords already.
  3. I don't see why you can't give Ryoma Desperation. It's still a very effective skill for sustain, and being common fodder is worth considering in this context.
  4. Plain DC may have been powercrept as a weapon effect, but I wouldn't call it crummy. If you do replace his weapon, he'd still prefer an atk/spd A skill over Sturdy Impact.
  5. I'm leaning towards that option, I'd always prioritise a legendary over a unit that's in the pitybreaker pool. Still, it's hard to stop on a winning streak.
  6. So, the Drive Attack daily banner. Since I wanted merges for both Leif and Micaiah, and to obtain Quan, I decided I'd pull on it until I got Quan. I've gotten blessed with copies of the first two, but no luck on the latter. I've already spent far more of my stash than I anticipated (I'm down to less than 250, not counting upcoming TT orbs) and I wanted to throw as many as possible at [spoilers] on the upcoming legendary banner. I can either stop entirely, set myself a limit (spend X more orbs then stop, even if I leave a pity rate hanging), or just keep going until I pull Quan. What would you do in this situation?
  7. It's not bad from a gameplay standpoint either, because Sanaki wants to have flier allies.
  8. They do work together well. Though Micaiah can debuff atk and spd with her own skill and they don’t stack, so only the def and res will work most of the time.
  9. Another minor character resigned to the scrap heap, never to see the light of day again. But now we can choose the costume of this other minor character, so this is worth it, right?
  10. When I think about people associated with Micaiah, naturally my first thought is of Sigrun. This is a totally sensible unit choice.
  11. IMO the biggest reason Micaiah would be the best for f2p guides isn’t her weapon or her B skill, but her C skill. Whether I’m following a guide or working it out myself, I’ve found flexibility in positioning to be extremely important, and that skill opens up a lot of strategic possibilities.
  12. So Yune knows the key to take Micaiah from being just a good mage counter to a combat monster is speed blessing... I approve of this.
  13. Special Fighter isn’t really budget, unless he already inherited it. If you want him to be pure player phase power, Death Blow 3/4 and Luna would give you the best results against the bulkiest enemies.
  14. +spd Lilina is a terrible idea, no matter the build. She loses outright to either +atk Mae or +atk Tharja. It’s a good weapon, but considering the quality and variety of blue mages, not good enough. She needed something to carve her a niche, like Tome of Thoron did for Tailtiu.
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