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  1. True, but their attack isn't great. I think their best use is taking advantage of Sing. Bubblebeam is better in a vacuum. But my argument is, Water Gun comes early enough to better help you through the awkward beginning when your options are very limited and your team isn't up and running yet.
  2. If you feel that way, that's fair enough. It's not reasonable for me to ask everyone to vote the way I'd like them to. I can add that to my list of demands once my COVID-Blood Pact is completed. Farfetched Heroes was the designated "Popular Character not yet in FEH" banner, and that seems to be discontinued. It's obviously too late now, but the way to solve it would have been to make Farfetched the CYL banner and do something else for Ike/Roy/Lyn/Lucina. It'd be an indication that you can vote for whoever you like, but characters already in won't get an alt out of it (unless they're Owain).
  3. I would, but 85% accuracy puts a damper on it. It's effectively 68 BP Of the eight that learn Mega Punch that you could catch before Body Slam becomes available, three have an 40 BP stab move, one has a 65 BP move, two aren't physical attackers anyway. That just leaves Nidoqueen and Geodude that get a notable boost from it. Routing is pretty important. Team composition is too, the experience you need is dependent on that, and so how many trainers you can afford to dodge. Misty's Starmie is higher level than anything on Nugget Bridge, Route 6, Route 11, and all but one trainer on the SS Anne (not the rival). So I think it's logical to tackle her after those. Route 9 and Rock Tunnel does have a lot of water-weak trainers, but a lot of them are Hikers. Geodude and Onix will be one-shot by Water Gun as well, and they make up 9 of the battles on those routes. Water Gun is good for up to 16 - 18 battles before Surf, compared to Bubblebeam being good for up to 14 with the most logical routing. Even if you only want to give it credit for 7 - 9, note that Water Gun is a tier below Submission (good for 2 parts of 1 battle), and two tiers below Fire Blast (good for up to 7 battles)
  4. Oh yeah, that was aimed at the general tone of the thread, not you specifically. I just decided to pick on your post. Much as I'd like to believe that the other CYL winners won because they were well written, it doesn't seem that way to me. 13 of the 16 winners so far have been lords, and the other lords are consistently around the top 20. There's also a strong trend towards recency bias and quirky/meme characters; the key to getting a lot of votes is not being well written, but being memorable or a main character. Veronica and the Gatekeeper aren't anomalies in that sense. What makes a character well written is just too subjective to make an impact compared to other factors. It's true that the more popular a character is, the more they will sell and so it makes sense for them to get more versions. But popular characters will likely get lots of versions on the banner lineups that IS decides; CYL is the only banner lineup not decided by IS, so I see it as an opportunity to use a different method of picking characters.
  5. Mimic should be situational. By the time you reach Saffron your team should be competent on its own. Mega Punch down, it's not that great. Most that can use it have decent STAB moves, Horn Attack, or aren't physical attackers. If Ice Beam's availability puts it over Blizzard, I think the same about Water Gun and Bubblebeam. Water Gun may be weak, but it helps you through Mt Moon and Nugget Bridge. (You could beat Misty as soon as you reach Cerulean but that'd require a lot of grinding.) Bubblebeam never really gets a chance to shine, and isn't a long-term prospect. Self Destruct/Explosion are usable, they can work as a finisher. You could even spam them if you buy a lot of Revives. Seismic Toss is situational. It's kind of like Dragon Rage, it's never quite good enough to use over a standard attack move.
  6. CYL and VG have been like that since the very start, the latter with even lower stakes (only the satisfaction of one's favourite character "winning"). The harassment of Gatekeeper's VA might be new, but I vaguely recall there was some other time when a VA was harassed.
  7. I don't think it's that important. There's a whole archetype based around a sympathetic character who doesn't join your army for tragic reasons; and they tend to be decently popular (e.g. Eldigan was the 4th highest ranked FE4 character in CYL1). Kein and Alva were playable before February 2017, but that doesn't make them interesting characters (that said, they still have the potential to be with some character development). What it comes down to is, not judging somebody's reasons for liking a character. If they want to vote for an OC villain, an NPC, or even just a cool-looking character they know absolutely nothing about, their vote is just as good as anyone else's.
  8. Even if he wasn't popular, he is a Fire Emblem character, and so deserves one version in Fire Emblem Heroes. He even has some personality to work off of. I'm kind of concerned at the attitude that he and Veronica aren't "actual characters", that has some elitist implications. It may be tough on Chrom fans, but there's nothing wrong with the five versions you already have to play with.
  9. No avatars as playable. The implementation of them has consistently negatively affected the gameplay balance, the characters and the plot, in order to flatter the player and make them a powerful, beloved, noble saint. In particular, the emotional impact of the Belhalla Massacre would almost certainly be undermined by the inclusion of the avatar. Awakening turned their bittersweet “sacrifice yourself to kill the bad guy permanently” into “kill the bad guy permanently with no downside because random bullshit”, because nothing bad is allowed to happen to the character who represents the player. But then again, FE4 has fanservice in it. So I guess I’m just a hypocritical elitist who hates Awakening because it is new.
  10. Do you accept mech drafts for your pilots? I gather you can mix and match in this game.
  11. The problem with Grima is he doesn’t have a consistent origin or characterisation. We don’t see him interact with his creator, or with anyone to see how he forms the view of the world he has in Heroes.
  12. IMO the purpose of a tier list is to help a player make a more informed choice regarding “which unit should I (deploy, promote, give strong weapons/exp/statboosters to)”. If it’s something only one or two characters can do, the player doesn’t have much of a choice. It’s information a walkthrough should provide.
  13. Possibly you feel they are different cases because for Matthew and Sothe, acquiring items is part of their job description, whereas Arden is (meant to be) a combat unit/castle defender who happens to have an event hard coded to him reaching a certain spot in the map. Personally, I feel a tier list has a different purpose to a walkthrough. Both thief utility and character events should be covered in the latter.
  14. You’re missing the point. Again, I have not played 3H. The Thunderbrand is traded to whoever gets the best use of it on any given turn. So, once you have the opportunity to trade weapons, who initially starts with the Thunderbrand is objectively irrelevant. In situations where unit A is the best user of Weapon B, credit goes to A, not to who was recruited with B in their inventory.
  15. Any free unit is automatically done dirty, no matter how good or bad they are as a unit. Frankly, given how desperate I am for a merge project that piques my interest, people complaining about their favourites being free sound like Marie Antoinette.
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