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  1. So a highly speculated Red Bow candidate turns out to be such. I never ended up getting Eyvel, so I will go for red and colourless.
  2. It depends on the ratio of units you have versus units you don’t have. E.G. say there are 40 units in the pool, and you have 20 of them. If 15 units are removed, 10 of those you already had, then you have 10 of the 25 units left, and so have better odds of getting a new unit. Of course, everyone’s opinion of a desirable pitybreaker is different. But in general, older units are more likely to have been obtained one way or another, and less likely to have good fodder that would make them still desirable as a pitybreaker.
  3. I would go so far as to split the pools by years; for a Year 1 revival banner, the 5* off-focus pool is year 1 units, for a Year 2 revival banner, year 2 units, etc. etc. Depending on what you’re pulling for, if you get pitybroken it’s more likely to be something similar.
  4. That’s how I feel about Summer Ingrid and any other seasonal that’s a common type of unit.
  5. With a surplus of sword infantry units, ideally you’d want to avoid giving it to any unit when possible. Kris had no canon prf sword and a variable default class, so the need to make him sword infantry was quite weak.
  6. And then you have Shanan, Larcei, and Say’ri, who do need to be infantry swords. So you must consider them on a case-by-case basis. It reflects the demographic of the series, a lot of characters don’t make sense as anything other than sword infantry. Which is why OC and seasonal units should be filling the gaps instead of adding to the bloat of sword infantry.
  7. Not all infantry swords are the same situation, some are more strongly associated with swords and being infantry than others.
  8. Yeah, it’s been several days since the last lance flier. It’s especially egregious being on a seasonal banner, in which any move/weapon combo goes.
  9. I do. The last Tellius NH banner was still further away than Norne’s banner. Actually, they don’t. If you sort by entry in your barracks, they are divided into PoR (Ike icon) and RD (Micaiah icon). Whereas SD and MotE are combined (Marth icon)
  10. Phina is my favourite character from FE11. Regardless, I do count them.
  11. September 2019. Whereas the last Tellius banner was April 2019. Not three years, but longer than Archanea.
  12. I’m happy Julian and Lena are in, but couldn’t they have given her something more interesting? She has two associated staves to draw from.
  13. She works against armours, at least, which is usually the enemies Leif can’t safely attack. Flashing Blade is certainly one of the more reliable methods of cool down acceleration, since it’s basically the same condition as doubling.
  14. I haven’t been keeping track of stats, but I recall HP values In Mjolnir’s Strike have been around 60 or so for a while. The current enemies are Tellius, maybe they’re harder than other sets? Beasts can be nasty if they end up in a good formation. @Humanoid I pair L Leif with Caeda as my front unit. Any Galeforce unit is good for that role, especially if you have the structure that reduces cool down count.
  15. It is trivial. Eyvel being demoted, Travant getting a prf, either banner getting a 4* focus are all trivial wants as well. Still, they would be nice to have. I have non-trivial ideas for improving Jugdral’s representation, but they’re too radical. On the other hand, those trivial things shouldn’t be too much to ask for, but apparently they are.
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