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  1. I don't think it went off-track so much as coldhand25 clarified his stance. Nobody claimed that the TMS world is the same as the real world. I'm not currently in the FEH world, so Kiran is not me.
  2. OK. We’re ignoring that they’ve regressed back to 2 welfare units for both Jugdral banners, then? I’ve already said that I don’t care about how strong units are when talking about Altenna.
  3. Less than 100%, the necessary percentage to argue that units have to work like they do in their base game. I understand that IS are currently in their scrooge phase. Where even the smallest of kindnesses are unthinkable. Remember when "grounded in lore" meant giving Arden and Arvis interesting prf skills?
  4. Why are you telling me this? Do you think it is new information to me? I'm completely nonplussed. How many units are there that don't work like they do in their base game?
  5. They’re mistaken. You get about 50 grails a week just by logging in three of the days, and 40 grails a month through Forging Bonds. You get grails at a slower rate, but it’s not a race. Altenna was one of my CYL votes, and I’m thrilled she’s in and has a thematic weapon. She’s not that great in FE4, so maybe her fans like her as a character and not for being an overpowered unit.
  6. With a prf and Pulse Smoke, Ced has a better kit than both Lugh and Ewan, both possible second demotes. If neither of them did, Ced certainly isn't. Altenna is comparable to Ares, but she doesn't have any fodder as good as Brazen Atk/Def. I won't say 100% after Eyvel, but she's 99% demoting.
  7. There’s no shortage of less popular characters. A character like Ulster or Patty won’t headline a banner, so there no point in saving them for the next banner. More likely is them being lazy/cheap and not wanting to make an extra unit that doesn’t make profit.
  8. The two Thracia characters are dragon riders that use a legendary lance. There is a red bow in the other banner if you prefer unit variety, but I’m sorry that not all banners are catered towards people who have no respect for the older entries in the series.
  9. If they’re trying to make up for Judgral being shunned before, my ice-cold heart is melting a fair bit. It’s a similar situation the legendaries. Judges gets nothing for almost two years, then Julia and Leif almost consecutively.
  10. @Sunwoo @XRay don’t waste your breath. She never learns or listens. I’m grateful for Altenna, looking like a demote to boot, but I really hope the instant demote got left out of the trailer accidentally.
  11. If you fodder Elincia, the choice you need to make is between giving a dagger user her dagger, or giving Priscilla Atk/Spd Push 4. Though there aren’t a lot of options and they won’t be as good, you could give Priscilla another A-skill, the Hardy Bearing effect has no budget option. It depends on how much you need a second source of Hardy Bearing (or first if you can’t or don’t want to use the seal). As an aside, any unit that doesn’t come with their optimal skill set needs a lot of investment. Staves, with in-built healing and sweep utility, are one of the best weapon types with no investment.
  12. Well, you used the one of the best dragonslayers in the game and three dancers, of course that’s not going to be challenging. Try it with Legend Marth, Abel, Merric and Gordin.
  13. I believe the it prioritises combat it will survive over combat it won't. Did Amelia have Hardy Bearing and enough atk to kill Altina? If not, the AI would identify attacking Libra as the only "safe" attack, even if it did no damage. As for situations where she doesn't survive, could any of her teammates reach the enemy? If only one unit is in range of one enemy, it will attack as long as it can do 5 damage, even if it dies.
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