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  1. I don't think so, unless Chad is some kind of dragon he was born years after Leila died.
  2. I think the point Arcanite is making is that the fairies came out of nowhere. As a matter of fact, the last three books have been like that. Now we're in a fire world fighting an evil king! Now we're in an alternate timeline fighting a death god and her zombies! Now we're in a dream world fighting nightmares and dark elves! Try to keep up, Alfonse! Though personally, I'm not in it for the story, so it doesn't bother me.
  3. Bzzz! The correct answer is he's not a cavalry tank. Read the whole comment chain next time.
  4. Just dumped 500 orbs on my iPad, these are the gold: 2 Othin, one was +atk 1 Mareeta, +hp -spd 1 Eyvel, +hp -spd (what are the odds) 6 red pitybreakers (Laegjarn, Idunn, Ewan, F Byleth, Keaton, Flying Olivia) The 5-star rate was actually excellent, but unfortunately the shared focus wasn't that productive. Still, I managed to get all of them.
  5. Don’t forget about beasts; Ranulf, Yarne and Kaden at least provide some more options for green physical melee cavalry, even if some effects target one weapon type but not the other.
  6. When you justify your view with "barely anyone knows/plays Thracia" (as opposed to "I don't know/haven't played Thracia), you are no longer stating a personal opinion, but rating the banner for everyone. You know what they say about assuming. That's fair enough, but without that elaboration, your original post implied that Thracia shouldn't have any banner because you aren't attached to it and it isn't popular.
  7. Depends on who she's with. But if you're looking for something cheap, you can't go wrong with Savage Blow. Since her niche is to chip away at the enemy while restricting their movement, it will help wear them down faster.
  8. What do you think Meet the Heroes and Forging Bonds is for? If one refuses to learn about new characters and instead chooses to be wilfully ignorant, then their opinion of new banners is without merit. They never should have stopped multi-game banners IMO.
  9. RD Ike is PoR Ike, though. Brave Ike is a far more interesting alt than Vanguard Ike.
  10. I guess that controversy of her debut is still tough to overcome You wouldn't say his axe is in vogue, then? Not entirely unlike Narcian. He also has a one-sided rivalry with The Reinhardt.
  11. I wasn't counting Mareeta... in America. With the way FEH treats female swordfighters, I knew she'd get a sane version sometime. But managing to drag a handful of characters with her is beyond my wildest dreams. The only way is could have been better is if Galzus had been the GHB. @[email protected] is still available, get on it 😛 Kempf is a pretty out there pick, but I've always lowkey thought Tanya would have a good chance of coming with Osian because most other characters he interacts with are also axemen.
  12. Good for the cavaliers, but the swordfighter aesthetic is decisive. Mia's long socks and ... whatever that orange thing is meant to be is just awful.
  13. Finally, a good banner. Four new Thracia characters is still four more than I expected ever, so I don't care that the OC is there.
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