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  1. IMO this argument is going around in circles. Let’s settle this with some hard data. In SoV, Celica has the most support partners, 4. Alm and Clair have 3, and everyone else has 1-2. In NM, Caeda, Catria and Palla have 4. Minerva and Est have 5. (The benefit of the Whitewings being a clique.) Kris has seventy-two support partners. They have 72 support partners. That’s as many as seven tens and two ones. And that’s terrible.
  2. But they could have, and they did in Shadows of Valentia. Several characters shared the spotlight in SoV, whereas Kris took a disproportionate amount of the new dialogue. I have no doubt that it's due to them being an avatar character, so I do blame them.
  3. On that note, I think it would be logical for somebody from Archanea (such as George or Nyna) to make the suggestion of using the pass. There’s no reason why Marth and Kris have to hog all the dialogue. Anyway, Castor’s support conversation was a missed opportunity because it doesn’t develop Kris at all. He could have had the same talk with Caeda, or bounced off another less naive character, to flesh out both characters. And this is why Kris is worse than Mark, who can literally not exist without the story changing at all.
  4. Fire Emblem is first and foremost a turn-based strategy game. The player’s role is an abstract one, making tactical decisions, and doesn’t need to be represented by any one character, but if there must be a player avatar, a tactician is a reasonable position. The importance of the avatar is a poor metric to judge them on. It just leads to the gratuitous and obsequious praise in Awakening and other games, any character that dares to not love the avatar is vilified. Instead, the treatment of the avatar should depend on the decisions the player makes, that is, the quality of the tactics. FE7’s system is not perfect, but it is the most appropriate. Crucially, if you play badly, the game (and the character in the ranking screen) does not pull its punches.
  5. IMO, only Shanan and Lewyn are clones of their ancestors. The others have similarities, but that’s to be expected from ancestors (looks at Altina and Sanskrit).
  6. I wouldn’t count Nanna, but I would count Julius. He’s literally Robin without the contrived backstory If Altina and Bramimond qualify as Mythics, so do Heim, Baldr, Neir, Ulir, Bragi, Fralar, Thrud, Ced, Od, Hezul, Dainn and Nrojun.
  7. To be fair, the last few hours have been unpredictable, probably since the teams are so close in size. Seiros was pulling ahead slowly, now Lyn is gaining.
  8. The size of the non-focus pool does not affect the probability of pulling a specific unit from the focus pool. On Sue’s banner, you have a 3% chance of a focus 5* and a 3% chance of a non-focus 5*. That roughly translates to 3% chance of Sue from a green orb (assuming a four focus unit banner, a three focus unit banner has a 4% chance), and 0.1153% chance of each of the green 26 non-focus units. Say there were 300 green units in the non-focus pool. You would have a 0.01% chance of pulling each one, but still 3% chance of Sue. The chance of Sue will always be higher than the 2.66% chance of pulling a specific legendary.
  9. There's no point in obsessing over which continent has more or less of X or Y type of unit. Tellius can, and does imo, make up the deficit in other ways. In any case, Jugdral will easily win any underrepresentation competition so you might as well not bother complaining about any other continent's representation. Being an older unit isn't a bad thing, either. Every unit gets to be the flavour of the month when they're introduced, and Ike's lower BST is balanced out by being usable in the lower-BST metagame.
  10. The girls are apparently from Hoshido and Nohr. Unless you were familiar with the Cipher lore, I don’t think they’d make much more sense in a Fates banner.
  11. I actually have mixed feelings about the HM cap increasing incrementally. Not that I’ve maxed anyone, but if I did, I’d rather they be maxed permanently. Just do a one-off increase to some logical final cap (like 9999) and leave it be.
  12. In Australia, we have preferential voting. Instead of one vote, you rank every candidate in order. So you can both vote for who you want, and vote against who you don’t want by putting them last. Realistically, only two parties can win the election, but it’s not a literal two-horse race like the US so voting for a third party actually makes a difference. The hook Fire Emblem has over other series is the large number of unique characters, and being limited to seven votes (and being able to vote for a character seven times) doesn’t really take advantage of that. So, CYL would also benefit from having a preferential voting system.
  13. It could be as soon as four months, but likely six months to a year. It depends how soon it wins the poll once it’s an option for voting. If you just want to spark her, there’s no need to save at the moment. You’ll get plenty of notice to save the orbs you need.
  14. Because superfluous TMs are a good source of money. Water Gun has a small but decisive availability advantage, and I contend you don't need Bubblebeam at all. The mandatory Cubone can be turtled/trivialised with your flying type, Water Gun should still handle that Hiker (see below) and the rival's Growlithe/Charmeleon fall to Dig. Once you reach Celadon, you can pick up Ice Beam, between that and Dig you don't need any water coverage from Game Corner and Pokemon Tower. At that point, there's no reason not to go pick up Surf I tested it using VC Red, and I found Clefable reaching level 18 was the point it started being able to one-shot the Geodudes with Water Gun. The Graveler was a comfortable two-shot, admittedly, but worst case scenario is you eat the 25% chance of Selfdestruct, and you can reach Lavender Town without having to beat any more rock-types. So I maintain the extra power on Bubblebeam is overkill. Incidentally, these are the simulation results I got:
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