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  1. If somebody wants Olivia, her being removed from the New Heroes pitybreaker pool is the best thing that could happen to her, because it could lead to revival banners.
  2. Without interviewing every Heroes player and finding the maximum they're willing to pay, any pricing model runs the risk of being suboptimal in terms of profit. But more players spending is definitely better than less; even if they spend less money on average, it's more people committed enough to spend something, and so be less likely to quit.
  3. If they wanted to do it that way, it would have been better to just sell the Respendent (sic) Heroes and forget the QoL stuff. The former is a standard perk for this kind of game, including the latter just turned people off.
  4. @Zeo It’s good when luck happens on the right banner. I didn’t pull any focus units with the tickets, but I got another Tanya which is a better result for me.
  5. I'd consider that the first option, since only IS shareholders actually like power creep.
  6. More appealing is a matter of opinion. It's not like comparing Death Blow 4 to Death Blow 3. More popular does not mean stronger, either.
  7. Power creep is only an issue if it means old characters become useless or you need to keep pulling for new characters. There are enough non-competitive modes in the game where you can use anyone you like, and the rewards for reaching the top of competitive modes aren't gamechanging - it's just cosmetics and a slight increase in the rate of resources. The challenge content like Abyssal and CCs either recur or are always available. If you like a character because of how strong they are, even if they come out today with amazing skills they're likely going to be powercrept by next year. If you like a character because of their personality, they will can never be powercrept. Plus, it's always preferable to have a character you like in the game than not in the game.
  8. It depends on what you define as bottom of the barrel. How many of the characters not yet in the game are popular enough to be a reasonable addition. An extreme threshold would be Luke, who was not only added, but as a premium unit with a ranking of 674 in CYL1. He's probably an outlier since he was added so early in the game, and probably wouldn't cut it as a banner unit today. A more recent addition is Osian, who was ranked 489 in CYL1. Going by this threshold, there's 172 characters not in the game who were ranked higher than him, so you could say there's enough units for almost one and a half years worth of banners without alts or scraping the bottom of the barrel. Again, it's possible to argue Osian is also an outlier because he has a pre-existing prf and had a Mythic on his banner. So you could have a stricter threshold for where the bottom of the barrel starts.
  9. Me: "mission we know nothing about " You: " we do know a bit about it. " Again, literally your exact words. "You're just describing something that applies to EVERY character." Fiora is more fitting for a Dread Isle banner when far less of her characterisation relates to the Dread Isle. If you want to believe that, whatever. I'm tired of dealing with constant ad hominem attacks.
  10. We don't know what Pent knew, hence we know nothing about the specifics of the mission. We can only speculate. " You're just describing something that applies to EVERY character. " So non-playable characters don't count as characters? So you called me objectively wrong without even addressing my argument? Her backstory exists, whether you like it or not. This isn't something you can argue against. It does because neither of their pasts relate to the Dread Isle, and both of their missions relate to it.
  11. Pent says in chapter 22x, after EHL meets Athos: “Nergal, a magic user who rivals you, Lord Athos… And the return of the dragons. An intriguing story.” He talks about Nergal as though it's the first time he's heard of him. The Fiora/Pent support conversation doesn't specify what Fiora's mission was, and so doesn't contradict this view. I am describing how Fiora's support conversations flesh out her backstory. Where is Leila's backstory fleshed out? The reason I say Fiora barely fits is because I think her backstory matters. When you say " Her entire story arc starts there, and all the major events that happen to her happen there." (your exact words) you are implying her backstory does not matter. We learn a lot more about Fiora's past than her mission, whereas we learn a lot more about Leila's mission than her past.
  12. Renault lives there. Kishuna, too, though it'd be a challenge to implement him. It's the climax for both the first arc and the game, the first and last encounter with Nergal. Ninian and Nils entered Elibe through the Dragon's Gate, and chapter 19xx provides another good reason. Leila might as well stay as the obligatory busted female unit, nobody else really stands out to me to complete the banner. I would have something like Nils, Renault, Leila, Elbert, Nergal GHB.
  13. Why would she go anywhere except where Eliwood's father is. She is investigating his disappearance, remember? She's also the one who informs EHL of Elbert's whereabouts. What can we say about Fiora's mission? She gives some kind of report to Pent, but we don't know what it's about. Pent doesn't seem to have been aware of the Black Fang or the Dragon's Gate when he commissioned her. We learn a lot more about Leila's mission than Fiora's, including what she was trying to achieve and why it is related to other parties at the Dread Isle. Indeed, this is pretty much all we know about her apart from her being in a relationship with Matthew. Her childhood in Ilia, looking after her two sisters and preparing to become a mercenary. The climate of Ilia that makes growing food and finding work difficult instills her with a sense of duty to her people, and a strong discipline. Yet she is still idealistic, and often acts according to her emotion when dealing with her sisters, her comrades and her employers. She has a lot of interesting supports. But apparently it's objectively wrong to think any of that matters, her entire character is comprised of a mission we know nothing about and its disastrous failure.
  14. Is that a bad thing though? IMO, the problem with alts is that they slow down the rate at which new characters get added. If the character pool has been depleted, that isn't a problem. The fanbase in general tends to like alts as well.
  15. That's how single-game theme banners, as opposed to fill-the-foster banners, have always worked. Of the characters that do fit, she's among the least fitting. Hence, only barely. They had no problem omitting more fitting characters and adding Rath and Heath for whatever reason. So, I'm at a loss as to why she was added.
  16. That's why I said "only barely". Nils and Leila (the two headliners) have the common thread of being on the Dread Isle because of the Black Fang, she has no connection to either of them. You could replace her with a random FE7 character and the theme wouldn't be any weaker, especially since there are already two random FE7 characters. No. When the game generates a focus unit, it picks one at random and then covers it up, regardless of the colour distribution. But being on a three-unit banner is significantly better, since the base 3% focus rate is split three ways instead of four.
  17. That seems counter-intuitive. Compared to a non-colourshare banner, the extra cost is negligible. She might scare whales off from trying to +10 Nils and instead wait until he's rerun. And if it's on a three-unit banner, the cost is significantly less. In any case, Eyvel and arguably Shannan fulfilled the same role, but they were both new, thematic and popular.
  18. On reflection, Fiora might be the most pointless addition ever. - Already in the game - Oversaturated class with mediocre kit - Only barely fits a banner theme that's half-hearted anyway - Less popular than the demote character Why is she even here?
  19. Right now I want to randomly get Altenna, so a double blue focus with interesting skills isn’t the worst outcome. If they wanted to reference Uhai, they could have made him the GHB, it’s not like Heath is relevant either.
  20. I don’t aim to merge exclusive units unless they reach +5 without me trying. Leif and Blue Micaiah are the only two to achieve that feat.
  21. I think I’ll support Edelgard. If the community wants Brave 3H lords, it can have a free 3H lord. The units I actually want to win are all red, anyway.
  22. Increasing your arena score threshold. My maximum arena score is 742; if someone has a higher max score, I cannot outscore them and so they automatically win. I feel this definition is too loose because a lot of advantages can be compensated for. If I can’t get multiple summoner supports on my arena units, I’ll just pick my battles carefully. No amount of tactics can make the game generate 750+ arena matches.
  23. I take it back, dedication does make a difference. That said, he’d be able to score even higher if he did whale. I see. I thought you were talking about the summoner support for some reason. Then you’re not paying to win, you’re paying for exclusive advantages. Advantages such as Resplendent Heroes and extra summoner supports are not necessarily overwhelming, the way a higher score threshold is. One can only says it definitely fits is if, like a higher score threshold, it increases your ability to automatically win.
  24. Having a smaller budget does not increase my luck, and all the dedication in the world doesn’t mean anything when it takes half a year’s worth of free orbs to +10 a single exclusive unit. I always have the option to make my team stronger and higher scoring by spending orbs. There always has been since launch, when it was possible to buy enough orbs to +10 as many units as you need. An exclusive advantage does not mean you automatically win.
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