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  1. Ooooooh, you got me. Betcha know my SSN, while we're at it. It's almost like guns ARE the problem. But they aren't.
  2. Because they're functionally retarded, like Obama, but that doesn't stop. Oh no sirree. Not for "progress", good feels and social justice. To even think that fairness was, is and will be worse than equality of opportunity is a crime coming from the antifa "fuck white people they need to die" party. When you masquerade as the thing you're supposedly against, it's fucking delicious. Irony is not their strongsuit. Ethnic cleansing, aka gassing jews, is that mentally deficient leftist mind set, firing on full cylinders. You "never go full retard", capiche? That, llke Nazi and Marxist ideals, are all "for the working class" is disgusting, as it only makes dull and rich people to happy. Guess what, neither have guns. Neither have a protected freedom of speech guaranteed by their country. That's hilarious. Just like putting planned parenthood centers in urban areas. Hindsight is a curse, I swear.
  3. Beautiful. Proving your ignorance by self-admittance. Works every time. People say Nazi and fascist a lot. Doubt they know the means. Same with my favorite word. A word, which a few letters off of a racial slur. The word, like every word, only holds power over the weak. Case in point; only a niggard would not question their education.
  4. Ones like Himmler. Collectivism. As in, we're all the same. Which is identity politics. Y'know, "no true citizen" kinda stuff. Collectivism is Marxism and all forms and variations of Marxism are bad. I mean, Venezuela going socialism and then everyone but the uber rich being in poverty.
  5. If reality is shit post, then I loathe what you live in, Raven.
  6. It can easily be argued that it isn't as important as you claim. It probably IS, but it's also likely that it might not be. We have Marxism teaching children, on top of "you are special". That isn't a recipe for success. Especially the colleges. Can't be mean there. You realize, once you detach yourself from group think, that feeling isn't important. I mean, at all. That's why "toxic masculinity" is a thing. Because being a man is bad and being a woman is good. As it stands, as well as history supporting this, don't go to college. Leftist ideals made the Nazi party. They are dangerous. And as such, it'd be child abuse to subject your children to this. Letting children believe non-binary people are real, and that gender is a spectrum (hint: They aren't)? I'd rather leave my future children with a Catholic priest.
  7. America IS superior to every country. No holds barred. Not even close. America is miles ahead in everything but "gender laws" and education. White people aren't any better, on average (though it can be argued), than every other race. But our countries and cultures? Miles ahead of besides Japan. The waifu age is upon us, my friends. Speaking of, Japan is homogeneous. Most people are Japanese ethnically, in Japan. As in not white. But no one complains that Japanese people are a racist hellhole. How come it's only not okay when whitey does it? Everyone is equal in America. Yet regressive idiots still chant for more affirmative action. As in, are openly racist. Black people are strong, but they need help. Same with women. America hates wah-men now. Yup. We live in a fresh hell. But hey, social justice is sooooooooooooo totally good. Good thing, because sarcasm is violence in Australia. "misgendering" people in Canada and Britain can easily land you in jail. Because of non-existing "hate speech". Let's curtail freedom to be you in exchange for protecting feelings. Of less than 5% of the global population, on "trans" rights alone.How anyone can champion that, is beyond any logical and sane person. It's about being nice? That isn't fair, though. Equality of Opportunity is good. Of outcome is regression. Societal suicide. All because bad person use gun so gun are bad.
  8. We have more homicide than every western nation? Oh, you pure, innocent child...who told you that? Same person who said "1 in 3 women will be raped in America"? Hoooooo boi, no wonder. We have beta cucks trying to destroy America as it should be outta spite because their ideas are fucking stupid. Just like feminism. Yet here we are, you vomit propaganda because educashun said so. No one I know does violent acts of crime, they're all white, again not the point, and own guns. Most, also, hold Judeo-Christian values. The correct values, mind you. Because not doing whatsoever you want is socially desired. If your belief is not, fundamentally, capable of integrating...then maybe you're the problem. Just maybe. The fact you trust FOX is indicative of your dishonest, amoral regressive brainwashing is effective. It only takes 20 to 50 years to achieve this. Point is, guns aren't bad. The user is or isn't on a variety of factors. Fear mongering is insidious. Legacy Media, MainStream Media or MSM, like comrade Lemon, is trying to decide what's allowed to be thought. Not said, but THOUGHT. They want to disarm America so they can take over. Sounds crazy? I wish I was making it up. To paraphrase a CNN anchor "it's not the democratically elected president who decides what truth is, oh no, that's OUR job." I kid you not, fake news, and commies, are trying to kill America. It's so Orwellian, any remaining real American would and should be rightly pissed. You're only thinking what they want you to. They want you to get rid of guns so we can't resist. Progress is a cancer, just like Social Justice and Feminism. Because ideologues, verifiable dangerous to American way of life people, don't like America. THey hold no fealty, swear no allegiance to it.We have less, actually, homicide than every other country in the developed and undeveloped world. All because 1A and 2a. Do change that, even if it makes people feel good, is destruction of America. It's already happening in Europe. Muslim people come into places with no guns? Muslim people break the in groups laws. En masse. Despite multiculturalism fails. Every. Sngle . Time.
  9. Yadda yaddi yadda, nice to meecha and all that good stuff. Hope you and I get along swell, hear?
  10. I'm right, but is that so shocking? Sweden has stringent gun laws. Crime, especially from Muslim individuals, increased. Yeah, totally the tools fault, not the ideology nor the person. A cursory google search will corroborate my responses. If you believe guns ARE the problem...I pity you, just like white people acting towards people of "color". Sociology is a fun course. We want, as in white people, want to be seen as nice. That's why we have white people who want to "limit" guns. Black people, Middle Eastern people, etc, in white majority countries, want to be respected. Now hold on, respect is earned. Not given. You don't deserve respect just because we exist. To want to help people of "color" means, deep down, you see them less than your in group. AKA white supremacy. What has this to do with anything? Not much, but it's important, regardless. The point? Less Guns+less mental health support+they vs them identity politics=more crime across all groups. Hilarious, then, when more violent acts of crime occur in urban populations, because of a multitier toxic hate ideology wants to be hateful assholes because they lost the American Civil War, under the guise of "inclusion and diversity"...Oh yes, the blue, racist party who can't get over slavery ending, who lie to people of "color" that the other side will murder the shit outta them, thus the only safe place is with them...Party of "tolerance", my ass, yes? To what end, you ask? Glad you asked, human person. Simple, to weaponize ethnic minorities, and children (not the point), against the side that ended slavery. I wholeheartedly denounce their moral superiority, en masse. So, without further adieu, people and "progression" are to blame, not guns. And I know, I'm a racist and a xenophobe, and a transphobe...Except naw fam, that's empirical data, put in simple terms. Maybe next time, we can end "wage gap", "male oppression" and other feminist insane bullshit. Just maybe. Because you should know, the greatest of intention leads to mass suffering. "humanitarianism" isn't moral, don't @ me with your stupid ideas. Because I'm immune to anti-American bullshit.
  11. Wait a sec, are you THE Tables from the GameFAQs forum, @Tables? Does the name ZenTen mean anything to you? That's a lot of information, I'll keep it in mind. Also, Topsy-turvy on Celica. Yay! or Nay! ?
  12. I don't care. "socially undesirable" that's stupid. Guns aren't any less undesirable than walking. Oh, and Islam? Truly the mother of all bad, regressive, no brain ideas. Ever. In human history. No smart person would want Sharia Law, especially if they were a feminist or egalitarian.
  13. Again with the pathetic "guns are bad" rhetoric. I've already addressed your point. You just haven't realized it yet. No control. Fuck how Europe or Australia do it. This is America, home of the free. America is also the best country in the world. I don't view fake news, sorry. The news channels and some sites do this. It's sickening. They only report what fits their stupid, little progressive agenda. But that progressive stuff...it doesn't work. Redistribution doesn't work. "inclusion" only separates people. Free health care isn't free. "birth control", aka abortion, is legitimately murder. That stuff is wrong. This globalization is the problem. Can't have hostile people, we can't take over. Betcha Soros is behind this anti-America, anti-gun bullshit.
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