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  1. Giving this a bump, since I'm once again looking for a writer. Details in the opening post.
  2. From my experience, if you want to give a unit more than one personal skill, you'll have to create an entirely new class. You can re-use the anims that you want by copying the appropriate folder and replace all file names in that folder with the name of your new class. Ex: "Archer0-RangedBow-GenericBlue" -> "Bowman0-RangedBow-GenericBlue" Feats are considered a skill and are applied to a class like any other skill. You're correct about the syntax for skills.
  3. *The position has been closed for now. The opening post has been edited from the original slightly. Hey, so I'm looking for another writer for my fan game. To keep a long story short, I've got less time on my hands to work on this than I did before and I need some help bringing the project to a close. The Project: The project is a 21 chapter game made with the Lex Talionis Engine. The gameplay and art are actually all done and the game's going through some additional playtesting. What I'm looking for: I'm looking for more than just an editor. I need someone who's willing to spend time to write parts of the game. Where does the writing currently stand: Most of the main writing is complete, but it definitely could use some polish. There's approximately 5 whole chapters worth of base writing to be made. If you also feel that the project itself needs a little more than some editing, I'm open to that as well. I'm pretty flexible. Just a couple of things to keep in mind: I don't like rejecting people, especially those who want to help, but I do want to set a couple of restrictions. I'd prefer it if English is your native language, or your English is good enough to be equivalent to that of a native speaker. It's just less work on me since I won't have to worry so much about grammar and spelling. I'd also like to see a sample of your writing. It just allows me to get a feel for your writing style. There isn't a high bar to pass, trust me, since I'm pretty much an average writer at best. I'll also ask you a few questions before I take you on. If you're interested in a long-term commitment like this, then let me know here or by PM. Thanks.
  4. Nice, I'll be using this right away. I've been using 0.3 for too long, haha. It's great that cutscene sounds have been implemented. I don't know if this has been changed, but is it still possible for thieves to pick chests at adjacent range? If so, could we have access to change this?
  5. Until someone comes forward, I would just state publicly which assets you used that didn't have an owner attached to them.
  6. I think this is what you're looking for. Someone was nice enough to post the sprites in the thread: https://feuniverse.us/t/map-sprite-class-card-repository/186/240
  7. Awesome. I found this fun; thanks for making it. Ah darn, I only looked at the non-secret characters.
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