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  1. I forgot that i posted this yesterday. Thanks for all the answers, i tried seaching it on google. But all i got was FE heroes memes and a page of Hector on 2 diffrent Fire emblem wikis.
  2. I has been years since i have played the game. But i recently started playing Heroes again, and Roy is always shouting something like ''For my father!'' and such. It sounds as if he is trying to avenge Eliwood or something. I remember that Eliwood was sick and Hector died some chapters later. But i don't remember Eliwood dying.
  3. Fire emblem 1 has already correct names and such. Fe 2 to 5 however still uses pre awakening names. All i'm saying is good luck, and don't insert edgy dialouge where it wasn't before.
  4. Hasn't the last games released in every two years? I'm not saying that we will get the next game next year. But hopefully we get some info very soon.
  5. Which version are you playing? I don't remember clearly. This is one of the reasons why Marth's games are my favorite. You can breeze through the game with no worries about anything, the only time i have run out of items is when used Jake and Beck in the same playthrough.
  6. What i find funny about the community is that the pro players are the ones who are criticizing map design and such. And for some reason Fates is bad because it is has anime tropes in it, and bad writing. But the animations in the GBA games are the most anime-ish i have ever seen. Even the normal hit animations looks like it was taken straight out of a shonen. And Sacred Stones might be the only decently written gba game, Binding Blade feels like a wierd amalgamation between book 1 & 2 of Mystery of the Emblem. FE7's story is the only one i skip between chapters, because it is sooo boring.
  7. It is going to be more difficult to install new characters in a game where they talk all the time. I think the reason why fates is modded so much, is because it is the sacred stones of the 3ds era. people are going to use fates as a base for their fan hack, like the 3ds shadow dragon remake. Because it is the easiest one to hack and has the most features and stuff.
  8. That one looks more like the one in SoV. I just thought that it's funny that the big legendary sword in the newest game, is a common weapon used by the most generic enemy in the previous game.
  9. I played Shadows of Valentia again recently, and i noticed something interesting, the skeletons are using bone swords. There have been many variants of bone weapons in fiction before, but these extend when the skeletons are swinging it. Has anyone noticed anything else similar between FE SoV and Three Houses other than this, a replay feature and full voice acting.
  10. I had to search up who this John adams is. No, he is named after the devil himself. Specifically the one in Shin Megami Tensei.
  11. He is a big Zelda fan. but he is just wierd in general, when i married Sully for her personality he said: ''who marries Sully!? she is a man in a womans body, a bisexual's wet dream!''.
  12. I don't wake up to loud noices around my house, but if there is something stepping silently around in the house then i wake up. My dog Satan dosen't switch sleeping position, he walk to the other end of the livingroom and sleeps there. My girlfriend gets so frusterated about this, because she don't want to wake me up if she needs to refill her glass of water.
  13. Dragon ball never came to Norway so maybe that's why he didn't think about Future Trunks. But you're right, Future trunks might be a better fit.
  14. Me and my buddy was playing Smash Ultimate yesterday. And he really drunk pulled out a hilarious summary about lucina. ''Lucina is a reverse trap that hides in the shadows, and stalks the main character waiting for a moment to save and guide the main character. And when the moment is over, Lucina disappears to remain mysterious... You know who else fits that description, Zelda as Sheik in Ocarina of Time!''. It's a wierd but accurate summary, what do you guys think?
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