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  1. It is totally possible, and it was planned. But for now i'm taking a break from hacking in general, and since this was my first project ever I really don't like the code, so I tried rewriting it but i'm not in the mood for that. Maybe i'm going back to it someday, but i'm busy with other projects now.
  2. https://github.com/theonlywilll/XaneRandomizer/releases/latest Download the .7z file, not the source code.
  3. Hello! After a (absurd) amount of time, the first version of the FE3 randomizer is finally here! Download of the lasted version: https://github.com/theonlywilll/XaneRandomizer The randomizer supports randomization for playable units including class, stats, items and supports! For enemies you can randomize their classes, have a chance to them drop a random item, increase their level and stats. Also some other nice options like shop randomization and 0% growth. Of course, you can choose to the randomizer create a log to keep track of the changes. What ROM to use? And what translation patch? When using the randomizer, you will need to choose a ROM. In fact, it can be (almost) any ROM! IMPORTANT: You need a headered version of the ROM! If you can't find a headered version anywhere, you can simply just download a software like TUSH and add a header easily. This is compatible with a totally clean japanese FE3 ROM, both version 1.0 and 1.1. Also, it works with translations patches. The randomizer will use whatever ROM you choose, so to use a translated ROM you need to have one first. Same thing if you want to play with a clean ROM in japanese. Compatible translations patches: Updated translation patch v1.3 by Quirino Bugfix update by Robert of Normandy (recommended) For more in-depth information, you can read the readme.txt that is included with the download or go here! If you want to suggest features, feel free to do so. Oh, also please report bugs! It can be here or the github page. Credits to the people that made the original FE3 nightmare modules, updated them and made even new ones, and the japanese community for making a immense documentation on the game. A big thank you to these people, and a sorry for them for sufferring through the spaghetti FE3 code.
  4. I love replaying games, so I replay pretty much 99% of the games I finish, including Fire Emblem. The only problem with replaying that I have is Awakening, since it is a bit of letdown for me. Lunatic and Lunatic+ is just annoying and not fun, while Normal and Hard are pretty piss easy. Regardless, all of them just turns throwing Robin into things. I did try once playing a spotpass unit only run and pretty much winned by buying Travant, in like chapter 8? Pretty much early on. I love replaying FE11 because of the easy reclass system, and FE4/FE5 since I love Jugdral.
  5. Well, it is my name but shorter. Very creative I know.
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