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  1. I actually didnt in this run. I will add i used stavestates at times to ensure people lived if i was in a tough spot or the bosses were hard (like that guy with the berserk staff). The only booster i gave her for that run were +2 movement boots, otherwise i just really lucky with her stats and im one of those guys that waits till level 20 (or late as possible) to promote to maximize my units potential. I mean, 3/5 is where i would put her as well if i was honest about her as whole, but then again im biased towards generals for them saving my hide multiple times in the GBA and Radiant Dawn series. Her slow speed and res are where she will struggle after the midpoint in the game, but i was able to have her be A ranked with my Tactician so it was never to much of a problem since he could heal her Speaking of which, i really look forward to the final version of this for the support conversations/endings. I just really want to know more about these characters in general :)
  2. i mean, her resistance gain sucks, so mages are the bane of her existence, but against physical damage she was all but impregnable for most of the game. + theres a neat little easter egg with her on a certain map that made it worth it
  3. Eh, she turned out very well in my run through :p , but i have a particular fondness for armored nights in fire emblem, so im willing to bear with them early on and see if it can jury rig something to make them work
  4. It could just be me, but im actually more interested in the potential sequel. i want to know more about the ritual that dark mage used to ascend to godhood. who knows that could have been set up to make him the main villain for the next generation
  5. I think there is a point where he is forced to be deployed, but he doesn't have to be used necessarily. you could just put him in a corner and play it with your regular team
  6. so a few things regarding the classes a little bit just for my own curiosity. For chiara was she intended to by a myrmidon? cause her stat grows are more fitting of one (in my opinion) than a mercenary. thats just my thinking given how her growths were in my runs with her. And for the 2 thieves, will there/is there a fell contract that can turn them into assassins instead of rogues and i just missed it? or do you only get the 1 assassin in the game and thats it?
  7. Why does opening the chest in chapter (19 i think?) at the bottom of the map trigger a game over? i open it with my rogue and it instead triggered it as tho the boss had instead
  8. i laugh at the incomplete support conversations with either some not working or just using fe6 dialog with broken sprites xD
  9. found a bug in chapter 1-7, it was a display glitch with stats that showed them to be wildly out of proportion in that it displayed their stats somewhere in the 30's and 40's
  10. just started playing, love the custom sprite designs for owen and and sawyer. but owens attack transition can be a little glitchy
  11. i want to see this succeed. Genealogy of the Holy War was my favorite FE game that i played. I Wish nothing but the best for this project :D
  12. i have yet to play this since im trying to finish a few play throughs of other FE hacks but this one is on the list to try out, when you mention skills, is it like Path of Radiance/ Radiant Dawn skills? and are soldiers and brigands recruit-able? (my favorite classes and i dont know why)
  13. how much activity is required before you can access the discord?
  14. so initial thoughts on playing the prologue on my first playthough of this Interesting start it being on a ship, new a fresh actually being able to see your avatar is a neat idea wish the main tactician had a more customized or more original look than a dark mage in combat (minor nitpick) like the glaive design kinda wish the dialogue from the first boss had been slightly more original that changing only 2 words from Bata the Beast (minor nitpick) overall i like the start to this and am looking forward to playing through the rest
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