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  1. The Special Edition looks alright but I'm not gonna try and stress myself over getting it. The only thing I really like out of it is the steelbook and the artbook.
  2. Haven't been watching the Super Bowl... but it doesn't look like I'm missing much.
  3. I was seeing some stuff on this. Like everyone else, I imagine, I really hope it's not true. It could potentially be "he's a popular voice actor (especially with the Dragon Ball movie doing so well) who happens to not have the beliefs and political leaning I do so let's get him!"... or it could be true. Also, OP, you seemed (to me at least) a bit hard on yourself on "shutting up". You shouldn't feel like you have to "shut up" on a message board. Think responses through? Sure, but you have a right to speak just like everyone else.
  4. Friggin' heck way to make my heart stop a few dozen times Eagles. GG Chicago.
  5. Best: 5. Forza Horizon 4 (probably) 4. Detroit: Become Human 3. Spider-Man 2. Smash Ultimate (and I'm not someone who is usually into Smash) 1. Neir Automata (Does it count if it came out on Xbox this year..? Maybe not but I still friggin' loved it) Worst: I...didn't play a ton of games that were really bad. Ironically the game I just kinda dropped was... God of War. I got to a point where you needed an upgrade for the kid, and was kinda stuck, so I dropped it. Largely on me, and it's definitely not a bad game, but that's the one I don't really want to go back to. Most Anticipated: Tales of Vesperia Senran Kagura: Re;vival (thanks for makin' this a 2019 release Sony!) Fire Emblem: Three Houses Kill La Kill IF (And I'm probably forgetting some)
  6. Yeah, the NA eshop deals aren't terribly great, especially compared to PS and Xbox. Good for y'all in Europe, though ^-^
  7. The genre of music isn't really my cup of tea but I still kinda liked it..? It comes across like they're trying to be a bit more experimental, and I think Heroes is a good place for that. The video itself piqued my curiosity and made me kinda want to see where it goes.
  8. Ah yes thank you Eagles I really needed you to let the scum of humanity win and get into the playoffs.
  9. I'd hit 17, I believe, and it suddenly dawned on me "I'm old enough to play pretty much any console game", so I decided to get the one game my parents told me I could never play and got- Pokemon. But that spirit of adventure and slight mischief eventually got me to Awakening. Kept seeing it in top RPGs, the whole "units can get married and have kids" really put me over the edge and... here I am.
  10. Fair enough, but of all the ships you could potentially do... why the one that involves blatant sexual harassment? I don't think they had a support, but I think Caeldori/Soleil would be a lot better.
  11. I have forever been put off by SolPhelia, thanks to it's absolutely horrible support, it's bizarrely large following, and it's stupid "official" name ("Sophelia? Um... you don't think people are gonna mix that up with Sophie and Ophelia?).
  12. Of the stuff I've played (3DS games and Warriors)... Lucina Celica ...Warriors!Corrin, I guess (I think the Warriors version did a good job of making her feel like her own entity, I find there to be a lot of potential with writing her however you want, so... yeah. She ends up so high up because she kinda is blank, I guess lol) Chrom (he's... there. Definitely indisputably there.) Robin (is he really a lord? And the Fates Royals aren't?) Marth (I should probably play SD because my main impression of him thus far is "ZOMG ITS MARTH" "heh, yeah, it's me!") Alm
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