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  1. Just weighing in on my lack of updates and shit, sorry everyone, but I barely ever go on anymore. I've pretty much stopped doing anything modding wise at this point, so I'm glad someone else is taking over. Everything in the OP of my thread is in a dropbox folder, neatly organized. So if any links stop working try to contact me and i can fix it and shit
  2. :D yeah it's the summer so i got time again. busy busy man over here
  3. 3 years later and you're still working on this, props to you dude. Looks great too, keep up the good work
  4. my bad, i went away to college and stopped hanging around as often as I used to. and i work alot over the summer. I think I can take some time to update it soon, and if not someone can feel free to make a third. Thanks for the list though it will make it easier to update everything. Hi prime, that's really cool Hi klok I mean, if you really really want to do it then sure but I'll be back around for the summer and may actually stick around here and there
  5. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  6. Fuzzy happy birthday!

  7. fuzz94

    Project 76

    sup. So with FEE3 on the rise, and because of the positive feedback we got from last year, we're gonna have a booth. interview, LP and all. When will a patch get released? Great question... There's a lot of different factors and decisions on that. So we might release P-Ch.2 when it's done, we may wait until Ch.5 like originally planned. Anyways, we have been at work. Only minimally, but here's a comp sheet of all the mugs to date. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9fdb9faskqz1kv6/mug%20sheet.png We've got some cleaning to do and other stuff, but hopefully chapter 2 will actually be done for FEE3 to be in the LP. Oh and soon enough...
  8. fuzz94

    Dat Merc

    omg you're a riot Holy shit please do. that will be fucking awesome
  9. finally beat it, and my lord that was great. Very well made dude, love the story, love the characters. Unfortunately I overused Hellios... and all my stats are garbage compared to everyone elses lol Except Weis, he was awesome
  10. this is pretty awesome. I'll play it when it's released.
  11. fuzz94

    Siuloir's Sundries

    woah, that first animation is pretty cool dude
  12. this is actually a cool idea, just makes it easier to know where to write the palette instead of pulling it up in nightmare and all that jazz
  13. It should be "saved lives." s'all I gotta say other than, this is really well done! keep up the good work dude.
  14. fuzz94

    Dat Merc

    wow you really pushed it to the limit that time hahaha. very well done merc
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