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  1. I just sent you a PM, ignore it because I just saw your comment in the thread

  2. do you have skype? I'll add you and might start a group chat for Adam's Adventure

  3. Holy shit I was about to just say something to you and saw it was your birthday. Happy birthday bud!

  4. you really have! I've been watching yourthread still. I like how much youve improved

  5. yo, im mad sorry that i requested a map from you like 6 months ago and never did anything with it. I'll hopefully get that going within the next few weeks or so. I've been bogged down really hard

  6. You fool. :p I did! Lots of fun, and cuddling. Cuddling is clutch haha

  7. I totes forgot to say, "Hey eBuddy, hope you had a good valentine's day!!" like a week ago, so you'll just have to accept it now :P

  8. haha you troll. I look forward to the rage

  9. That's a good idea. Rename someone Cheesecake. I'd actually give you like $5 to do that and not tell anyone until the patch was released.

  10. what are you talking about? I think Roy's mug looked more like an Antonio ever since I played it.

  11. You need to stop changing names. Seriously you're ruining FE6. Except Roy, his name should be Antonio. And you should change his animation too.

  12. We all do women more so than men I mean... And yeah that's good. Some girls are all like "Tell me how pretty I am. Buy me stuff" you and my girl would probably be like best pals

  13. All of the women in the world need to be like you. They don't want guys spending a shit ton of money on them. And you seem pretty chill from the talking we've done. and you like FE, I mean what's not to love

  14. wow that's long, good for you! And we agreed no presents or anything because it's stupid. unlike my ex who i spent 20-30 on chocolates and a stuffed animal, and then a 40 dollar breakfast that weekend. and then got dumped 2 days later.

  15. haha! I know right! Thaaanks :D

    Do you have a valentine this year?

  16. daww. Fuzz is good. People like Project 76, midterms are over and I have new, for lack of a better word, "almost girlfriend"?

  17. how goes the life of the eCut

  18. happy birthday dude!!

  19. use skype you silly boy. lol I'm headin out myself too, but I'll just leave the thread there and go on my way.

  20. lol, we can all hate it as much as we want, but there is more activity here than anywhere else. And it should be just a few more minutes actually.

  21. Yeah I gave it an early start there because of the low activity and all. But we did the finishing touches to the prologue so it's ready for the big stage. And yeah some things from Awakening look AMAZING, i just don't want to spoil the plot more than it has been.

  22. full time? Good shit man. I'm good, i havent heard much of Awakening and I don't have a 3DS anyway. We actually got Project 76 somewhere, should be a thread up soon.

  23. how's it going dude?

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