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  1. Will check some stuff up in that case and that's a shame that it doesn't support 3d. And sure I'll check other people's works! P.S. hehe sorry... ^^" Noted!
  2. Aw yeah, I heard something about that lawsuit Kaga went through, that's why I wanted to ask here before I started working on anything seriously, thanks so much for the info!
  3. Yo, I just checked it on steam! didn't know it existed! I was considering working on the game In Unreal Engine 4 but this looks more appropriate. does it have the ability to have 3d models fight or it is just 2s? also, can it have animated portraits? like the facial expression changing and what not? P.S. I just noticed you're also working on your own game! best of luck! :D
  4. I've made a post in the "questions" section but for some reason still don't have access to the discord :(
  5. Hello everyone, If I were to make a fire emblem copycat game but with different characters, story and dialogue and but only keep the gameplay mechanics. Specifically of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, would I get into trouble with Nintendo over copyright disputes? because from what I can gather they can copyright the game, characters even aesthetics. but not gameplay. The reason I'm asking this here is does anyone have any experience with making their own FE inspired turn-based strategy game? and if so what would be the do's and don'ts? to ensure the project, myself and the team do not fall under any lawsuits by Nintendo. I know it may seem shallow to want to copy the mechanics of a game, but I'd rather make a really good copycat than a really bad original game. My other (more personal) objective with the project is to promote cultural awareness of my father country, it's language, dialects, scripture history and culture. there is a lot of media out there in surrounding it like books, movies, and music. But no video games. So that's my motivation for this project, I even found the perfect historic event to take inspiration from, one that would really fit the "FE" archetype I think. So, any thoughts or tips?
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