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  1. Alright I'll keep this in mind Sorry for the late replies but i don't get notifs and stuff. Also a fellow italian owo
  2. Reeeee @Koumal8 Alright done thanks for warning me- I put it as an ups patch, that's ok right?-
  3. Alright! Thank for playing, and i'll try to fix everything when i have the time! Thank you again!
  4. So recently I started making a fe game with FeBuilder and it's coming out pretty nicely, currently there are 5 playable units and chapters. After the 5 chapters the game will continue as a normal Fe8. Here's the link: https://mega.nz/#!paIgEShL!jBSxefrqRXFpN_qapNzUv0_QLZy-w4z8jVv_yLd-QiY It doesn't have a title yet and it's still kinda buggy, but I hope you can have fun!
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