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  1. Ah I see, I do some PvP for fun occasionally so that's why im trying to max out the children. Personally i've always had great luck with FeMu! Velouria or Camilla! Velouria as her stats are generally off the charts while also making her an amazing versatile Great Lord.
  2. Ah ok, thanks. Ill keep this list in mind though for another play through and see how the children would turn out based on that list for fun.
  3. Are these pairings for the benefit of gen 1 units or for optimizing gen 2 child units? Because by the looks of it that list is Optimal for pairing gen 1 characters for in battles stats or making like decent child units when in comparison im trying to make the most optimal child units, with no regards to what benefits are provided to the parents through their pair-ups; such as Effie! Mitama to get a statistically superior (and ridiculously broken) Mitama that is meant for physical combat based off the combined stats provided by both parents.
  4. Ive been using the first of the two links for quite a while to calculate my child units stats, its been quite beneficial in helping me pair my other 18 children to their maximum potential; unfotuantley that left Nina, Kigari and Dwyer as the leftovers. I gave most of the strong physical moms away to better child units, like Camilla! Velouria, Charlotte! Siegbert, Effie! Mitama and Mozu! Sophie etc. This left me with all the considerably statistically poor moms who need to paired off in the best way possible without hurting my remaining child units too much. Seems like Dwyer benefits the most from setsuna out of the remaining moms if I were to make him a Paladin, but his growths would result in him being a low grade male version of my Mozu! Sophie.
  5. So in my newest Revelations run I want to experiment with new stat builds for Forrest. I used a Witch Sakura!Forrest and I am considering re-classing him as either a Dark Knight, Great Master or Basara, which class long term would be more beneficial to Forrest? Skills are not priority as I can buy them. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Dark Knight (Levin Sword + Tomes) 65 42.5 67.5 35 42.5 45 42.5 42.5 Great Master (Using Bolt Naginata / healer) 60 37.5 62.5 35 52.5 55 37.5 47.5 Basara (S Rank w. Selkie; Bolt Naginata + Tomes ) 70 32.5 67.5 40 47.5 55 32.5 47.5
  6. Thank you for explaining this all so well. I'm definitely going to try out using Felicia! Nina this time around as a res tank, it seems like it would be an overall effective character. With that out of the way, hopefully I can still manage to find good pairings for Kigari / Dwyer, because it's probable they both will end up being kind of garbage with their only options being Rinkah, Setsuna and Orochi.... (I did do Setsuna! Kigari once and it didn't turn out too well lol)
  7. I never considered using Felicia as Ninas mother. I'm just curious, but is there a particular reasons so many people go for a shining bow build Nina when her base growths support her as a STR heavy unit (45%) vs her MAG growth (30%)? It seems like a pretty neat build, as I generally am not one to use Magic heavy bow units. I did Setsuna!Nina in my 3rd Revelations run and made her a Sniper, but I think this time around ill do Felicia!Nina and give Setsuna to Takumi cause Rinkah probably hurts Kigari more than Setsuna does.
  8. In my current revelations run ive optimized the hell out of my child units but I have 5 mothers and 4 fathers left im not sure who to pair with each other. I have a temporary setup and 2 of these children end up garbage. With my only options being Felicia, Orochi, Nyx, Rinkah and Setsuna, who do these 5 best suit when it comes to Dwyer, Kigari, Nina and Rhajat? Current Pairs: Dwyer! Orochi ( Garbage final pair I heard makes an ok Basara) Nina! Setsuna (For the +7 speed but I heard Nyx is ok if you want a shining bow build?) Kigari! Rinkah (Good for Sidelong, Setsuna is better for Nina for now so yeah...) Nyx! Rhajat (Many polls and discussions said Rhajat is better re-classed as Sorcerer) Leftover Mom: Felicia
  9. I've been trying to make the most optimal parings for my newest Revelations run and im to determine how optimal they are. A bunch of the pairs I believe will turn out well but there are two that will be godawful. These choices are based on dozens of discussions, polls and personal experience. Any thoughts on making these pairs better? All Underlined Pairings are already married and cant be changed. None of the children have been collected yet. I'm on Chapter 13. Pairings: FeMu x Saizo - Nohr Noble Kana Jakob x Orochi - Basara / Butler Dywer (Leftover Pair) Azura x Kaze - FK Shigure Kaze x Azura - Mstr Ninja Midori Silas x Mozu - Paladin Sophie Xander x Charlotte - Paladin Siegbert Leo x Sakura (Witch) - Grandmaster Leo Benny x Peri - General / GK Ignatius Keaton x Camilla - Great Lord Velouria Arthur x Beruka - Wyvern Lord Percy Odin x Elise (Witch) - Witch Ophelia Lazlow x Hana - Swordsmaster Soleil Niles x Setsuna - Sniper Nina Ryoma x Kagero - Spear Master Shiro Takumi x Rinkah - Sniper / Kinshi Kiragi (Leftover Pair ) Saizo x FeMu - Nohr Noble Asugi Kaden x Hinoka - Basara / Nine Tails Selkie Hinata x Selena - Hero / Mstr o Arms Hisame Azama x Effie - General Mitama Subaki x Oboro - Spear Master Caeldori Hayato x Rahjat - Sorcerer / Witch Rhajat Leftovers: Felicia I found that almost all of these pairs were the most optimal based on the Growth percentages for a given childs class with the exception Nina, Rhajat and particularity Dwyer and Kigari. So If I threw Setsuna, Rinkah, Felicia, Orochi and Nyx in a pile what would be the best way to arrange them for thes ake of Nina, Rhajat, Dwyer and Kigari?
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