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  1. Is it bad that I only want Mamori from this banner? Love how her Mirage Axe works so well with Vengeful Fighter, which she comes with. Can work well with L!Tiki and V!Ike, just give her Distant Counter A skill, Def/Res Bond SS, and maybe Armor March C skill and add a 4th member, I'm not sure who I'd use myself.
  2. Have only seen you around, not much interaction, but I'm glad you are being yourself. Most important thing to do and I support you.
  3. I was meaning going Brigand just for Death Blow, not using axes past getting C rank
  4. So I'm struggling on what abilities I should pick up for Dimitri. Nothing feels totally right. I plan on going Great Lord, but should I go through Riding for those skills, or maybe even train his Axes for Death Blow? I'm just really unsure what the overall best route is for him. Don't think the routes I listed are all that can be talked about, I'm just rattling off the main ones in my head. I really want to take advantage of his Personal ability in Part 2, but idk if Flying training is worth it either.
  5. I'm making Felix a Bow Knight this path, but I'm not sure if he should go Cavalier/Sniper to synergize Desperation with Defiant Spd, or go Archer/Sniper for Hit+20. Only real worry I have about Cavalier is that it would hurt his good speed growth, but I also don't know how much he needs Hit+20 since he doesn't have Deadeye.
  6. Raph: Like Caspar, War Master. Give him some Sword training and get Vantage with Wrath and probably Death Blow still and he turns into a crit power house for both phases. Hanneman: Dark Knight, easiest choice for him if you want to put the work into him. If not, Warlock works fine just to have him running around. Cyril: Wyvern Lord, personally. No real reason, just seems to fit his stats to me.
  7. Characters are super flexible, so if you want to do other things feel free to, but here is what I'll be doing. Claude: Gets a personal class that's really good. Hilda: Wyvern Lord Lorenz: Dark Knight Raphael: War Master Ignatz: Bow Knight, but Dancer can work depending on who/how much/if you plan on recruiting Lysithea/Marianne: Gremory Leonie: Bow Knight
  8. So, I recently discovered the Gloucester Knight Battalion and how actually good it is on a mixed character. This playthrough my Byleth is using Bows, but with this Battalion being something I've been happy with on Byleth so far, I'm now considering training Reaon magic instead. So, I'm wondering what your thoughts are and, if you're siding with Reason magic, what abilities should we use? Currently, I'm probably still gonna use Enlightened One, but I am open to ideas. If you're on the side of Bows, feel free to also list an ability list if interested. I'm sure my list of: CC, Sword Lv 5, Bow Lv 5, Spd+2, Sacred Power isn't the greatest overall choice. Outside of Bows or Reason, my plan is still to use Swords and Faith with enough Authority for our Battalion of choice, at least.
  9. The only reason I'm considering Ingrid as a Falcon Knight is for Lancefaire to work with her unique lance, general lances, and because the game generally hates lance units except for those on the Lions ironically enough. Is it worth it to make her a Falcon Knight over a Wyvern Lord? If I go Falcon Knight, what is her best way through classes? I was going to grab Death Blow for her regardless and was thinking, if I go Falcon Knight, that Vantage might not be a bad choice. Should I just go from Brigand/Mercenary/Falcon Knight or do something else?
  10. I'm a little unsure on what to train Claude in. I plan on getting Axe to C so we can get Death Blow from Brigand, but aside from that, Bows are the only thing really standing out to me since maxing out his Bow rank can give him even more damage output. Training him in Flying to A+ is something I considered, but I wasn't sure if it would be a waste since Claude is much more of a player phase unit, and getting his Authority to C should be pretty easy to get without the need of class time.
  11. Caspar, I really enjoy War Master on him. Get Vantage and Wrath and Caspar can nuke things with War Master's innate crit. Wyvern Lord is obviously a good choice for him as well, so both are a great choice. Leonie, Bow Knight is pretty good for her. Not much else to really say about it, but you could go Paladin if you wanted to focus on her lances instead. Lysithea, Gremory is pretty great. Her Glouster Crest can give her extra damage and having 3 offensive Faith spells she becomes probably the best person to use Faith Prowess for the higher avoid. Plus, with her 4 range staff, she already has fantastic range even without Dark Knight movement.
  12. I'm considering giving Dimitri Battalion Wrath and Vantage, but I'm also unsure on how good those skills actually are or if it is worth training in Authority that deeply.
  13. Lorenz is really easily a Dark Knight. Ingrid and Ashe, on the other hand, I'm a little more torn by. Falcon Knight is a class that no one else fits into, because its gender locked otherwise Dimitri ftw, so I feel compelled to say that for Ingrid and simply get Death Blow from Brigand. However, if you're getting Death Blow, then why not keep boosting her Axe rank and go for Wyvern Lord and you can still use her Luin as you want. As for Ashe, Budding Talent in Lance with a strength in Axe and Bow makes his two choices obvious. Getting Death Blow, either from Brigand or spending Renown, is also really nice and once again can easily set him down either path with valid arguments for both.
  14. So, Mortal Savant, Warlock, or Dancer? Will he Crit consistently enough for it to actually matter?
  15. Yeah I'll be honest, I just for some reason am really terrified of that 35% Str growth, even though I've used Bernie in my Eagles run. Idk why, but I was thinking maybe going to Brigand and then Sniper and Bow Knight. I can get C Axes in my current run and buy the skill levels back as well.
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