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  1. Yeah, i kind of knew that, it's just that i'm having a hard time figuring out how to use those same conditions to determine which one you recruit.
  2. Title's a little bit confusing, so let me explain You see, i've got kind of a thing for doing what i call "Boss Runs", where basically, I have to beat Fire Emblem while using ONLY enemy bosses (for those of you who know about it, WalhartTheConqueror on youtube did something similar, using only generic enemies, he's the one i got my idea from). The way I do this is editing the roms so that the chapter after the boss in question is defeated fires an event where the boss joins your party, to sort of simulate the recruitment of the boss. In FE9 and FE10, i did this via cheats and RAM hacking. However, in FE7, since i can actually edit the roms properly instead of using cheats, i'm actually trying to make this into an actual hack. This does mean I need to find a way to determine, for example, if you got Lloyd's chapter or Linus's, so that next chapter you'd recruit the one you fought last chapter. This way, you'd also be able to recruit the other character, stronger, after fighting him in Cog of Destiny. Are you following me still? Or is this a little bit confusing? Please, do keep in mind, English is not my first language, so, sorry in advance for any problems trying to understand me haha.
  3. Club Atlético Boca Juniors, mainly because i´m argentinian and damn are they good
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