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  1. @eclipse I'm not saying that no one did. What I was trying to say was that the developers introduced Turnwheel because they noticed everyone resetting and wanted to speed it up. That's just my opinion.
  2. I think Turnwheel/Pulse changes the game objective by encouraging you not to lose units, whereas in the past, you were expected to suck up and deal with any unit losses you incurred. The past games, especially the very early ones, are clearly designed around the player losing members of their army as the game progresses. 3H eschews this philosophy in favour of encouraging the player to keep the cast intact, and Pulse is used to make it easy for the player to do that. Personally, I don't think this changes difficulty as long as the game is balanced around it. My personal theory is that doing no-death runs became more popular as the series's RPG aspects blossomed, when people had real reasons to want to keep the entire cast alive other than "hey, it kind of ups the difficulty a bit." The introduction of Turnwheel/Pulse is a reflection of that shift in the way people played Fire Emblem.
  3. Gonna have to agree with the others that he is really a douchebag; having a depressing, messed-up past doesn't excuse constantly cheating on people and threatening to kill your professor. Similarly, the "I hate seeing women cry" thing sounded pretty insincere when he doesn't make any effort, to, you know, not make women cry. It would have been nicer if we at least saw him trying to stop his bad behaviours... I will say, though, that his character is a nice reflection of Fodlan's society. And yes, he's pretty attractive.
  4. Probably Dimitri. I considered Sylvain as well, but didn't like him as much as I thought I would.
  5. Yeah. To be honest, I felt this way about Bernadetta too. I was even considering making a thread about it. Like others have already said, it's a pretty bad portrayal of social anxiety. If someone laughed at their behaviour, which happens a lot to Bernadetta, a socially anxious person would most likely close off and isolate themselves even more, like Marianne does. Bernadetta doesn't do that; we see her with the rest of her house a lot, so she mostly acts, at least how I see it, like someone who is just nervous/jumpy and slow to warm up to people. What really irritated me about Bernadetta, though, was that her past is used to make her cute and waifu-able. For example, her confession CG shows her clinging to Byleth as if she's a vulnerable ~kawaii~ thing that needs to be protected by someone big and strong because she's been abused. Abuse isn't cute... The CG becomes even more disconcerting if you think of the reasoning behind her parent's treatment of her.
  6. In FE3H, one of the available sidequests involves returning lost items to their owners. What would yours be? Mine - face cream. I'm pretty into skincare.
  7. Nice! I'm considering making this a general language learning thread since languages other than Japanese exist ;P
  8. We were studying anti-realism in my Philosophy class, and it's suitably edgy for a forum username.
  9. @Von Ithipathachai Oh, was I? Whoops. ^^; Maybe I can defect from the army to the enemy (boss) side, if that's possible. Otherwise, I'll stay in the army.
  10. Many of the posts are long, so I thought it would be nice to summarise them. Gonna get down to doing it on the weekend! By the way, do you know any good, around $25 Japanese-English electronic dictionaries? I know most people would use an online one like Jisho but an electronic dictionary really suits my circumstances.
  11. Ok then! Name: Glacia Gender: Female Class: Sage Wields: Ice Magic Stats: High Magic + Skill, but slow speed. The idea is that I can hit reliably even with low-accuracy tomes. Backstory: Joined the dark side cause... why not? Live a little! You've really gotta chill. Being evil isn't so bad, you know.
  12. This looks pretty cool. I'm interested in joining (although I don't have Discord, not sure if that's an issue) - do I just post details for the character I want to put into the game on here?
  13. Wow, that looks great! I'll need to set up a Discord account, but thanks for telling me about it, Flying Shogi. It's especially interesting because it's run by a translator, and I'd like to be a translator as I said somewhere in some other post. I'm not sure if my Japanese is daily conversation level, but that bridge can be crossed when I join the group. === By the way, do you think I should update the opening post of this thread with things that have been discussed here? Some of them, such as "How should I start learning", seem pretty well suited to being collated in one place because of how commonly they're be asked.
  14. I don't think gender locked classes are a problem, but I think most of the time it's less of a lock and more of "well, most Pegasus Knights we had were female, so I suppose the ones in the next game will be too." Keep in mind that this series had archetypes based on characters from the first game, which probably played into certain classes staying or becoming gender-locked. === ...I like Lysithea.
  15. I really do like the idea behind Masters, but I'm also going to really hate it if it's a gacha game. Well, I'd like to see the previous player characters - we saw Rosa! yay, and I'm also looking forward to "meeting" Shauntal, Wallace, and Burgh. Indifferent about the other two, since I don't have or use Bank, and we don't know what Sleep will actually do yet. Rant about gacha games below.
  16. Dang, I'm probably too late! Haven't been on here in a while. If it's still possible, feel free to please add me in. I may even balance out the cast a bit, since I'm female. :P Details in spoiler.
  17. Don't worry, I wasn't offended at all. ^^ I never considered learning the songs for some reason, even though I realised how much easier it was to remember the lyrics as I started learning Japanese. Of course singing will also help me with pronouncing stuff better :P silly me. To be honest, I'm actually a little scared to go and find a penpal. I should really get one soon, maybe someone with a similar level of English as I have Japanese? That way it won't be too awkward and one-sided, like you mentioned about small questions. I'll definitely check out the Reddit thread, by the way. Thanks for your explanations of those lines. Jisho was surprisingly unhelpful here, since I checked the inflections for 駆け抜ける and the imperative form listed didn't match up with the lyrics. I suppose Jisho is wrong sometimes... but it's just a very nice dictionary to use. I'll also keep in mind your advice about JET, and won't write too much about translation in my application. I'll focus on how my ideas to do with translation will help people learn English. You're right, I should check whether or not emulation is legal in Japan before I write in on my application, lol.
  18. Ok, question for everyone here - I was reading some song lyrics and came across this. From https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBLkfdQsXLw 崩れていく城を駆け扳け 偓った手に 逸る心 Confusing bits are bolded. It's ok if you don't have a definitive answer, just discussion would be fine. - What is the verb ending on the first one? I thought it's an imperative, but I can't find anything like it in the inflection tables on Jisho. Is it an old fashioned ending? The character saying this is a prince in a Cinderella like story. - And how is ni being used in the second line? The translation given was "With your hand clasped in mine, my heart dances" (taken from a translation at https://youtu.be/lUEUbwMBoWw?t=27) === @Flying Shogi I would want to practice speaking more if there was a Japanese speaker I was friends with, because then I would feel more comfortable asking a lot of small questions like "What does ____ mean?" or "How do you say ____?" which get annoying quickly. I personally disagree that native speakers are "imperfect" speakers of their own language because it's not really true - it is in a technical sense because as you say they won't always know every word in the language, but a native speaker's overall abilities are quite different to a second language learner's IMO. A native speaker will still recognise grammar patterns properly even if they can't tell what a word means, for example, while a learner will just be confused and will find it harder to infer meanings of words from context. Of course like you said, it is silly to compare a foreign learner to a native speaker because of differences in the amount they've practiced, but I also think it's pointless to call a native speaker "imperfect" when they're essentially the best level of speaking the language that we have. That might have sounded angry - I'm not, don't worry. What exactly a native speaker is is a question I'm very interested in, since I seem to fall somewhere in between the two with regards to my first language. ^_^ Personally I speak to myself in Japanese from time to time, which I think for the time being is a good enough substitute for speaking. I plan to find a penpal in the holidays, or write a lot on Lang8. Thanks for your feedback on JET! I think it will be quite hard to play up the "I'd love to teach!" side since I don't want to become a teacher, and so my JET motivation is really just to interact with Japanese on a daily basis. This might be kind of weird, but I want to see if my ideas about how languages are learnt and what strategies I have for learning will be useful for other people, too, so JET is almost like a linguistic experiment to me. If they like my manga/video game plans, though, they might overlook that and let me in. You know, I didn't realise that some students won't have the money to pay for a game, although that was fairly obvious now that you mentioned it. After reading what you wrote I considered maybe playing it on an emulator on my computer and projecting it so that they can all see, so it's kind of like a video stream, but I think that might be boring if it's just me talking since they won't be involved much. I was considering allowing the students to have a go themselves - 15 minutes at a time, say, and have them hold small polls on what to do next (Go to the next city or catch a new Pokemon?) so that they're more involved and have more time to practice/play the game. I'd use a rota so that each student has a fair amount of turns. The only concern is that students will not discuss what's happening on screen with the class, but I guess I can prompt them (What do you think that word means, class?) to circumvent that. There's a few things which make me unsure about going down the video games route, though. Firstly it's most likely I'll be a teaching assistant, so I won't be conducting a whole class. Secondly, using class time, even just one class a week say, for language practice means that I'll have less time to teach them grammar and vocabulary needed for tests, which Japan is big on. But even with manga, it's likely I will have to spend part of my classes discussing whatever they find difficult to read. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.
  19. 'Tis a thing of beauty. Let us not forget this landmark moment for the Sonic franchise. === It's less bad than I thought, to be fair. I liked Detective Pikachu's take on Pokemon but I'm not sure if I can get past this. Edit: Just watched it and wtf did I just watch? I'm totally gonna see this, it seems like it will be hilarious. Sonic is very obviously CG compared to his environment, which just makes him look weirder.
  20. Yeah... So I like making stuff out of clay, doodling, and while I don't have much time to do it right now I thought it would be cool to put some of my stuff here. Potato-quality images :P My Pokemon XY Trainer - practice sculpture Pokemon Trainer doodles - Hilda, May and Lyra, wearing Kalos clothes
  21. Oh, I do like IN's art. But while it's cute, it's a bit hit and miss in terms of quality. Remember Sakuya's face from EoSD? (Ok, it's not IN, but whatever.) You know, I like the hair in this one. ^_^ Anime figures are always expensive... :'( I'd probably get Yuyuko if I did get a figure.
  22. Your art style is so cute, and is pretty unique. I love the one you did of Kagamine Rin & Len.
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