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  1. Part 6: Lookalikes and Bad Plans Time for another chapter that’s rather short, but is kept longer by lots of talking. Seriously, over half the screenshots I took in total were of people talking. Spot the recruitable character. This time, it’s so obvious you don’t even have to look at their mugshots. Honestly, considering what we know of Marquess Araphen, it’s surprising he even offered aid to Lyn in the first place. Things not to say in a fire emblem game #359. Oh hey, look! It’s Puzon! Well, we obviously know he survives the chapter, since he appears in 13x- ...Oh. I, er...guess that was Puzon’s twin brother. ...wow. I just realized that for all the criticism of anyone’s racism towards Sacaeans, it goes the other way as well. Are you saying, Rath, that you wouldn’t have helped if she wasn’t Sacaean? Once again, I feel it necessary to bring up the fact that Lundgren, despite what Lyn is saying here, sent soldiers to Araphen. This is evident in the fact that there aren’t any brigands in the invader’s army. There’s some soldiers, some mercenaries, an archer, and a knight as a leader, but no brigands. As you can see, he doesn’t seem to have much desire to avert a national incident. Meanwhile, a tiny bit to the north... I like how despite her scathing rebuke of Matthew, she doesn’t take a second before accepting his offer. I have to say, out of all the characters in Blazing Sword, Matthew is one of my favorites. A lot of his early scenes portray him as a thief just out for the money, but in retrospect, they mean a lot more. Here, he’s probably actually thinking ‘which has the most to offer’ in terms of espionage, rather than wealth. Sorry to go off on a tangent. I just...really like Matthew. Uh-huh. And...where are these men of - WAIT. That was close. I was basically inviting a bunch of green units onto the map, and we don’t want those. The Tutorial forces us to recruit Matthew, and then makes us make him open the door. On another funny note, here’s what Matthew has to say if you try to select someone else. Oh, Matthew. :) This is what the map looks like after the tutorial. Florina flies to the house and gets the door key, And everyone else gets out of the way. Hm...I wonder who this is going to? Could it possibly be the only person we intend to use in battle? I don’t actually visit this house, but it’s an interesting bit of lore that you can easily miss. Once again, I find it surprising that Marquess Araphen even agreed to help Lyn in the first place. It’s okay for me to leave Matthew here (still with the Iron Sword equipped because I forgot to take it off him) because this soldier won’t move. Neither, for that matter, will the soldier to the south. I do some rescuing to ferry Lyn down in range of the mercenaries. Man, I love having four mounted units. :) Unnecessary crit… And another level of strength. I’m getting kind of worried about her defense, though. The other mercenary goes down just as easily. Matthew and Florina ferry the Angelic robe over to Lyn. (and I STILL forget to take the Iron Sword off Matthew.) Yesss… Serra runs down to heal her as well. (Man, look at that max HP...it’s so beautiful.) Once again, I ferry Lyn over into the range of the enemy. Normally, I would be apprehensive about setting her up against a lance-wielder, even one she’s quite a few levels above. However… ...soldiers suck. Florina unlocks the door, and I realize Lyn’s on the verge of going through another Iron Sword. So I use the other one to take him out. Funny story, I checked, and if you rescue someone with a mounted unit while they’re on the trigger, you can move again afterwards. However, Sain can’t move enough to get out of the room, so I don’t do this. Instead, I use Rath, while I finally remember to give Matthew’s Iron Sword to someone else. Let’s take a quick note to talk about Bool. Other than having a stupid name, he’s actually a bit tougher than most previous bosses. Part of this is because he has a spear, and unlike the soldiers we’ve been fighting, he’s not awful. If we were able to use Dorcas or Erk, he would go down real easy. However, he’ll still go down pretty easy, even without the Mani Katti, and I’ll tell you why in one word: Armorslayer. The archer is nice enough to help close the distance, giving me the opportunity to do one of the funniest things you can do in all Fire Emblem games. Adding insult to injury, I use some of my weakest units to do it, too. I take a turn to get Lyn up there… ...and she puts him out of misery. Then I realize I’ve also forgotten to take Rath’s weapon as well, so I do that real quick before rescue-dropping Lyn a bit. Unfortunately, I can’t quite get her in range of the soldier. However, she takes him down easily enough, and gains both a weapon level (Her final one until she promotes. ALREADY.) and a door key. Wil promptly takes the door key and unlocks the door, and I despair over the fact that I can’t quite get Matthew to the chest. So instead, I move Sain into position to do a bit of trading next turn. Voila. The boss is now trivialized. I may have said ‘don’t underestimate Lyn mode’ in the pasts, but it’s hard not to when they just give you the solution like this. Next turn, we do some trading to get the Armorslayer to Lyn, and heal her up before her title fight. Here’s the comparison between the Mani Katti and the Armorslayer. As you can see, the Mani Katti is the better choice, but it would be a shame to not use the solution that they gave us this very chapter, so I go with the Armorslayer. Also, note the fact that for the first time in...actually, ever, I think...the boss can’t kill Lyn in two hits. Ah, stat boosters. How I love you. ...wait. What do you mean, ‘when did you arrive?’ You know she was in the city! You sent your men to deal with her! His poor logic fails to prevent Lyn from slaying his armor. Also, note the fact that he specifically mentioned Lundgren’s name as he died. I’ll get back to that. And with that, we clear the chapter. Rath rightfully defers credit to the one who did all the work. Also, hello yellow/purple Aion. I’m sure your sprite choice isn’t an indication of your integrity whatsoever. Hoo boy. Here we go. Yes. And as you can probably guess, there’s two choices of who Aion can blame. Most reasonable people would blame Lundgren. Of course, he’s not reasonable, he’s a racist. (Once again, I’m surprised he offered his aid in the first place. Even if he didn’t know Madelyn’s daughter was Sacaean, she still spurned his advances, so I assume given his disposition he’s still bitter) So yeah. He’s too much of a coward to challenge Lundgren, despite the fact that Araphen is, as stated, the second-largest territory in Lycia. So let’s go over what we’ve learned so far, shall we? Lundgren is specifically sending soldiers, and he is specifically sending them to Araphen, not ‘wherever Lyn happens to be at the time.’ This is corroborated by the fact that of the enemies we face, a few of them are of the soldier class. As far as I know, there is NO battle in the entire Fire Emblem series where we face Soldiers in a battle with bandits or mercenaries. We ONLY face them when fighting actual armies. It’s also worth noting that the leader, Bool, is a knight, wears gilded armor, and specifically mentions Lundgren (and with the title ‘Lord’) when he dies. This counts against him being a mere mercenary for hire, and points more to him being a loyal...well, knight. Of course, what this means is that Lundgren is essentially encroaching on another territory and sending soldiers to murder someone inside its borders. And not just any territory… This is Araphen. Stated to be the second-largest territory in Lycia. Even if they don’t have as big an army, it would be pretty easy for them to cry foul to Ostia. The only thing that stops this from happening is due to the fact that the Marquess of Araphen is a racist bastard who is bitter at being turned down by Madelyn. So either Lundgren is a mastermind who remembers that his niece spurned the guy who eventually became the Marquess of Araphen, and somehow knew for a fact that he would still be bitter… ...Or he’s a goddamn idiot. Man...Lundgren wouldn’t survive a year as Marquess. He’d end up transgressing in some way and then be deposed by the full might of the Lycian League. I know that this is way more effort than anyone should put in to decipher the plot of a bunch of tutorial chapters in a video game...but I just kept on finding that plothole over and over again this chapter. Rath is gonna be real useful for Lyn Mode. He comes pre-leveled, and while he’s not got quite as much HP as Dorcas, he has a good bit more defense, so he’ll be useful for now. Not quite so much when he comes back next mode, but eh. Growths: HP: 80% Strength: 50% Skill: 40% Speed: 50% Luck: 30% Defense: 10% Resistance: 25% Total: 285% Average: 41% Ah, Matthew. It’s a shame that you won’t be useful for much more than thievery and lockpicking. Suffice it to say, while he’s good at utility, he won’t be defending very well. Growths: HP: 75% Strength: 30% Skill: 40% Speed: 70% Luck: 50% Defense: 25% Resistance: 20% Total: 300% Average: 43% Lyn from the beginning of the chapter... ...And Lyn from the end. Growths: HP: 70% Strength: 40% Skill: 60% Speed: 60% Luck: 55% Defense: 20% Resistance: 30% Total: 335% Average: 48%
  2. I've done some thinking about it, and you're probably right. Hell, I'll probably be fine with just Serra and Priscilla. If there's anyone I want to train up at the arenas, it will be the defense and HP-heavy characters. As for the enemy level, I have learned to NEVER underestimate Fire Emblem. If it turns out it's too easy, I may later revisit this concept on a harder difficulty. But since this is my first foray into Let's Playing, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.
  3. Part 5: Our Final Bandit Confrontation Are you guys ready for a weirdly easy chapter? I know I am! Maybe? They’ve been weirdly persistent. (Also Wil, what are you doing here? You have nothing to contribute to this conversation.) Oh for fu- NO ONE CARES! Wait, who’s that? ...YES! A HEALER! Yeah, I don’t even care that she’s abrasive. No more Vulneraries for me! ...Ok, that’s a lie. Even discounting the fact that I’ll need to wait a bit to get her any more healing staves, I know for a certainty that I’ll need some in emergencies. After doing all the stuff tutorials force me to this chapter... This is what the map looks like. Bug...is kind of underwhelming honestly, not least because of his name. Not only is he the same as every other previous boss (Besides Glass), but he, like Carjiga, has a forest next to him, and he does not move. I really think that they should have at least given him a Hand Axe. I mean, it’s not like we haven’t already seen it with Dorcas. First of all, Florina rides over to take Erk’s tome. Then, next turn, Lyn begins to take out the few enemies we have. (Seriously, there’s more of us than there is of them. That NEVER happens.) Ah...a healer. I’ve missed this. Everyone nicely gets out of the way of the bandit… And Lyn takes him out the following turn. (Look at how little experience she’s getting now. 8XP for one kill. Wow.) I then lost the screenshots after this, but I used some of my units to ferry Lyn up just a few squares and into the bandit’s range. He then dies. Lyn then hits the halfway point of her first 20 levels...in the halfway point of Lyn Mode. Yeah...there is a decent chance we’ll max her out before we finish. She also gets an Iron Sword that I lost the screenshot for, which she then trades away to Dorcas. Lyn then steps into the archer’s range. I would normally heal her of her one HP of level-up retroactive damage for the sake of extra XP for Serra, but I’m trying to conserve the staff’s uses. The archer hits Lyn, and is promptly killed for his insolence. I make sure to heal Lyn this time, and move Sain to lure the Mercenary up. Lyn then subsequently deals with him. Next, everyone piles on their weapons to Florina, and she goes to visit the armory. No swords, so there’s nothing for us to buy, so she simply sells the excess. Serra heals Lyn again, and we eventually work our way down to Bug. Now, I can probably kill him, but there’s no reason for me not to wait, so I do so. Yeah, your 2% hit rate disagrees. I then finish him off with the Mani Katti (And an unnecessary crit) since that’ll conserve my Iron Swords. Yeah, yeah. Meanwhile, at the cutaway… I’ve got to be honest, I don’t understand Lundgren’s logic here. Why not wait until she’s in Caelin? Then you wouldn’t have to INVADE ANOTHER TERRITORY and risk an national incident in order to take care of her. And here we are, our first utility unit. We’ll be getting 4 healers over the course of the game, plus a few extra by promoting. Out of these, Serra has the second-best magic and resistance growth, meaning she’ll be getting plenty of mileage. Growths: HP: 50% Magic: 50% Skill: 30% Speed: 40% Luck: 60% Defense: 15% Resistance: 55% Total: 300% Average: 43% Oh, Erk...How I wish I could use you. As it is, however, he will certainly not be a meatshield. However, I can promote him into a staff-user eventually, so that’s something to look forward to. Growths: HP: 65% Magic: 40% Skill: 40% Speed: 50% Luck: 30% Defense: 20% Resistance: 40% Total: 285% Average: 41% Lyn at the beginning of the chapter... ...And Lyn from the end. Growths: HP: 70% Strength: 40% Skill: 60% Speed: 60% Luck: 55% Defense: 20% Resistance: 30% Total: 335% Average: 48%
  4. Yeah, I think I was thinking of Eubans. Also yeah, any defense map where you have less combat-worthy characters than the amount of chokepoints is quite a bit more difficult. Also, Chapter 5 is so small and easy that it's already finished, so all I have to do is write the update. It should go up either tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Part 4: Actual Difficulty Finally got this one done and posted. Hoo boy. A defense chapter. This’ll be fun. Where did you sleep on the way to Sacae, Sain, if this is too low for your standards? I’m so sorry Natalie. They put poison in his mutton. Alright, now that the obligatory reference is out of the way… Who is the leader of the Ganelon bandits, anyway? We never see him. Well, one fanfiction suggests it’s Wallace...No, I am not joking. It was that absurd. Well, time to recruit the ‘Myrmidon who is on the enemy side’ stereotype...Wait, what do you mean he’s not a Myrmidon? Ah well, that’s fine...in this playthrough I’d rather have a Fighter than a Myrmidon anyway. Oh for crying out loud...This tutorial. THIS TUTORIAL. This makes the chapter so much harder than it needs to be. If I could just let Dorcas come to me instead, things would go so much smoother but nooo, they have to show you how to recruit enemies… One forced miss, forced recruitment, and forced critical later... This is what the map looks like. Kent’s taken a bit of damage, while Sain’s still at full health due to a miss. Carjiga. Not much different about him from the previous bosses, really. The only thing that makes him special is that it’s possible to leave him alive...and likely, especially with the restrictions upon us. In fact, I wasn’t planning on trying to kill him at all, but circumstances beyond my control forced my hand. Wil swaps out with Kent. He may not be a very good meatshield in the long run, but here in the early-game, he’ll do. They miss Wil, and hit Sain. I was about to remark on how apt this comment is when Lyn is the only one fighting, but then I realized she actually hasn’t done any fighting yet, so I have no idea what Carjiga is so worried about. Dorcas comes over and gives his weapons to Kent… ...And another turn passes. Both Wil and Sain take damage this time… And they also break through the wall over there. Weirdly enough, the bandit doesn’t come through. Guess he’s being polite to his fellow battering rams. I begin to gather everyone in the central room, and since I’m here anyway, I decide to have Dorcas speak to Natalie. It’s not that important of a conversation, but most players miss it because it’s an unnecessary detour. I set up the formation I wanted from the beginning, with Lyn blocking the path into the room. Here’s where the onslaught begins. One down, and a sort of disappointing level. Ah well, they can’t all be winners. Two down. Three down, but some damage taken in the process. Four down, and a 29% chance that managed to hit. This is probably going to cause a lot of trouble. And our final bandit falls...for now. This is an accurate representation of the danger that Lyn is now in. Remember that on top of these three battles, I also have to face the bandit and archer on the left. Even with a vulnerary, Lyn could still die if all five of them focus on her. As such, I have no choice but to head out of the fort and towards Carjiga. This will serve two purposes; The mercenary on the right will be unable to reach me, and in addition, the bandits on the left will be more inclined to go towards the unarmed meatshield blocking the path into the central room. First, Sain gives her an extra vulnerary. She’s going to need it. She heads out and heals, while Dorcas takes his place as the doorman. The left mercenary heads for Dorcas, which is a relief. Lyn can deal with the bandits, and the archers don’t deal too much damage, but the mercenaries I’m glad to be rid of. The first bandit falls, and Lyn’s skill rises. (Not her actual skill, but her skill with - aw, you know what I mean.) Also, I am getting unlucky with these hits this chapter. Two more bandits follow their comrade into the abyss that is Lyn’s swordplay. The archer, meanwhile, continues to be a nuisance. Lyn heads east, to get a clear shot at Carjiga, while Dorcas weathers the storm. Lyn gets into the forest to attack Carjiga, but I can’t afford to wait till enemy phase to attack him, cause if you’ve been counting, this is the last turn. So I equip her with the Mani Katti, and hope she crits. She doesn’t. (Also, don’t sell yourself short Carjiga, you’re tough too.) She does get a level, though, and this warms my heart. Look at that strength. It’s higher than her skill, for heaven’s sake. (Her defense is a bit troubling, though.) He counterattacks on his turn, and falls at Lyn’s holy blade. And with that… ...Wait, the chapter’s still going. Uh… ...Turns out killing Carjiga doesn’t end the chapter until the end of the turn. (Oh of course, now you get a crit.) Lyn doesn’t worry me. Even with both the Mercenary and Archer attacking, she won’t die. Dorcas, on the other hand, does worry me. I left him up there because I thought that he would be safe after Carjiga was dead. Thankfully, he has just enough HP to survive. Replace ‘They’re’ with ‘She’s’, and you’ve got a more accurate statement. Now, we have passed our first real trial. And with that, we get a real meatshield. Ah, Dorcas. So glad to have you aboard. His defense may be almost as bad as Lyn’s, but his HP more than makes up for it. This accelerates him right to the top of ‘units I want on my team’ in Lyn Mode. Growths: HP: 80% Strength: 60% Skill: 40% Speed: 20% Luck: 45% Defense: 25% Resistance: 15% Total: 285% Average: 41% Lyn at the beginning of the chapter... ...And Lyn from the end. Growths: HP: 70% Strength: 40% Skill: 60% Speed: 60% Luck: 55% Defense: 20% Resistance: 30% Total: 335% Average: 48%
  6. Part 3: More Bandits! (Are you sensing a pattern yet?) Sain once again displays his shocking lack of cultural awareness, somehow not knowing that not all nations have the same form of government. I sort of wish they touched on Lyn’s whole revenge thing more. I know that apparently it gets talked about in Lyn’s supports with Wallace later, but still. (Also, who would even use Wallace that much, anyway?) Also, Lyn is oddly forgiving to any bandits that aren’t Taliver, for some reason. And then a whole bunch of guys come out of nowhere. Where were they hiding, in the bushes? Actually, Florina, ignore that. Don’t fight. In fact, since you’re as fragile as glass, don’t go anywhere near the front lines. Normally, I don’t pay much attention to the pre-battle strategies the main characters come up with, but this one is actually pretty accurate for this playthrough. There are some pretty good chokepoints here that will come in handy. But first, TUTORIAL! Hello, Wil. Weirdly, in Lyn Hard Mode, if you visit the village with someone other than Lyn, they’ll be entirely silent for the whole conversation. I find it sort of weird that they put variation into so much of this game, but refused to program a generic conversation. Now, after the tutorial forces this guy to die... ...This is what the map looks like. Migal, once again, follows the trend of ‘Really easy bosses if you’re using everyone, but can still do enough damage to kill Lyn, despite a poor hit chance’. This is even more the case since he has a Steel Axe instead of an Iron one. To prevent any chance of Wil being engaged in combat, Kent blocks the archer’s path while Sain takes Wil’s bow. In addition, Sain gives Wil his lances, so there’s no longer a chance of him accidentally attacking. The archer can’t reach far enough around Kent to attack anyone else, so he goes for his only target. Interestingly for Lyn Mode, they don’t force you to visit this village. It’s sort of natural to have Florina go for it anyway, though. Unfortunately, Lyn can’t reach the archer on her turn, so she stops just out of range while Sain and Kent form a wall. Next turn, however, the archer’s dead. The rest of the team heads out of the bandit’s range, and Florina, like Sain, gives Wil her lance. The bandit rushes to his death, like so many before him. Admittedly, I could take the bandit out pretty easily here, but then I would have to endure not only the Mercenary’s attack, but also the archer’s. Lyn would probably survive, but I don’t want to take any chances, so waiting it is. Lyn takes both of her enemies out pretty easily... But she’s left low on health as a result. Lyn parks in the forest for extra evasion, heals with the last use of her Vulnerary, and Sain comes over both to give her a new one and to give the archer a better target. One down... Two down…(aw man, no strength. I think I’ve been spoiled by her previous levels.) And the archer...goes for Lyn, despite her being in a forest. (in retrospect, it makes sense. Sain’s at full health, Lyn isn’t, and she’s a lord on top of that. It makes sense that the Fire Emblem AI would target her, even if it had little chance of hitting.) One of Lyn’s iron swords is running low, so Lyn uses a different one to take down the archer. With the path to the armory now clear, Sain and Wil give the weapons they stockpiled to Florina... ...And she sells them at the armory for some extra cash, which she then uses to buy a couple of swords for Lyn. Funny thing I discovered; Any character can traverse over a destroyed village. Doesn’t make that much sense to me, but eh. Migal’s accuracy may be incredibly low, but his attack is incredibly high, so once again I use my trademark strategy of ‘letting the other guy hit first.’ And once again, Lyn displays a surprising amount of forgiveness for non-Taliver bandits. Since I only need one hit, I use the final hit of the Iron sword to take Migal down. For what it’s worth, he’s right...for some reason. These bandits are persistent. The first of many broken swords. Like I said, we’re going to go through a lot of them. The best picture. Look at Kent. That poor man. He’s so done. Wil is...meh. I don’t really care much about him. He’s so-so as a unit, but his character is really bland. He has supports later in the story, but in terms of Lyn’s story, he’s as bland as bland gets. He’s just...there. And I don’t care about him. I care about him even less in this playthrough, since he is not a person I would select as a meatshield, and he has no other utilities. Growths: HP: 75% Strength: 50% Skill: 50% Speed: 40% Luck: 40% Defense: 20% Resistance: 25% Total: 300% Average: 43% Florina is even worse in terms of defense, but thankfully, she makes up for it by being able to fly and ferry units around. So she’s just above Wil in terms of people I want on the team at this point. Growths: HP: 60% Strength: 40% Skill: 50% Speed: 55% Luck: 50% Defense: 15% Resistance: 35% Total: 305% Average: 44% Lyn at the beginning of the chapter... ...And Lyn at the end. Growths: HP: 70% Strength: 40% Skill: 60% Speed: 60% Luck: 55% Defense: 20% Resistance: 30% Total: 335% Average: 48%
  7. ...Wait, really? *Goes to look it up* ...Welp. Guess I don't know as much about Lyn Mode as I thought I did. I sort of thought that since the Mani Katti was a unique weapon, it wouldn't magically get repaired...Well, that'll teach me to expect logic in a video game. By the way guys, sorry for not posting the next update sooner, real life got in the way. The chapter's finished, I just need to write the update. It should go up later today.
  8. Except as already mentioned, I'm not playing Hector mode, and the Mani Katti is the only weapon that gets carried over between modes. (Admittedly, I won't have many occasions to use it in Lyn mode anyway)
  9. Part 2: Glass's Lyn’s Peerless Swordplay Alright, time for more bandit-killing. But these ones are robbing a temple instead. That’s different, right? ...I can’t be the only one who thinks this seems incredibly condescending of Sain, right? And out-of-character, at that... Old Man: I didn’t even say anything yet! Do I get a choice? No, of course not! Skipping ahead to when I can actually do stuff of my own accord… Glass is hardly a threat...when you’re using a lance against him. When you’re stuck with only swords and only Lyn, even a Lyn who’s leveled up one or two extra times, he becomes quite a bit more dangerous. Combine that with the fact he’s sitting on a throne, and he’s no slouch for an early-game boss. I leave Sain and Kent where they are so they won’t get in the way, and send Lyn up to deal with the bandits. Lyn’s already gotten strong enough that she can end these bandits in just one round. I somehow lost the screenshots that detailed the turn before this one, but suffice it to say that these bandits can only reach Lyn in their current range, and thus, are both screwed. Like so. (Yes, these are two different battles.) In order to conserve the iron swords, I have Sain attack the wall with an iron lance. Since his strength is higher than Kent’s, he can do it in just two hits. Okay, maybe I spoke too soon. Lyn can’t take all the bandits out in one round. One extra round doesn’t make much difference, though. Lyn heads down to take care of the last bandit before the boss, and that extra point of strength helpfully amends the aforementioned bandit-killing problem. It even nets her a weapon level. Annoyingly, she does get hit in the process. As you can see, Glass becomes a little more difficult to deal with when you only have swords. I opt to let him attack first instead. Not as much as a cavalier might have, but we haven’t got any cavaliers, now do we? Kent: Actually- Shut up, Kent. Yeesh...As tempting as this is, I wouldn’t put it past the RNG to have my first attack miss and Glass’s first one hit. So I use a vulnerary instead. Yes, I know, I’m incredibly paranoid. Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you? And our final level of the day. I’m gonna be honest, I almost forgot that you get the Mani Katti at the end of this chapter. So as to avoid losing an item, I sent Sain over to get the Vulnerary from Lyn before ending the chapter. Finally, we got something that isn’t an Iron Sword! Now to avoid using it as much as possible so as to conserve its durability. Meanwhile, in the villain’s lair… Yeah...Bern isn’t going to have bandits for much longer. For the sake of comparison, I’ll be posting the lords’ pre and post chapter stats as well as their growths every chapter. Lyn from the beginning of the chapter… And Lyn from the end of the chapter. Man, that strength...so good. Growths: HP: 70% Strength: 40% Skill: 60% Speed: 60% Luck: 55% Defense: 20% Resistance: 30% Total: 335% Average: 48%
  10. Eh. I'm not exactly the kind of guy who'd feel okay with asking for someone's save file, and I've already started the run, anyway. (In fact, I've already finished chapter 2 (which I'll be posting tomorrow), and Lyn's strength growth has been really good, so I'd rather not lose that.) Thank you for the offer, though, I really appreciate it.
  11. Part 1: The First of Many Bandits Note: This playthrough assumes its readers are entirely familiar with the game of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. You have been warned. Hello, everyone, and welcome to my first ever Screenshot Run of a Fire Emblem game! For my first foray into this genre of web content, I’ve chosen Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (Or just Fire Emblem, if you’re stubbornly American) as my game of choice. This game holds a lot of nostalgia for me for various reasons. However, this won’t be just any playthrough...this will be a LORDS-ONLY playthrough. That means that my list of combat-worthy characters has been reduced to just three: Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector. Other than that, however, I am being fairly lenient with myself in terms of rules. Any character outside of those three can still be brought onto the fields, and they can still perform any non-combat actions they can normally. So healers can still heal, dancers can still dance, and thieves can still steal and unlock things. In addition, any character besides the lords can still engage in combat, as long as they don’t actually attack. You know what that means...MEATSHIELDS! (That being said, I’m still going to make sure none of them actually die if at all possible) Finally, any character besides the lords may participate in the arena. However, I may only level a character 10 times for each arena. An important thing to note. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I am unable to use my old version of the game. So sadly, that means no Lyn Hard Mode and no Hector mode. Eliwood all the way this time. In addition, due to the way Lyn Normal Mode forces its tutorials on the player, I will be forced to use other characters in certain situations. Sadly, there’s no getting around this. Since we’re playing Normal Mode, this sequence of events will be the same every time. Tactician found unconscious, Batta the Beast, omae wa mo shindeiru, nani, so on and so forth. I think even the level you get might be the same every time. Just one thing I felt worthy of note. Don’t worry, Lyn. You’ll be getting stronger. MUCH stronger... Alright, finally time for some actually interesting gameplay. I gotta say, I love Lyn’s line here. You can just feel the derision seeping from her every word. Funny story, I actually had to look it up, and canton is another word for a territory. You learn something new every day. Alright. My commands: “Listen to Lyn.” ...Except they won’t, because it’s Lyn Normal Mode, meaning that your choices are, half of the time, irrelevant. Several turns later, we can FINALLY do something for ourselves. With the tutorial out of the way, we can get on with the run. Zugu, the boss of this chapter, may seem harmless enough, but don’t let your guard down. If you’re not careful, he can kill Lyn pretty easily. In fact, this happened on my first run through the game. I was so innocent then... In order to make sure Sain and Kent don’t perform any attacks, I have to do a little bit of trading. I could just discard their lances and give the rest to Lyn, but I’d like to be able to sell them later. And while I’d rather not let them take any attacks, the fact that Sain has to be put in that position due to TUTORIAL means I can’t afford that luxury. So, Lyn abandons Sain to his fate of being hit with an axe to go kill the other Brigand. I have to kill this one, because while I’m sure the AI would go for the one that couldn’t attack back, I’d rather not take that risk. All according to keikaku. Now... Kent runs away to get out of the bandits line of fire, and Lyn trades with Sain to get his iron swords. We’re going to be going through a lot of them. As you can see, Lyn can’t kill the bandit in one round, so Sain runs away too. With no other choice left but to throw himself on to Lyn’s sword, the bandit dissolves into a level up. Considering that we only have Lyn and two other characters to use in this game, we have no choice but to take what we can get. With that out of the way, Lyn heads east to do some more bandit-slaying. A few turns later, we’re finally at Zugu, and this right here is why you shouldn’t just rush him with Lyn alone. Despite his low hit chance, if I were to attack him here, there’s a chance he could kill her on his turn and end my run right there. So we let him attack first instead. I know right? So annoying, insisting they’ve got to do the fighting. And lo and behold, he hits her. While it’s far from a guarantee he would do it in his other battle as well, it’s proof that Fire Emblem doesn’t pull its punches, even in Tutorial Central. Of course, that doesn’t mean he isn’t easy as punch when you think instead of charging right in. And another level up. Not really. We’re still gonna be slaughtering everyone in our path with you. The only difference is that instead of being 100% bandits, it’s gonna be 70% bandits. For comparison, Lyn from the beginning of the Prologue... ...And Lyn at the end of Chapter 1 (What does ‘Stouthearted’ even mean?) Growths: HP: 70% Strength: 40% Skill: 60% Speed: 60% Luck: 55% Defense: 20% Resistance: 30% Total: 335% Average: 48% We’ll be seeing a lot of Lyn, especially over the course of the next ten chapters. I’m far from an expert on growths, but even I can tell this is a classic Myrmidon setup. Of course, when we’re done, she’ll be able to take hits with the best of them. Growths: HP: 80% Strength: 60% Skill: 35% Speed: 40% Luck: 35% Defense: 20% Resistance: 20% Growths: HP: 85% Strength: 40% Skill: 50% Speed: 45% Luck: 20% Defense: 25% Resistance: 25% Sain and Kent are your typical Cavalier duo. However, since Kent is the one with the higher HP, he’s the one we’ll be using more often in Lyn Mode. However, there’s another Cavalier coming later on that will be far better built for the long term, so if there’s one we’ll be using out of the three of them in the endgame, it’ll be that one.
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