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  1. Most every f2u asset can be found in this drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jiiTpNXgAlr4lZBh8d-nJFdO-Jus5VXV. Currently there isn't one for Templar. Here are your Marauder/Mounted Brigand options. For a more comprehensive and updated list of assets, I'd head over to FEU.
  2. There's a sword edit of the vanilla soldier by Arthur Pendragon. There's also an updated version of Kobazco, etc.' squire by Maiser6. Those are probably the closest to what you're looking for that exist currently.
  3. Animations must be made within the CSA engine to be insertable. Other spells from FE6/8 cannot just be ported unless someone has converted the spell to use CSA. With that said, to insert compatible spells: open Advanced Editors, select Spell Animations, a popup will open if you haven't patched the CSA engine on your rom; enable it. A new window will appear with a blank list [of spells to be inserted]. Click import and navigate to a spell. The ultimate tut is pretty dated for most things these days. There's some good guides in there for creating assets, but idk that it's worth recommending to most people in the 'Builder days.
  4. To be frank; not really. No one's made a CSA-compatible version yet, and spells can't simply be ported from one game to another because major portions are hardcoded. Some of the frames are available for ripping in FE6 via FEBuilder, but from there you'd need the runes (http://www.feplanet.net/sprites-archive-magic-sheets/6/594) and to use the CSA engine to rebuild the spell. If you want to venture down that rabbit hole, cool. There are lots of tuts and the FEU discord server can be really helpful for getting instant feedback on your work. If this all sounds like too much, though, I'd just stick to what people have already made and try to make the best of what already exists.
  5. Howdy Serenes folks. As one of the main people working on the ultimate graphics repo now, I thought it'd be good to personally throw a thread up here on Serenes. Could a mod move this to resources, please? Apparently I can't create a topic there /shrug. Pin it if you find it valuable enough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) First of all... Emblem Anims I've made a site that allows viewing, downloading, etc. of all free to use animations. Navigation generally involves the navbar at the top but you can also use the search bar (which may become more powerful in a future update). Clicking on an image will start a gif looping through all available combat animations. For the sake of brevity, you can learn more about it at my main FEU post or check out my github/readme. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2) Ultimate FEGBA Resource Repository (this link also available from emblem anims) For all assets that aren't battle animations, this (or the last release by klok) is probably your best bet for finding them. I've added a few new sections since, including a "Tools" section so that new hackers can get up and running faster and with less hassle, f2u maps, and f2u unfinished animations such as stills or spritesheets (hence the rename to resource). This repo is constantly updated from my PC via drive backup, so the data contained should always be 100% up to date and may change from one day to another. If you have any free to use asset that you don't see in here or on emblem anims, please feel free to contact me or post it in the comments so that it can be added. To learn more about the graphics portion of the repo, check out the FEU thread for Ultimate Graphics Repo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy hacking!
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