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  1. @Deathcon Your character is ready! However, you will have to wait until the first turn finishes before I drop you into a random space near the starting area. @Toyotasomi no Miko @Sob99 @AnonymousSpeed Just need the first turn completed...
  2. @Deathcon By the way, you have 4 more stat points available. And... 10% more growths too.
  3. Oh wait, you mean the Prism?
  4. @DeathconRemind me which item is Primus?
  5. @Deathcon Sure. Look at the growths of your original class; the mage. They add up to 300%. You need to modify them so that they're at 330% instead. You can decrease any of your growths by up to 10%, and increase em by up to 20%. And then, you can decrease and increase your base stats by 2 and 3 respectively. You have 6 extra stat points available. One more thing. Mage Knights can't equip staves in this; you'll have to use Bolting if you wanna snipe. Also, I noticed you have an empty item slot. You'll want to put something in it; if you don't want to, then you can put that extra item in storage.
  6. Oh, sure, you can still join. But since we've already deployed, you'll just have to appear as a reinforcement a turn or two into the battle. Just fill out the application, and i'll sort you out in a bit.
  7. Nah, you're good man. The barricade is broken now.
  8. BRUH can't edit and swap out weapons
  9. @BergelomeuSantos @Sob99 @Toyotasomi no Miko @AnonymousSpeed "It's them; they're already here!" The leader of the coalition yells out. "There's only four of them, but don't underestimate them. They're probably extremely strong, so do not take them on one-on-one! Just survive and wait for reinforcements!" It's time. Show the coalition your strength by taking down every one of your enemies. Helpful Information Attackers Coalition
  10. @BergelomeuSantos @Sob99 @Toyotasomi no Miko @AnonymousSpeed´╗┐ That must've been some plan if it took several days of creating. If you want to change equipment, uhh guess you can change right now. I gotta sleep so I'll just post the map tomorrow. I'd do it right now but I gotta write up some helpful info first.
  11. @BergelomeuSantos @Sob99 @AnonymousSpeed Huh. Did the mentions work? I'm not sure, lemme try again.
  12. @BergelomeuSantos @Sob99 @Toyotasomi no Miko @AnonymousSpeed Alright, here's the map. You may deploy at any of the blue tiles, as well as make any last minute changes to your inventory. After you deploy, a caravan with elixirs and extra equipment will arrive, in case you feel the need to swap out a weapon or two. You can see their stuff in the Player Status. Though there only appears to be 12 enemies, more will arrive as you defeat them. AND. If you warp someone to the boss, I will start being unfair with you. Just a warning. Attackers Coalition
  13. Can I just put the Flame Lance in storage, then?
  14. Uhh, no. I think I decided that Virtus wouldn't work with brave weapons a while ago. I haven't decided yet, but for this i'll let you act after using it. Actually, i'm gonna have to stop you there, buddy. While I didn't really want to stop you from using the Slim Lance, the Flame Lance is probably a terrible option. Magical melee weapons use your atrocious Magic stat. Also, it was like that in Path of Radiance. So I would highly suggest not using a magic weapon. If you regret your choice later, I put a few weapons in the caravan just in case. ----- Anyways, i'm gonna work on setting up the map tomorrow. Go look at it if you want; in the post with the spoiler.
  15. @BergelomeuSantos Here you go. I gotta ask, though. Why the Slim Lance and Javelin? They seem a bit... weak.
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