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  1. Maybe I'll make my maps a little bigger to accommodate Rescue. I know how dumb female mounted aid is. Gotta add some equality in here. I use Google Sheets to calculate enemy stats. It uses their bases, adds the growths as decimals, and rounds them off. As for the promoted classes, they copy the stats of their unpromoted variants and continue from there. The number in the Level indicators change the stats for unpromoted or promoted units. At 20/20, most classes don't get very many defense points over 11. Save for the Warrior, Cavalier, and Knight promotions. So... May just leave it alone or barely do anything.
  2. Steady Stance 4 - I can become Cancer incarnate. Folks that tryna punch me will fail. Savage Blow - Allows me to burn people harder than before. Killing Edge - weeb.jpg Dark Blessing - I get double skills and experience. I can become smart in half the time. Distant Counter - yes. Future Vision - Changing my dumb future sounds pretty good. Knock Back - oof.
  3. My brother wants me to add Rescue as well.
  4. That was the point, but on some occasions, I do allow the entire party to participate in a battle. You got me there. I was opposed to it initially partially because of laziness, but now I guess I gotta listen to the professionals. I'll just figure out what to draw for rescues... Don't worry, I came up with a logical reason for why Mages are named the way they are... It's because people don't like Dark Mages and have to give them a different name because they're r- I didn't want the Longblade to be an exact Killing Edge but I don't think I did a very good job at that. And as for the Knight Crest... It was just a leftover from the old version. Promotions were very different in the old version. Also in the old version, the Paladin's Armorslayer was even more broken. Guess I'll have to nerf it a little more. And all the other armor piercing skills.
  5. So, I got my fancy forum game set up that is built like an old Fire Emblem game. It's mostly similar to games in Elibe and Magvel. I'm looking to improve the design of it and make sure that it has well-balanced features. We're playing on Casual Mode, by the way. Now, in short, the mechanics of it are like the standard, but with several differences. The damage, hit, and crit formulas are the same. Movement stats and costs are multiplied by 4. Your standard class would have 20 Move, and plains would take 4 Move to traverse. Nothing to it. Classes are different. Every class can only wield a single weapon type, and most promoted classes are capable of equipping a second weapon type. They also have the skill system from the DS titles. The Staff class is capable of both healing and combat. Promotion is done with an item at Level 10, and gives the usual stat boosts and maybe a new weapon, as well as an extra skill. Also, the main classes(Merc, Archer, Warrior, Cavalier, Mage, Dark Mage, and Thief) have three different choices when it comes to promotion. They all have different weapons, skills, and movement. Weapons are mostly the same, but there's a few different ones. Swords, "Spears", Axes, and Bows haven't changed, but Staves and Magic are different. Oh, and there's Daggers. Staves are like in Heroes; they can heal or be used for a weak but accurate attack at a Range of 2. Magic weapons are called Gemstones, and they only have a Range of 2. Daggers have low might, but all of them have a critical bonus and a special effect. They can also be thrown, but this cuts their Might in half. Tomes exist, but are functionally the same as gemstones. Weapon Rank Bonuses are also a thing. Starting from Rank C, ranks will increase the statistics of an equipped weapon. Swords get Mt, Axes get Hit, and everything else gets a little bit of both. There's also the +5 Crit at S-Rank. Stats are the same, don't worry about that. Supports are the same; they're affinity based. They also give +2.5% Crit and Crit Evade per rank. By the way, here's a picture of one of my maps. Those were the mechanics for gameplay, now I'll go into what I do in Character Creation and Options. First, everyone gets a Personal Skill. These give characters a bit more uniqueness. A list of Personal Skills is nearby if anyone can't make one up. They are also able to change their bases and growths slightly, to give them a role. There's a limit on how much can be changed, so we don't get crazy stats. At the end of Character Creation, all players are given +5 HP and +3 Luck to help them survive. When it comes to deployment for a battle, usually only 6 people are able to join at one time, due to me not wanting to manage so many players at once. By the way, there's a capacity of 9 Players and 2 NPCs. Gameplay Options are preference-based things that affect the gameplay. I ask them to players while they're getting ready. The options include: 1. When rolling d100s, should Lower or Higher rolls be better? 2. Should there be a penalty for being defeated in battle? 3. Would you like a Lord(me) to join you? 4. Should potions heal more, or last longer? 5. Would you like the HP cap to be increased from 60 to 80? 6. Should all Promotion items be replaced with Master Seals? Gaiden Chapters, or Paralogues exist. There is no hidden condition needed to unlock them; they're just automatically presented to the players. Should the option for a Lord to join the party be picked, they will never be present during a Gaiden Chapter, as they aren't related to the main story at all. There's no Rescue option. There just isn't. Now aside from you all giving possible feedback to my system, there's a couple of questions I would like answered: 1) Magic has 2 Range, but my brother says it should be 1-2. I believe that it should be locked to 2 because of how hard it hits but now i'm unsure... what should I do? 2) How do I come up with the passive abilities for S-Rank weapons? They've got like, +5 in a stat, but i'm not sure what to give each weapon. 3) The main lord has 9 Con and wields a "Heavy Rapier", which functions like a standard Rapier. The Might of it is currently 8. Is that alright?
  6. Hey guys, I made the map for the first paralogue in my forum game ever since I did a revamp of it. As you can see, the objective is to protect Alfonse from getting killed. Don't ask why he's there, he can explain at the end of the level. It's Chapter 4x, if you wanted to know. Anyways, despite it looking like it's easy for Alfonse to get killed, it's not. Alfonse starts at Level 10, while most of the enemies are around Level 5-8, and he has 32 HP and 11 Def. He also comes equipped with the FEH Wo Dao, which increases his special damage by 10. Whenever Alfonse is attacked, he will gain +4 Def and counterattacks twice, using Moonbow(ignores 30% def) on each attack. In a nutshell, he will kill anyone that attacks him except the archers. Enemy reinforcements will arrive every two turns up to three times, then on the eighth turn, Virion will arrive, angered for being replaced by Takumi in Heroes. Defeating Virion will end the paralogue. There is a bonus objective to gain 600 Experience before the end of the level, making it similar to Living Legend from FE7. (Oh and btw that guy in the bottom left corner is an Assassin. Silencer is locked to a weapon so don't worry about that.) Upon completion of the level, Alfonse will act as the Transporter until Chapter 19x. Questions? Comments? ...Criticisms?
  7. Wow. I never expected that kind of criticism, especially when I have players that don't complain that much. Maybe I should have the community judge my maps. The map takes place in a Port Town. There's just a river there cause I wanted to make a bridge for the players to cross. Those hedges aren't like bush hedges, they're hedgehog barricades. I couldn't cram Hedgehog in the box so I shortened it(same with mountain). Hills extend magic and bow range to that of a longbow, because I rigged Magic to have a Range of 2 to my partner's dismay. Those enemies would use the hills to make long range attacks against the players, but the one on the left would probably be useless. I just put it there because I felt like it. The ballista is just there to hamper players. When they take control of it, it'll be trash. Though when I think about it, I guess I should let players that picked archers use the ballistas against the enemies. By the way, there's also a ballista that someone somehow pulled up onto the lighthouse, as indiciated by the red range. And those wooden platforms? They're just wooden platforms. I wanted to make wooden platforms because the area was elevated above the water. Speaking of bad map design, my partner chastised me for putting a boss on a fort in my most recent map. It was the second chapter. They were also equipped with a staff that had 15 crit, so he(was a Jagen) had to shoot the boss down. Oh, and then there's that map where I put enemies way too close to someone that had to be rescued, so I just had to flat out make them out move, and...
  8. I like pixel art, so I drew up a collection of sprites and made it into a Fire Emblem styled forum game. This is just a sample of what i've drawn. I have a lot more stored away in imgur, if you wanna see them. I also draw weapons, cause those look cool. I give the players a bunch of free weapons as they go through the story and unlock Paralogues. There's a whole lot more weapons that I have stored away, as you'd probably expect. I got a friend that also drew a bunch of weapons that he wanted implemented(because I wouldn't comply with his requests), so if you want you can see those too. Oh and uhh, I also make maps, cause I gotta put the sprites somewhere. Like, here's an example.
  9. Hey people, it's me. Some dude you've never met before. Hope I get to join the final party, cause i'm like a prepromote with bretty gud growths. Support with me to find out about my evil plans.
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