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  1. That sounds really cool, i'd love to be a boss in this game! Character Name: Angelo Forum Name: MrMinus Class: Paladin Affiliation:Antagonist Main Appearance: Arc 4 portrait: Other: Angelo would be a bit like a camus, not necessarily evil but fiercely loyal to Anon for some reason, if that's okay. Maybe he was saved by Anon or his army once. He'd be similar to Kent (Guess what), very disciplined, honorable, and serious, but a bit older. Gameplay-wise, he'd be pretty tough with especially high defense and skill and carry a spear or a similar weapon. His map should be pretty open with a lot of mounted enemies and a few reinforcements (No ambush spawns). The boss should definetely charge at you at some point. It would either be defeat boss or rout. It would be kinda cool if he could get a cameo in a village or something at an earlier point, like camus and selena, but if that's not possible, no worries. If there are issues with any of this, please let me know.
  2. Good luck! Berwick saga is a really good game, but I don't know how successful a blind ironman will be. Guess we'll find out. Also, what's cool about BS is that my favorite character (Ward) is available from the first map!
  3. That's what i did Sure, I missed the pair-up part. These are some really specific circumstances though. You also didin't say anything about Azura. Is she being used in this hypothetical run?
  4. Yep, i misclicked, wanted to put Nyx in B Tier. I'll edit it. But Charlotte, while being a purely offensive unit, i don't find too hard to level, and she probably has the best offensive potential aside form Elise. If nothing else, she's a str/spd backpack.
  5. I'm really no expert on Conquest, but my personal take on the no-reclass list would be: S: Camilla,Elise A: Effie, Selena, Charlotte, B: Nyx, Peri, Beruka, Flora C : Nobody
  6. Ah okay, that clears things up a bit. I was not aware that one person can't have several major holy bloods. Also forgot about Saias. If the inheritance of holy blood is random, it kind of makes you wonder even more that not a single kind of holy blood has died out over the years.
  7. maybe on the last turn. Everything else would just be cruel.
  8. Lyn x Kent is the best! Eirika x Seth too, it's kind of the same deal. But that one isn't as underrated.
  9. Nice to see it's still being worked on! I don't really care how long it will take, i'm just glad if it gets finished some day. You are truly honorable for making this game more accessible to a lot of players.
  10. I don't know why, but it worked once i disabled/enabled the cheat 5 or 6 times.
  11. Hey guys, After i finished Fe1 i wanted to do my second fe4 run. Unfortunately, i kinda forgot how to get the brave sword and paired off Ayra too early. Now, at the start of chapter 3, i recognized my mistake, but didn't have an old save file. I didn't want to miss the brave sword or start a new game, so i pulled up some cheat codes. It said that Ayra's lover code was "7e2bcc" and that "00" was the code for no lover, so i entered 7e2bcc00. Nothing happened. So i thought "Maybe it has to be entered for both characters", and took noish's lover code (7e2d10), added the "00" for no lover, activated both cheats, and again, nothing happened. So i decided to try out if other lover codes worked, made a savestate and entered "7E2B8416", to pair sylvia and dew and it actually worked, but i wasn't able to seperate them either. Is there really no way to seperate two characters, or am i doing something wrong?
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