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  1. Haha, I'm glad you like them. Yeah, I've actually made a few recently. I've also been working on another project with other people and I don't really think those are mine to show off. But I still can't help working on my own personal projects. Might post some soon. They're kinda all over the place.
  2. Been working on a lot of stuff but I just haven't posted in a while. Here's my mostly polished PoR-esque Halberdier. I've got a lot of sprites I wanna animate, but I might make the crit for this first, we'll see.
  3. Also here are what I'd like to think are my finalized Soldier regular and crit animations.
  4. My Halberdier I made for the biweekly sprite contest. I wanted to finish it in time to enter it, so it could probably use more polish.
  5. WHOO. Glad I finally finished this. My rendition of a Halberdier. Taking inspiration from Awakening's Soldier design, and Path of Radiance's Halberdier.
  6. Okay time for take number two on the Soldier crit. I took some artistic liberty in making the twirl SLIGHTLY shorter than the spear, but I still think this looks decent. Thoughts?
  7. You are the master of visuals examples vilk. I'll continue to work at it! And as always, thanks everyone for the feedback. I wanna be the best I can be.
  8. Gotcha! That makes sense. I'll fiddle with those twirly bits then.
  9. Yeah I want the holding the spear up part to last longer, so the glint is a good idea. But yeah I know the spear twirl is too small. I meant it to imply that the spear is being held at an angle that isn't... er... perpendicular to the screen. Like it's dipping into the third dimension? Does that make sense?
  10. Here's my first draft of the Soldier crit. I'm not overly thrilled by it... Any ideas or feedback?
  11. You're too amazing stop making everything I do look better before I even have a chance haha! But yes, definitely more along the lines of that. I'm still fiddling with some stuff, but maybe I'll move the tap-tap part to the critical. Hm.
  12. Yeah I can see that, the base sprite is pretty old. Let's see if I can tweak it. And yeah I also agree it looks almost showy enough to ALMOST be a crit. I thought the just really back looked kinda lame with out something to add flair, but perhaps too much flair? Understandable. Yeah I'm gonna play around with a few more things. And no I think the General is fine, especially with all the custom work people have done with it without changing the sprite.
  13. How does the first draft for my Soldier redesign look? Aesthetically, I went for an Awakening-esque design, but with some inspiration from historical hypaspists in the helmet and shield. I really liked the Awakening appearance because it made soldiers look less like dismounted Cavaliers like they did in Tellius. I wanted to add more flair in the animation, as the GBA Soldier is tiny and expendable. My only problem is what I did with the return. I kept the vanilla return but sped it up, I wanted more of a graceful turn than a clumsy walk like it used to have. Maybe I'll add some blurs? Or maybe change it entirely. Not sure yet.
  14. Thank you! No thanks, I'm chock full of ideas. The Dark Druid is a purposely overpowered and oversized boss class that I can't imagine having relations with any other classes. It's just a big Druid, if it had a prepromote it'd prolly just look like a standard Druid. And I can't fathom a sprite of a promotion, how could one make the Dark Druid BIGGER and MORE FLASHY? One shouldn't. Imo. I'm not a fan of the class.
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