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  1. I really don't understand how people can like Robin. He has one of the most boring personnality I've ever seen in FE. I say that but I prefer him over Corrin, this guy is worse than boring and Byleth doesn't even exist. Kris isn't really interesting either. I'll go for Mark because he doesn't take lot of place. ... It's impressive how they are all bad. I don't want avatar anymore but if they did, pls give us something better than them.
  2. Shadow Dragon: Camus or Barst (!!)/Catria Gaiden/SOV: Python or Saber/Clair (and Catria) New Mystery: Sirius/Catria Genealogy Gen 1: Sigurd, Lewyn or Eltshan/Lachesis or Tiltyu Genealogy Gen 2: Ares/Ishtar (my favorite of the serie) Thracia 776: Finn/Nanna or Mareeta Binding Blade: Zephiel/Melady Blazing Sword: Raven/Lyn Sacred Stones: Gerik/L'Arachel Path of Radiance: Ike/Nephenee (but Jill is my top 5 from all FE) Radiant Dawn: Haar/Nephenee Awakening Gen 1: Cherche and I dislike all guys Awakening Gen 2: I dislike everyone.. maybe Owain tho. Fates Gen 1: Niles/Charlotte Fates Gen 2: I don't really know, I do not dislike everyone but I don't really like them either... maybe Ophelia or Nina. Three Houses: Claude/ it's a match with Hilda, Petra, Annette, Edelgard and Dorothea it's difficult when it's not that old :')
  3. Me ! Obviously a joke. Hum.. My first Fire Emblem was FE7 when I was child, so it's probably Lyn. I saw her like a big sister when I play the game and it's strange, now she is just a kid compared to me. Thereafter the character that I prefer play in that game is Raven tho. But my first "crush" is L'Arachel. I was in love with her. In 2005 I was 10 years old, and it's my only videogame crush with Rise from persona 4 many years later haha.
  4. It's really difficult to know where is FE16 for me. Because of some travels (One month in Japan among others) I haven't finished all the routes now. And Three Houses give some new things that I really like, but I have a lots of problem with the game too that I think lots of people already developed : Repetitivity of the route, Monastery which is pretty annoying when you aren't on your first run and seems pretty out of place in the second part of the game, I don't really like final classes and how you need to get those.. maybe the inconstant level design (even if it's better than an Awakening or Echoes by far). But there is a big improvement if we compare TH with Awakening or Fates. - Less useless fan service it was pretty annoying in AwaFates. - Better level design overall, even if it's not that good, Awakening was made by stagiaire or people who don't know what is a T-RPG an put some units randomly. - Better story. I think it's need an improvement again but it's better by far than 3DS games. - Better lore/world building and it's really important to me. There is absolutely no development in the world of Awakening, it was terrible to me. - Better dialogues, more of them between chapters. Consistant one too. - Same for characters, supports are so cooool. Awakening&Fates supports were awful, Echoes ones were good but they were few. I need to go back to Path of Radiance and GBA games to see good supports. And here they have a real identity, it's a real group of student. I find it really cool. So it's difficult to rank TH for me right now. I know that I prefer Genealogy, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, it's obvious. Rekka no Ken&Sacred Stones too, probably because of nostalgy... But it's difficult with the others that I really like (Thracia, New Mystery or Shadows of Valentia) so.. I thinks TH is around the 6 ~ 7 place.
  5. If Camilla win, we probably will have more Loki or Tharja vote next year, I dunno if it will end one day. x) I'm tired of that tho. I don't even be angry if Camilla win, but now.. just after another alt. It's a little bit much. ^^ My vote : Ishtar/Haar most of the time + Nephenee/Jill. I want another Sigurd and Lachesis too.
  6. I'm deeply sorry for my mistake, in France it mean nothing more than people from Japan. I could say that I've learn something today. However, I think you are a little bit excessive. I just can't ignore this serie. In fact she was by far my favorite one even though I'm not a great fan of FE13&14. And I probably could like this game if they were first one and not from a licence with all my favorite. (Only TearRing Saga, Bioshock & MHFU (+ Persona 3 ?) are in my top 10 full of FE) I know that I could be disappointed by the next game but I can't just forgot FE16. And I want to be surprised. After all most ambitous FE were on home console, it swear that they could make a decent story and great level design on a Switch ! You're all right it's time to be positive. ^^ But all your Idea wasn't bad, I'm playing Divinity Original Sin 2 to calm my lust of tactic + fantasy game. :)
  7. Yes I am. As some FE fans, I don't like the turn made by FE with 3DS opus. I can't blame new players but I'm worry about the fact that they are numerous and FE16 could follow Awakening's prints. It's not illogical because of the popularity of that opus but he has too much defaults in my vision of Fire Emblem. - Lack of objectives/poor level design. And for me level design is too important. (And the gimmick level design of conquest wasn't convincing) - Poor story, really poor story. Awakenign/Birthright were poor. Conquest awful. And it's not only the story but all the World Building... Even in Sacred Stones we have some exemple of developpement (I remember a little country of one path as Carcino) but what could I say about country from FE13 ? - Character with one trait, not insteresting, with too much cliche from manga (shy girl who fall everytime as sumia, yandere, one-sama + yandere (hey camilla), Kuudere etc..). Obviously characters from previous FE games have their own trait but not that much. And I've read&seen thousand of manga/animes and it was (as a Tales of) at the level of the lowest... But if they were really classic "heroic fantasy" characters I've think I probably will have less problems. But it's more Queen's Blade than Lodoss game... (I don't really like lodoss tho) - Too much japanese point. As the characters idea. FE was clearly a jap' game at the start, but It has some occidental influence at first. I don't find them on 3DS games. But it's potentially only me for that point. - Features that we don't need : I can say Fan Service but it's too large, I don't really like FS, but it's not a big problem for me. But when you put FS everywhere it's different. The introduction of child in Awakening was really "meh", but ok. In Fates... it's was a joke, they just put child for no reason other than please some fans. But when you make a game you can't satisfy all aspects that you don't really need staple. Same for mariages, it's note a big deal once, but I don't think it's really worth. It's juste put "like that" for attract some people who loves waifus&husbandos and fan service. I'm not a nazi, I can understand if they put that for a reason (as Genealogy of the Holy war) but just for FS with no good reasons... erm it's a problem I want to explain that exactly as I think of it but like you've probably notice I'm not really good in english so I can't. :( Plus those supports in the casern aren't good, build on cliché Stahl want to eat in all those supports. And A to S is really abrut. In rank A support you just make a cake together, and S you are married, wtf ? Ok it's complicate if you want a supports with all characters for all characters.. but juste do like Path of Radiance or Shadow of Valentia. Support on friends or characters with and affinity + some exceptions but not with all. (More support than SoV obviously it was the reverse of Awakening x) ) I can't say right now if the story will be good or not obviously and same for the other point. But with all that fail (for me) on previous game (SoV excluded as a remake) I was affraid. I was affraid because I wait a long time Awakening, and I was disappointed, and same with Fates after that all that broken promesses. It's not an opus on GBA or 3DS they could probably made a worth it story and world building, but they will ? Idk. I'm sorry for bein that negative but I love FE more than any other games series so I can't be reassured right now ! And as I said, if we have child and it's well made it's not a big deal for me but it wasn't for me. OH AND NO AVATAR PLS... I hate Corrin and Robin was meh, so random. But it's probably too late for that. At least if he could not influence the story as FE7 strategist.. Sorry for being pessimistic and my horrible english. Haha ! Kisses from France
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