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  1. During my FE9 playthrough, my Soren just ended up broke. He practically solo'd entire maps, for some odd reason. I think I just was super lucky with his growths. Other than that, Elise in all of my Fates playthroughs end up as a little nuclear force on a horse.
  2. My first video game experience was the Wind Waker demo that came with the Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition on the GCN, when I was about 2? Eventually, when Wind Waker came out, me and my brother played it together (I think I was three, or four when I got the game). Never stopped loving games since, and eventually got good enough at games I didn't need to play with my brother anymore. WW's music still makes me super nostalgic (and tear up a bit) to this day.
  3. Favourite Era: Gamecube/Wii. I didn't even like Radiant Dawn, but I enjoyed PoR so much it really takes the cake. Least Favourite Era: Marth's games. I find them boring, both the remakes and the originals.
  4. If you have friends in the same course, often a phone call/voice chat where the two of you go over the content helps a lot. Even if the phone call is 90% goofing off and 10% studying, you'll still be reviewing. I do this pretty often when finals draw near, it's a helpful way to keep your spirits high while reviewing. Also, often times teachers will hand out a course syllabus. It's a smart idea to almost use that as a check list for what you know/don't know. Organizing your notes is also extremely useful, as well as opening them up and highlighting things that might be important. You won't really retain knowledge from highlighting, but when you go back and look at your notes for review, it helps a lot. Good luck with the studying!
  5. Back when FE13 just released, my brother had bought a copy and played it TONS. He loved the fact that he could self insert himself into the game(it was his first FE), and he always told me about the characters and the story. So, I did what any little sister would do, and I stole the cartridge from him when he was done the game so I could play it myself. And, in the end, I fell in love with not only the characters, but the gameplay and mechanics. But I never did play any of the earlier games until FE14 came out, and was fun, and I enjoyed, but it was lackluster so I didn't get my Fire Emblem fix, so to say. Not to bash FE14-- it did quite a bit right, but it wasn't my cup of tea. So, I found some of the older games and played them. My first "old" Fire Emblem game was FE7, and pretty much, I got hooked on the game series after that one.
  6. I was gonna come here and say "blah blah fanservice blah blah waifu emblem" but I think everyone already has that covered. Plus, some of the things we got introduced to us in Awakening weren't entirely bad, even the fanservice stuff. I'm a particular fan of the S rank support. I don't know why, but it just makes me enjoy the game more. (Though, I don't particularly like Fates at all. It did somethings right, but I just don't enjoy the game as much as I did Awakening) But, another thing I think makes people dislike Fates and Awakening, is the fact that they are just... rather easy. Which is why Conquest, out of the three routes of Fates is the most favoured of all three (from what I've seen). Awakening was easy, Birthright was made to be easy (if I'm not wrong it was often advertised as a good "beginners game"). Not only is it easy, the maps often times feel rather.... dull. Especially in Birthright and Awakening.
  7. 2018 didn't have a lot of games that intrigued me, but let's see here... BEST: Octopath Traveler: I loved and adored this game. It's music, it's characters, the gameplay, it's art direction... probably my most hyped game of 2018, and in all honesty, it didn't disappoint me. Obviously, I have a few complaints (I always do) but I genuinely love and adore this game, and I hope it gets a sequel or a prequel. I'd say GOTY, but I'm not quite done playing games this year yet. Smash Ultimate: I think this is on everyone's list (or close to everyone's, lol) but legit, I love this game, despite sucking at smash bros. I haven't had a game where I've had so much fun with friends in forever. Not only did they bring back everyone (including Snake my brawl playing heart is shaking), but it's. Just good?? It's hard to describe. World of Light could be a bit boring at times but it's enjoyable, and I missed story mode smash. Good game, glad it came out. The Shapeshifting Detective: This one isn't a big triple a title, but a small little FMV game that I bought and enjoyed. It can be a bit strange at times, but I enjoyed the game for what it was worth, and it was super DUPER aesthetic. As well, it's probably up here because I recognize a good chunk of the actors from other FMV games I've watched playthroughs of on youtube. WORST: Fallout 76: Fucking hell, this game was a nightmare. I was hyped during the announcement, got bummed it was a multiplayer game, got a beta key, it was unplayable and garbage. Not what I want from a Fallout game or a Bethesda game, but they've been nothing but letdowns lately (in my opinion). Monster Hunter World: Sorry, just don't care much for this one. For all of its hype and all the streamers I've watched played it (and played it myself), I didn't enjoy it. Just don't enjoy the style of game it is, really, so it's probably a fun game if you enjoy the playstyle. MOST ANTICIPATED OF 2019: Fire Emblem: Three Houses: I'm an FE fan, so, obvious reasons. Animal Crossing 2019: I love animal crossing, it's cute and chill, and I'm hyped for cute and chill on the SWITCH. Outer Worlds: It's like, Obsidian and the OG Fallout writers. I love it already.
  8. I haven't played some of the older games (I've been meaning to, but being a student is hard) so I'll go by what lords I know! WORST: Corrin, for sure is up there. Kris as well, I was never one for self-inserts who dominate stories. And if it counts, Robin in the second half of fe13. I think Corrin could have been much better (I mean, naive and optimistic characters aren't terrible) but the fact that they were placed in a badly written plot (or three) causes them to be down here. So, Corrin and Kris, mostly. BAD: Micaiah and Eirika take the cake for me in this category. FE doesn't have the best female lords, I've come to learn (which sucks, in my opinion). I find Micaiah as bland bread and butter (sorry bread and butter fans) and Eirika is in the same boat. Love both of their designs, though, I just feel they could have been written with more personality. MEH: Robin, in the first half of awakening. They're fun enough and have enough personality.... but then suddenly the story becomes focused on them. Not my cup of plot twist, thanks. Celica also fits into this category, with her hubby Alm. I didn't find much special about them, but they were mediocre. DECENT: I'd say a majority of FE lords fall into this category, even some of my favourites. Chrom, Roy, Lyn and Eliwood fit this category pretty well. They're all interesting enough just... nothing special. And if not for Ike, Chrom would be my favourite FE lord, but even I can tell you that he's a bit bland. I'd also put Marth here, but only because he was the OG lord. If not, I'd say he would belong in 'bad' or 'meh' GREAT: Hector, for one. I love and ADORE both his design, his personality and how he interacts with others. Plus, AXE LORD!!! How cool is that? He was the first lord that stuck out to me when I was playing the older games, and definitely one of my favourites. Secondly, IKE! He's immature, he's blunt, he's kindhearted and honestly, he may be quite dumb in some situations, but he's respectable. He has flaws and he's not forced into a relationship that no one really cares about. As well, he has room to grow, and he's willing to grow! I could write an essay on Ike, but I won't. Also did... we just ignore Ephriam? Is he not considered a lord?
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