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  1. I'd love a sequel, but I don't think it'll happen until after Three Houses get released. A personal hope of mine is that in addition to bringing in Three Houses characters, it'll bring more characters from Awakening and Fates, child units included. Not just because they're my favorite games, but the salt from the vets will be absolutely amazing.
  2. 1. Wrong gender. 2. Even if it looks like Persona, that doesn't mean this game is going to suck.
  3. Love the amount of judgement here. "Three Houses looks like Persona but worse. This game is DOA, 7.8 2MuchWeeb4Me". How about you actually play the game first before jumping the gun a bit, eh? Please stop being so pessimistic. It is not a good look for anyone.
  4. Friendly reminder that the people who think the recent Fire Emblem games are trash and “generic anime games”(that’s real hilarious) are the vocal minority. Just saying.
  5. So, basically what you're saying is "Fire Emblem is becoming too anime for my taste"? I'd take that seriously, if Fire Emblem hand't been anime to begin with since day one.
  6. At least he won't be as bad as, say, Ardin from Geneology. Like I said, I imagine he'd be more along the lines of Krunz from Emperor's New Groove.
  7. Toppiest of Top Tiers: Awakening, Fates Brithright, Fates Conquest Second Best: New Mystery of The Emblem Dull: Shadow Dragon, Fates Revelation Mediocre At Best: Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Geneology of The Holy War, Tharacia 776 Why Would You Ever Play These?: Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, Binding Blade, Echoes Shadows of Valentia, Both of the NES Fire Emblem games.
  8. "Wowzers! The Church is evil, who woulda thunk it, Captinn?!" Granted this isn't that huge of a misstep seeing as it was obvious from the get go. Right, and the Earth's going to end in 5 years top.
  9. Oh no, that would suck. He looks like he'd be voiced by the same person who voice Kronk from Emperor's New Groove XD!
  10. Eugh. For some reason, he reminds me of a goblin, and I don't know why. Might be the hair. Or face.
  11. One of the most overhated spinoffs ever. This game is a perfect blend between Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors, but despite that, everyone very clearly didn't care about that and bashed it into oblivion for reasons I don't think I need to say. It's a shame. I wish this game would be given another chance, but that's not the world we live in. Side Note: I find it hilarious that everyone complained that Warriors only pulled from three FE games (the most successful and well known ones) and only had about 5% content from two other games, yet back in it's infancy, Hyrule Warriors did the exact same thing and no one seemingly batted an eye about that. No Johns, just something to think about for a bit.
  12. Wait, a video game made about us? The people of Serenes Forest? ....That's, uh, a new one. Never heard of anyone trying to make a game about an internet forum, let alone on that didn't end in disaster, but okay I guess. Go for it.
  13. Persona, minus the first two for obvious reasons. I'm also a huge fan of the Trails of series, and am super stoked to finally to play the 3rd one soon.
  14. I'd say I'm Minimally Excited for it. The visuals are beautiful, but the artstyle is also kinda bland to be frank. Maybe it's the school uniforms or something. Other than that, everything else looks solid so far!
  15. Call me what you will. But don’t be surprised when years from now, nobody will ever remember nor care about the older games. It’s only a matter of time. All I will say.
  16. Help? Help with what? Telling the truth? I don’t need anyone’s help in order to do that.
  17. Pay no attention to him. The only way losers like him will disappear is if we ignore him and his Texas sized bullshit. Nope. People like you are the reason this community gets a bad and undeserving reputation. You’ve allowed your ego to cloud your judgement, and you act like your opinion is the only opinion that matters. Weather you want to admit or not, Awakening and Fates will live on as loved games that saved a dying series. They breathed new life into this series, while your precious older titles nearly killed it. That’s right. Your favorite games nearly killed this series. The numbers prove it. Face it, people like you are no longer the main customer of this series. I am, @Ottservia is, @Thane is, @SatsumaFSoysoy is, @Armagon is, and many others like them are now the customers and true fans of this series now. You, as well as every other old-guard gatekeeper out there, is an afterthought. I know it, everyone else with an IQ higher than 10 knows it, Nintendo knows it, Intelligence Systems knows it, and deep down, you know it. You know it, and angers the ever living fuck out of you, doesn’t it? You want to see this series improve? Leave it and let the actual auidance of Fire Emblem play and support it, instead of trying to change it back into something it never was. Swear to God, you veteran Fire Emblem fans are about as bad as the assholes who rob people with the end of a weapon pointed at their face. Rant freaking over.
  18. Because you’re an elisist. I don’t have to prove it, it’s self goddamn evident. No, but I bet you feel awfully good about dumping on two genuinely good games that you for some reason hate don’t you? You’re doing a bang up job of “living with it.”. People like you think that before the “heretical 3DS titles of Satan!” happened, Fire Emblem was the grand, Lord of The Rings journey specifically targeted towards the West, when in reality it wasn’t. It was just a nice, fun strategy-RPG. But know the “mean, old weeabos have infected this precious series of mine!”, you hate it. You hate it for being something it never was. And that is why you and your kind are a bunch of losers. Can’t blame me for starting a fire when you’re the one who lit the match, buddy.
  19. Then I guess you’ll also agree that you made that point up just to get a pot shot at the two of them then? Whenever anything gets brought up about Awakening and Fates, you trash it because you don’t like it. Nevermind the fact others out there like the two games, you slam it because it’s not “a philosophical journey like the old FE titles.” If you’re going to slam a game, at least have the decency to be upfront about slamming it and not coming up with some contrived reason to slam it. You sure about that? Robin proved themselves before joining the Shepards. Now not only at you complaining, you’re also being stupid.
  20. Even though this is an issue that’s not strictly related to the two. But hey, you’ve been constantly going on and on about how Robin and Corrin are the worst thing to have happened to Fire Emblem, so it’s not like anything I or anyone else can say will stop you at this point. I didn’t put words in your mouth. Stop being hostile.
  21. This issue isn’t strictly related to Robin and Corrin. Nearly all of the Fire Emblem lords are treated like everyone’s best friend, so that’s blatantly wrong. Besides, what the point of having you control an army if everyone hates you?
  22. I don’t like how Byleth is silent. I liked how Robin and Corrin were their own characters instead of a blank slate. It’s a real step back, one that could cripple the game of handled poorly.
  23. “It’s a joke.” I wonder else in your mind is “a joke”. No, but the people there sure do hate on Persona’s success like you do. Then leave. Drop Atlus’s products and never buy stuff from them again. No one cares about your “victim story” you have to tell. If it did that, then it’d be IV: Apocalypse 2.0, and yeah....I don’t think anyone needs that.
  24. So, you’re not trying to ruin the mood, yet you made a comment about how SMT V has nothing in a Persona announcement thread. Riiiigth. Two words: MegaTen. Reddit. Have fun, or lack there of. Thank! You! I guess some people haven’t heard of the term “profitable IP.”
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