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  1. Recently, us Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War fans were blessed with a new excuse to spend all of our hard-earned orbs. A recently released Legendary Heroes banner presented Julia: Crusader of Light. Voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris and designed by sachie (茶ちえ), she was certainly cause for major hype for me. More so because there has been a recent lack in Heroes from the Jugdral Saga being released. Needless to say, I spent my hard-earned orbs and was overjoyed when she was summoned. I then proceeded to immediately place her on my Jugdral Team along side Mareeta, Lewyn, and my +10 Seliph. However, once I saw that Julia was a Legendary Hero, I began to ponder something... Why did Intelligent Systems pick Julia over other notable characters from FE4 and FE5? I am certainly not complaining, as I would unreasonably freak out if ANY character from FE4 or FE5 became a Legendary Hero, but when I think of other characters that may be more recognizable than Julia, I immediately think of Seliph and Leif. I just thought that these characters would've been Intelligent Systems' first choices when picking a representative from the Jugdral Saga to make a Legendary Hero. That being said, I hope Intelligent Systems continues to create more FE4 and FE5 Legendary Heroes, but I have a question for everyone. Who do you think will be the next Legendary Hero hailing from the land of Jugdral? I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions, as well as who YOU would like to see come next!
  2. So, this may sound kind of strange, but I recently had a dream about an entirely new kind of Fire Emblem game. Surprisingly, it was actually kind of vivid. Basically, it went like this: It was an online battle set on a massive map consisting of three different and distinct factions (Red, Blue, and Green). One of the factions was made up of entirely flying units, while another consisted of armored units, and the final one had all cavalry units. It appeared that each faction had a leader that was carefully coordinating and ordering units to attack the other factions. Using strategy, one of the factions eventually took over and captured all of the enemies' forts, lands, etc. Thus, that leader was declared the winner. I have always entertained the idea of an online-strategy Fire Emblem game, but I never knew what it would look like. Until now, that is. Of course, I do not expect this kind of FE game to ever be made, but I think it would certainly be an interesting spin-off game if it ever were created. But what are your thoughts? What would your opinions of an online FE game be? Do you have any ideas on how to create such a game? I would love to hear what you all think!
  3. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War is celebrating it's 23rd birthday this year. But based on some of the latest information about the anticipated Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it would seem that Intelligent Systems has decided to give a big present to the FANS of FE4 instead. Recently, it was announced that the "Holy Bloodlines" system from the Jugdral Saga would make its return in Three Houses. As a huge fan of FE4, I am incredibly excited that Intelligent Systems decided to bring back this huge gameplay and story aspect that, in my opinion, made Genealogy of Holy War stand out among the other entries in the FE series. A while back, I wrote an article about this very possibility. I wrote about my own feelings and praise for the "Holy Bloodlines" system while discussing how it could greatly improve the story and gameplay of future Fire Emblem games. Along with this, I also asked for the opinions and thoughts of other members. How do feel about Genealogy of Holy War's "Holy Bloodlines" system? Would you like to see it replicated? Needless to say, the responses I received were very mixed. There were plenty who shared my sentiments and praise of the system, but there were also plenty who were on the opposite spectrum. Despite my love for the system, I completely understand the arguments presented by the other members. The "Holy Bloodlines" system creates an expansive and very complex network of characters; many of which are bonded by either blood or friendship. It creates a large network that encourages character development and separate goals not related to the central plot. According to some members, this expansive story network is simply too large and complex. Despite my love for this expansive story, I do understand the argument presented. While the gameplay of the FE series and the difficulty of some FE games is what primarily keeps me interested, the story, characters, and character development itself are incredibly interesting to me. In my opinion, FE4 checks off all of these requirements and, as a result, it is my favorite installment in the series. While I believe the reasons for disliking the "Holy Bloodlines" are reasonable, I believe that Fire Emblem: Three Houses can do nothing but benefit from this implementation. My beliefs are slightly similar to why I believe the system worked so well in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. First of all, I think it is clear that the gameplay will most likely receive the most attention from this new implementation. I am sure that there will be key story aspects related to the "Holy Bloodlines," but Three Houses is not Genealogy of the Holy War. FE4's story is almost entirely centered the "Holy Bloodlines." I feel like Intelligent Systems wants to create an entirely new story with Three Houses while still including some of their more interesting story elements from previous entries in the series. I have a feeling that the gameplay will have some similarities to FE4. For example, I STRONGLY hope that the "Holy Weapons" feature makes a return as well! I loved FE4's "Crusader Weapons" and I hope the Intelligent Systems takes the time to create all-new weapons for the characters with "Major Holy Blood," if you will. Similar to this, I would LOVE to see characters with "Major Holy Blood" be able to pass on their ability to wield special weapons to their children, like in FE4. Although, dissimilar to FE4, I hope Three Houses has a larger selection of characters for the "Holy Bloodlines" characters to marry. In FE4, most of the "Major Holy Blood" characters are already married to someone (i.e. Sigurd, Dierdre, Quan, Merricle, etc.), thus limiting the player's choice for role-playing and individual ways to play. The only characters with "Major Holy Blood" that can marry partners hand-selected by the player and then have their own special weapons passed on to the other half of the game are Lewyn (his Forseti tome), Claud (his Valkyrie Staff), and Brigid (her Yewfelle bow). The other "Major Holy Blood" characters are already married or will be married to characters the DEVELOPER chose. Now that FE games allow for such diversity in terms of character relationships, Three Houses could provide a form of strategy in terms of passing on this "Holy Blood." You could marry characters who possess this gift to other characters you enjoy, or to characters you think are best stat-wise. It almost works in a similar way to the Dragon Veins in Fire Emblem: Fates. These are all predictions and hopes, of course, but I hope Intelligent Systems utilizes the "Holy Bloodlines" system in a manner that makes the gameplay and story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses incredible! What are your own thoughts and opinions about this latest information from Intelligent Systems? Are you excited for the new changes and implementations? I would love to hear what everyone else has to say!
  4. 1. Completed FE games: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Genealogy of the Holy War, Binding Blade, Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Awakening, Fates: Birthright, Echoes Currently Playing: Mystery of the Emblem (just started), Thracia 776 (almost finished), Blazing Sword (have only beaten Lyn mode), Radiant Dawn (just started), Fates: Revelation (just started) Haven't touched: OG Gaiden, Fates: Conquest 2. There a LOT of reasons why Genealogy of the Holy War is my favorite. For starters, the Super Famicom is my all-time favorite console. There are a lot of other games on the system that I love. The music is amazing. Yuka Tsujiyoko did an incredible job with the score. Every chapter has its own unique theme, every army has its own unique theme, and overall, it has that amazing Super Famicom sound quality I love to death. The incredibly diverse and overarching character structure is my all-time favorite in the series. I love the Bloodlines system so much. The player can control units who are descendants of the legendary 12 Crusaders and receive special powers as a result, while still being able to battle some of the other descendants of these Crusaders. I absolutely LOVE how diverse the characters and their development throughout the story are! The gameplay brought many series staples such as the famous Weapon Triangle, and (if I am correct) the red attack range squares. In terms of design and art, I have always loved that classic Anime art style from the 80s' and 90s'. Genealogy of the Holy has some of my favorite character designs in the series. Because there are so many different colors and designs for each character, I found myself taking an interest in every single character, regardless of whether or not I benched them! Combine all of this with the tie-in to Thracia 776, and you have my all-time favorite Fire Emblem game. 3. When I was in high school, I unfortunately did not have many options in terms of learning a second language. I was required to take a foreign language, but I could only choose between Spanish and German. I chose German and took language classes for 2 years. I enjoyed it, but I didn't want to take any more classes after my sophomore year. However, if I ever want to another language outside of Japanese, I would definitely choose German. 4. I love riding my bicycle when I am able to. Unfortunately, I did not bring my bike with me to college, but I do enjoy riding it whenever I return home. 5. I decided to join Serenes Forest about 5 months ago because I really wanted to join a whole community that shared a similar interest with me. I have a few friends from high school who like Fire Emblem, but I am unable to talk with them on a regular basis. With Serenes Forest, I can write about my favorite topics in Fire Emblem and listen to the opinions of the other members. I can also view the topics of other members and provide my own feedback. I am so happy that I decided to join. It has been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience!
  5. 6. Honestly, I am unsure as to what the proper pronunciation is. I was curious, so I went to HowToPronounce.com. There are many different iterations: English, French, and Swedish. The English and French pronunciations do indeed pronounce it as "Loo-in". On the other hand, the Swedish pronunciation is "Leh-vin". I lean towards this pronunciation because it matches that of the original Japanese katakana ( レヴィン - Re-vi-n), and also because the game was based around Norse culture and mythology; a culture that Sweden adopted long ago. However, I understand that everyone has their own preferred pronunciation. 7. My favorite baseball player would probably have to be the Phillies current 1st baseman: #17 Rhys Hoskins. I had the pleasure of watching him play back when the Phillies were still in their rebuild phase a few years ago, and I thought he was amazing. He also is such a great team player as well. He was probably the face of that team a few years ago, but now Bryce Harper has entered the mix. Not only was Rhys excited, but he also hyped the crap out of Harper. I still think he is a great representative for that team even with Harper in the spotlight. I also love Aaron Nola, one of the Phillies' better starting pitchers. I thought he performed excellently last year in the Cy Young race, and I LOVED how he signed an extension with the team. 8. My favorite retired player would probably have to be Chase Utley. Unfortunately, I never took an interest in baseball back when the Phillies won the World Series back in 2008, but I remember how often my mother would talk about Chase Utley around the house. I could only watch as he played for the Dodgers all these years later, but I was fortunate enough to watch his return to Philadelphia on TV last year when he announced his retirement. I hope to enjoy this year's Phillies team like my mother did back in 08' through 11'. 9. Regrettably, I have only been to three different ballparks all together. Chicago's Wrigley Field, Dallas' Globe Life Park, and Philadelphia's Citizen's Band Park. While all of these parks are excellent, I REALLY want to visit other parks around the country. There are so many other cool parks I want to see, such as Pittsburgh's PNC Park. 10. My biggest shocks so far this season would have to be the Cubs' and Red Sox's slow starts. Both of these teams are clearly capable of playing great baseball, but they have some issues that need to be fixed. I am sure both teams will find their way out of their slumps, but I am still shocked to see them play like this.
  6. 1. The worst thing that I can remember doing as a child would probably date all of the way back to when I was a 3rd grade student in elementary school. I remember sitting at my lunch table with my friends having a wonderful and fun-filled time. It only got more enjoyable when my stupid 9-year old mind decided to flip off all of my friends. Back then, I was very stupid when it came to gestures and words that were not allowed. Flipping the bird was one of those gestures. I just decided to do it out of the blue and my friends, wide-eyed, burst out laughing. Naturally, I continued to do it without thinking about what I was even doing. The fun ended when I turned and saw a teacher staring at me. I was later sent to the principal's office and, in an outburst of tears, I claimed I did not know the meaning of the gesture. I will always remember that as the day when I learned the hard way about sticking out your middle finger. 2. I normally HATE reading despite my love for writing, but I recently had to read Homer's The Odyssey in my Heritage class. I was actually excited to read it due to my love for history and epics. My trust in the story was not misplaced. I absolutely fell in love with the plot, characters, and overall atmosphere. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves fiction. Actually, I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read. I hate reading and I still loved it. 3. Some of my biggest role models in life would have to be my head Japanese professors. I have a few different professors who took me under their tutelage, but all of them have been incredibly helpful in creating a path for my future in Japan, getting through classes, and even just providing me with helpful advice on life. I have learned so much from them so far, and I hope to learn even more. Without them, I would most likely be unaware of the actions I need to take in order to make my dreams come true. Thanks to them, I have an idea of what my future will look like. Where I will living, whether of not I should attend graduate school, how much money I would be making; these are just a few of the helpful pieces of information I learned from my professors. I am so grateful for their support and guidance. 4. Prince Marth. No question. He was the first Fire Emblem character I ever saw thanks to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I am actually currently in the process of having my friend create a Marth costume for me for conventions. I intend on wearing it for Halloween as well, of course. I loved Halloween growing up, so I would love to do it again someday. 5. If I had all of those incredible blessings, I would probably use them to improve and refurbish the high school from which I graduated, as well as use it to help my students when I work as a teacher in Japan. I was fortunate enough to have wonderful teachers in high school. Many of them are great role models of mine! However, I have always felt that my school was very behind in terms of modernization and technological advances. The school itself is over 100 years old and it shows in many areas. If I could, I would like to help make it into a better area for students to learn and prosper. This includes making the school larger, more modern, have better cafeteria food, and of course, have a large variety of courses. I would love to enhance the language department in particular. Add more languages, provide the teachers with more materials, and even offer study abroad trips. However, if I could improve all of the other departments, I would love to do that as well. When I graduate, I hope to become an English teacher at a Japanese high school. I hope to do everything in my power to help my students become better English speakers, but if I had unlimited money and time, I would undoubtedly devote it to helping my students. I would provide them with study materials, extra learning opportunities, and maybe even field trips. Anything that I can do to help my students.
  7. Bread Pudding. My all-time favorite desert is something I cherish every time I buy it. Whether I get with Vanilla ice cream on top, or with apples and cinnamon on the bottom, it is an absolute treat. I would obviously love my significant other for who she is, but if the Rock suddenly turned her into Bread Pudding, then I think my life would certainly become a bit sweeter... I'll see myself out.
  8. In all honesty, I am not that concerned about the Cubs' slow start. Believe me, I understand the anger a shaky bullpen brings (the Phillies' supposed "great" reliever they picked up in the offseason gave up three straight walks to give the Nats a walk-off win today.) I follow the Cubs as well, and I truly believe that they are still too good of a team to continue this slump. Not only that, other great teams are off to horrid starts as well. The Red Sox are 1-5, and the Astros are 2-5. I have a feeling the Cubs will bounce back.
  9. 1. Rezzy seems like a really cool person! I first heard of her when I was watching Mangs' YouTube channel. If I remember correctly, she is one of Mangs' supporters on Patreon. And then, if my memory serves me well, I saw her in Mangs' Fire Emblem 7 PME. I first saw her on Serenes Forest when I created a topic regarding the 2019 MLB season. She always provides wonderful insight about her favorite team and about MLB as a whole. She also has great insight about the Fire Emblem franchise, too. I think she is a wonderful member of the community! 2. My dream in life is to become a full-fledged English teacher in a Japanese high school. I hope to teach my students all about the wonderful language of English and how it can help them become successful in their futures. I hope to be a teacher who is passionate about helping students grow and be successful throughout high school and even onto college. I know from experience that English can be difficult, so I want to always make a point to be available should my students need help. If they need assistance with English, other classes, or if they just advice on life, I will most certainly lend them my ear and give them my best possible advice. Overall, I just hope to be someone whom my students can respect, count on, and admire. If any of my students come back to speak with me about their lives long after they graduate, I will be so happy. That way, I will know that I had left a positive mark on at least one of the lives of my students when they were in high school. That is my ultimate aspiration. 3. Because I hope to become a teacher someday, my thoughts on children are very positive. I love being around children and watching them live their lives that I once lived myself. As part of a senior project in high school, I had the pleasure of being able to go back to my 3rd grade class with my exact same teacher and act as an assistant teacher for the class. I already knew that I wanted to teach students, but that teaching experience left me feeling even more confident about my future dream. The children were so bright-eyed and willing to learn; whether it was from me or the actual teacher. In between classes, they asked me what it was like to be high school student. "Do the kids use swear words?" or "We just did D.A.R.E. Do the students in high school smoke or do drugs?" were some of their painfully (yet adorably) innocent questions. While the answers may have been true, it just proved to me that I need to be a responsible and respectful adult figure for MY future students. As for children of my own, I am still just a college student, but I do hope to have a child someday. The name will obviously depend on who I end up marrying (considering I will living in working in Japan), but I have always loved the names Cecilia and Erika (I swear I liked these names before I got into Fire Emblem), as well as Edgar and Samuel. 4. As a long-time fan of Final Fantasy, I have memories of playing some of the original six games. In particular, I LOVED 5 and 6. Though, Final Fantasy 6 is my all-time favorite in the series. However, much to the disagree of many, I am adamant that Final Fantasy 13 is a great game in the series! I know there are a lot of common complaints about the game, but I honestly fail to find that many. I love the art-style and the characters, the graphics and cut scenes are absolutely gorgeous, and the game's paradigm systems provide an interesting layer of strategy! My favorite aspect about it though has got to be the music...That score is magnificent. "Blinded by Light", "The Sunleth Waterscape", and "Fabula Nova Crystallis" are some of the best pieces I have heard in the series. Haters may hate on it, but my adventure along the L'Cie was one of my favorites in the Final Fantasy franchise. 5. Time to talk Pokemon. Yes, I really don't like one of the beloved games in the series. Don't get me wrong, I love Pokemon and I enjoyed every game I played...for the most part. Everyone has their "gen" that they think is the worst, and I have mine as well. I really didn't care for Pokemon X and Y. Yes, I know it brought 3D models to the main series and all that fun stuff, but that really didn't make me like the games better. I GREATLY prefer the sprites over the newer 3D models. I despised the introduction of Mega Evolutions, I despised the starters, I despised Team Flare, and I despised the new rivals. The post-game was absolute garbage in my opinion, and I found myself quitting early after I beat the Pokemon League. I will admit though, I LOVED the new legendary Pokemon: Xerneas and Yveltal. Other than that, I can honestly say that my journey through Kalos was not a memorable one.
  10. 1. Ohhhh pronunciations....One of my favorite parts of Fire Emblem. I personally pronounce it as Leh-win. As in Leh like in left, and win like in winner. Though I know some may pronounce it like Levin as in Levin Sword. To each is own, in my opinion. 2. Any remake of FE4 would be marvelous in my opinion, but I would love to see improved character relations throughout the story. For example, in the FE4 manga, I was amazed to see how many different character bonds and relationships there were compared to the game. Lex and Ayra had a relationship, Jamke and Edain's relationship was exemplified, and Shannan had a larger "screen time", if you will. I would love to see these bonds and story elements transfer over to a remake of FE4. With cut scenes and voice-acting, it could be something really special! 3. My favorite moment in FE4 would probably have to be the moment in chapter 5 when Sigurd orders Shannan and Oifey to take the newborn Seliph and escape the fighting in Grannvale. I was so sad when I saw this happen, because it meant that Seliph, Oifey, and Shannan would probably never see their master again. Not only that, with their escape, the founding forces of the Liberation Army in the second generation would retreat to establish their foothold in Isaac. However, it was more sad than anything else considering the events that transpired at the end of the chapter. Still, it is undoubtedly one of my favorite moments in the game. 4. The happiest day in my life would probably be the day that my brother introduced me to "Hyperdimension Neptunia". It seems kind of strange that something as simple as being shown a video game would be the happiest day of my life, but it set in stone many important events in my life to follow. Back then, I was only a high schooler who was CONVINCED that Computer Science was the best major for me. However, when my brother and I started spending time and bonding over this game and other pieces of Japanese culture, I realized just how happy it made me. I was always looking forward to the day when we could bond over something else from Japan. Whether it was history, culture, or the language itself, those moments made me realize that I wanted to someday work in Japan and spend my life there. Of course, there were other factors, such as the fact that I always loved my language and English classes in high school, or the fact that I loved the idea of becoming an English teacher in Japan, but that day when my brother and I started to bond over the culture of Japan is what really started it. It is one of the fondest memories I can think of from my life. 5. In terms of other Strategy JRPGs, I have always wanted to play Valkyria Chronicles and its sequel. I think I will someday, but for now, I am focusing on Fire Emblem.
  11. 6. Yes! I was fortunate enough to visit Japan with my father when I was a junior in high school. I visited Tokyo and Kyoto and spend about one week in Japan all together. It was a very rewarding experience and it reaffirmed my desire to someday live in a big city. 7. I personally do not have any thoughts on Touhou. Because I have never really watched/played/listened to it, I don't really have any positive or negative feedback about it. 8. Yes! I have been to Anime Midwest a few times with my older brother. I intend on going again this May and I may actually have a costume this time. My friend/ex-roommate is a very talented costume artist and has crafted many different costumes throughout the years. He is currently in the process of creating a Marth costume for me. But even when I didn't cosplay, I have always enjoyed seeing what kind of booths/merchandise the conventions have. 9. I would say some of my more recent "prodacing" moments in my life include the time I: Got three straight Five-Star free summons in a row in Heroes (Sword Reinhardt, Sigurd, and Laegjarn). Beat Reinhardt in Thracia 776. Watched a 19 hour speedrun of Werster getting all Gold Symbols in Pokemon Emerald. Read (some of) the Fire Emblem 4 manga. 10. Unfortunately, my knowledge of memes is very limited, but I died laughing when I saw the "Yeet Patrol and Thot Patrol Join Alliances" meme for the first time. I also really like the "Okay, this is Epic" meme. And of course, there are plenty of Fire Emblem memes I enjoy. Interesting maneuver, wouldn't you say?
  12. An interview? I would love to participate! Thanks to everyone who nominated me! 1a. I am a current college student with a Japanese Language major. I am considering applying for a double major in English as well, but I am still on the fence. I have always been good at language classes, writing, etc. in high school, so math or science-related majors were out. 1b. Once I graduate, I want to work in Japan as an English teacher. My preferred grade level would probably be high school due to the increased challenge and possibly pay, but I wouldn't mind elementary or middle school. 2. Life? Honestly, life is pretty decent! Baseball season has started up, and my beloved Philadelphia Phillies are 3-0 to start the season. Classes are a bit stressful, but I am getting through them. I am glad that I have Serenes Forest to unwind and write about one of my favorite video games series. Other than that, life is pretty uneventful. 3. I LOVE music. Growing up in a band room throughout middle and high school, one of my favorite genres of music has always been Classical. I love listening to violin and piano music; it is very relaxing. However, some of my other top favorite genres would have to City Pop (Japanese 80's music), Classic American Rock, and modern J-Pop. I only recently got into City Pop, but I have always loved Classic Rock thanks to the countless times I played Rock Band with my older brother when we were kids. The Doors would probably be one of my favorite groups from that era. 4. Since childhood, Anime has always had a special place in my heart. We my brother and I were like 5-6 years old, we would always watch Pokemon together with our trusty VHS tapes. One of the first "modern", if you will, Anime that my brother and I watched together was "YuruYuri". I loved watching it, and my love only grew from there. We played "Hyperdimension Neptunia" together and still follow "Love!Live!" to this day. I haven't really watched THAT much Anime, but my favorites would probably be "Hyperdimension Neptunia", "Love!Live!", and "CLANNAD". I absolutely love the older style artwork of past Anime. Like the old Fire Emblem games for example! My college friends and I even watch "Yu Yu Hakusho" on occasion. 5. Growing up, I LOVED "Avatar: The Last Airbender"! I always looked forward to watching it on Nickelodeon on the weekends. I never took an interest in "The Legend of Korra", but I loved all three seasons of its prequel series.
  13. Considering the fact that Genealogy of Holy War is like 23 years old, and Thracia 776 is celebrating its 20th Anniversary (I care enough to keep track), I agree that the Jugdral saga should be getting a remake soon. I completely agree with everyone's sentiment that Oifey and Finn act as father figures of sorts for their respective lords. If I loved their interactions back in the original, I can only imagine how much better their stories could be in a remake! Along with support conversations, Intelligent Systems could include full voice acting similar to what they did in Echoes! Throw in a cut-scene of Finn escaping Leonster with Leif in the arms, or one with young Shannan and Oifey taking baby Seliph away from harm, and it could be amazing! Aside from gameplay, a remake could improve upon character relations like never before; just like what Echoes did.
  14. One of my friends showed me Nintendo's official attempt at April Fool's Day with their latest Nintendo Direct. It certainly brought a smile to my face. Have a look for yourselves:
  15. The Fire Emblem saga has blessed us with many memorable characters who have always stood by the sides of our favorite lords throughout the years. My first being Sacred Stone's Seth, the Silver Paladin. However, while Seth is definitely a cool guy (and a completely broken unit). My all-time favorite Jagen-esque characters can be found in the same duo of games: Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776. Oifey and Finn are interesting cases in how they are loyal servants of two different lords; that being Seliph and Leif respectively. While they may not be as powerful as Seth, they both certainly possess their own special skills and talents. Oifey is pre-promoted when he shows up to support Seliph in Chapter 6 along with (assuming you had Lachesis and Edain marry) Deirmuid and Lester. He stats were a welcome sight for me considering all of the weakish sword-wielding units you start with in the second generation. Along with his EXTREMELY helpful Armorslayer, Oifey also provides diversity with his ability to wield lances as well. Unfortunately, I ended up not using him very much after that first chapter considering the fact that the other starting horseback-units you get early can grow well and also how you get one of the best units in the second generation in the following chapter: Ares. In terms of story, I absolutely LOVE what Intelligent Systems did with Oifey. From the very beginning, the young Oifey served as the adviser and tactician for Sigurd's Army. While his purpose in the story may not have been much more than that, everything changed when he received special orders from Sigurd in Chapter 5. He and Shannan were to take Sigurd's newly born son, Seliph, and escape the fighting. When I first saw this, I felt very sad because I felt like Oifey knew that it might be the last time he saw his master. Though this may false considering Sigurd was caught off guard himself by what transpired at the Battle of Belhalla and by Arvis' attacks. Regardless, I loved how Oifey's loyalty and service stemmed from his long time loyalty to Sigurd and his promise to keep Seliph safe. Finn is a bit different in terms of availability and stats. I am going to use his Thracia 776 data considering he is available in almost all of the game's chapters. Gameplay wise, my experience with the loyal knight of Leonster can be summarized as hit and miss. Like Leif's Light Brand, Finn's personal weapon, the Brave Lance, gives him a solid +10 boost in Luck, giving him a very nice evasion to criticals; something I loved about Leif. Not only that, the 60 uses is very solid in my opinion. It's hit rate may have lowered from 80% to 70% from FE4, but the Brave Lance ended up always making Finn incredible for capturing. Like all stereotypical Jagens however, Finn ended up falling off for me a little more than halfway through the game. With great horseback units such as Brighton, Fergus, and Olwen, I simply did not give him as much experience as I would have liked. I continued to use him due to his reliable double, but I never did promote him to Duke Knight. I definitely got more use out of him than Oifey, but he certainly was not my best unit. Finn in terms of story is one of the greatest displays of loyalty I have ever seen in Fire Emblem. His accolades are present in both FE4 as a loyal knight who serves Quan and Ethlyn as they fight in Sigurd's Army, but I think his role truly shines in FE5. Before Quan and Ethlyn departed for the Yied Desert, Quan entrusted Finn with the life of his infant son, Leif. Unfortunately, Finn never again saw his masters again due to the massacre brought about by King Travant. Everything changed then. For 17 long years, Finn looked after Leif as they were forced to constantly live on the run from the Granvallian Empire. During this time, I was so shocked when I first heard how much Finn suffered for Leif's sake. He often went hungry so that Leif would always have food. He always made sure they avoided conflict with the enemy. So many things I never knew about Finn were being revealed to me. I was amazed! Because of his amazing character development, place in the story, as well as my experience with him gameplay wise, I personally like Finn a bit better than Oifey. Both are amazing characters, but I find myself leaning towards Finn. While I am unsure about whether or not I like Leif more than Seliph, I can safely say that Finn is one of my favorite characters from the Jugdral Saga, and he even competes for one of my all-time favorite FE characters. But who do you think is the better character??? Oifey or Finn? Please let me know what your thoughts are!
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