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  1. I'm trying to put apocalypse into a romhack of mine, but I can't find a way to get it in, is there someone who can help me with this?
  2. I played Pokémon white 2, using 6 out of the 8 legends from dream radar, and played it on hard mode. If it weren't for pokemon breeder grinding, I wouldn't have survived since legends have WTF exp gain.
  3. It's based on the roman empire which was in Italy.
  4. I may not be the smartest person on Earth, but considering all of the opposing enemy classes that appear in this game, you will want something that is respectably bulky in terms of physical bulk, as you can get punished by beserkers, wyvern lords, heroes, anything with decent enough str, as most BR characters have low defense. While the knight class may seem useful in this regard, the low movement can prove a major nuisance and the low res may prove hurtful against magic enemies, especially since 1-2 range weapons for the most part suck in this game. Ninjas are indeed useful as shurikens and ninjas overall are really good, although Mechanist are not as useful as Master Ninjas as Golembane is only useful for very few chapters, and Replicate can be tricky as you need to watch out for both replica and normal unit. Cavalier is awesome as two weapon types are great and you also have high movement, it's two promotions are also good for this game, GK is bulky and gains access to axes, Paladins have 8 mov, balanced overall, and is the only classes to get two A ranks in weapons, the class tree is also considerably useful as you only get one cavalier besides Silas, not counting reclassing btw. I'm no expert on DFs though so I can't really answer that one. DM is nice with it's variety to spells, nice skills upon promotion, but it's not that bulky among the classes in the game, Dark Knight is nice considering your can use spells like Calamity Gate, Snake Spirit, etc. along with the ability to use the Yato for battle purposes. Sorcerer has S rank max tome rank and vengeance, but it's not that bulky. Archer, while it isn't THAT terrible in this game, it has no reliable 1-2 weapon, and has no useful skills, and without DLC, Point Blank is a no go. Snipers do have nice crit rates, but Kinshis are better as they get +2 movement and they get lances, and KKs overall are just disgustingly good in this game. Boons and Banes considered, you don't want low hp, defense, and speed. Honestly, best setup you could ask for is something like a boon is speed, str/mag, or defense, and bane as res, opposite of primary offensive stat, and luck.
  5. How do I input magic animations like apocalypse, gleipnir, naglfar, etc. into FE7 in FEBuilder? Sorry to bother you again after a decent amount of time, but I need to know as I'm kinda new to this thing, also do fe8 classes need to be AP imported to use in FE7, as I tried to replace a class with the Wyvern knight, and promoting WL to WK proved that the game glitched during promoting process
  6. I'm trying to insert magic animations like Apocalypse, Gleipnir, Naglfar, demon surge, shadowshot, etc. into the rom hack for new tomes and i'm not sure how to make it work.
  7. Pretty much this along with that Zeke from xenoblade is also no better than a mere novice rank, also Rayquaza has no mega, which is pure WTF, Tora is not much higher tier than Morag or Zeke, but maybe deserves ace, along with Nia.
  8. I tried to make a wyvern knight hand axe animation but in FEBuilder there's something wrong, I need someone to tell me what's wrong with it erlm_sw1.txt
  9. I have a request for a unique lord animation that requires all physical weapon types (and no item), it's basically a man on a giant horse (like the botw one), more details will be described below.
  10. So I made my staff animation for the dark druid but for some reason it still becomes distorted and I need some help on how to make it proper.
  11. Good to know, thanks for the opinion man. I'll be sure to make improvements to it when I can.
  12. I guess while I'm at it, I can ask for your opinion on my portrait. Also, it's good to know on who's taking a break on what they're doing.
  13. Ah, well there's that I guess. It would be nice to know someone who likes to make animations. I know someone who makes portraits though I'm not sure if he is active right now. I guess I did make my own portrait of sorts
  14. I guess I should make a team and have a discord server for, which will probably be the best, but I don't even know what to call the title of the rom hack, and I haven't even made an actual chapter yet, so it's rather complicated. I'm also thinking of adding throwing swords for the game, but it also requires throwing sword animations. I guess I've really put myself into a rather big ambitious hole.
  15. I did think about using some FE8 classes to add to the T3 like WK for wyvern class, Rangers for nomads, but I'd rather not use Great Knights for the T3 so I'm trying to look for Gold knight animations and I want the horse to be more visible as I have some color palettes that have completely different colors for the horses rather than the usual light brown.
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