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  1. Here are some item codes i gathered for souls of the forest If you dont know how to use them use borkborks gamefacts page at https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/921183-fire-emblem-the-sacred-stones/faqs/36978 0A meistermesser 05 magebane 06 longsword 07 wyvernfang 08 gold sword 09 peircing bow 0E ladyblade 0F heroic blade 10 knife 8B meisterswerts 8E unfinished lance 90 conversion 92 hawkeye bow 93 reaper axe 94 hawkeye bow (rakel-beryl) 95 lunatic gem (sorry scraiza) 96 far spear A1 normal gem 7A con seal 7B def seal 7D skill seal 7E res seal 80 mov seal 7C luck seal AE meister axe AF meister lance B0 expunge B1 banish B3 liquidate B3 doulam B4 doulam B6 alacalibur (unfinished) 8f naglfar B7 skillful seal ( boosts all stats) 78 hp seal 81 mage slayer 82 naginata 83 lochaber 84 war hammer 86 hard gem 7c hopland guard (+5luck) 89 dummy move seal 77 atk seal 44 unfinished purge 97 unfinished pow seal 98 old manual ( promote beryl) 99 unfinished remedy A2 vulnerary (60) A3 unfinished vulnerary A4 unfinished vulnerary A6 nightmare AA cleanser AB curruption AC niphilheim 18 gold lance 22 gold axe 2B phantom axe 2C ghostly axe 30 gold bow 3C fimburvetr 3D unfinished bolting 3E windslash 42 purge 48 nocturne 4A geipnir 4D remedy 50 meistershwarts staff (nice one chief) 5A heroic axe 63 crystal (+all stats) 64 dummy 65 dummy 66 dummy 67 dummy 68 gold key (?) 18 gold lance I didn't find any codes for vanagander as i must have missed it and i dont really feel like going through them all again all other codes are unchanged i may post another on portraits and classes if i find the time Special thanks to scraiza (chief) and borkbork for content
  2. Awakening was different but was lacking in story (whatever) had some minor issues (pair up broken totally broken classes etc) but the grinding was too accessible that was their biggest crime (or fanservice lol) But fates is the devil Ruined (among other things) The story Microtransactions (not really but they screwed all the fans with three games that were one) Pair up (enemy pair ups made any charecter with almost any weakness unusable) Hybrid rng Weapons (not just the breaking but the stat drops and negative avoid ) all the weapons that didnt get you killed did zero dmg The theme (used to be strictly old European) but now we have hitomi hinata hayoto hisame hinoka Charectors(86 of them i think even though most are total trash with like either 5% hp or 5% skill or 5% def or res in a game that requires perfectly balanced stats to be useful they either cant hit cant tank or cant do damage or cant dodge or get doubled every time Maps The maps arent so bad in themselves its the bs enemy ai and bs troops like flying bow bird thingys to make your flyers useless or bosses with super low stats and (skill)counter Skills although i liked the personal skills (not you arthur or saizo) all the others were either to broken or useless At any rate at least we have shadows of Valencia now to give us hope for three houses
  3. I just gotta say the pair up machanic in fates is so total trash paired with hybid rng i can send a unit in with 30 def and low res figuring to tank one hit at say 30% hit rate but noooo i get wrecked because 5 enemies attack that do 0damage but ranged magic user doubles for each one as they get ko'd this also hurts flyers because of bow units making flyers totally useless and or any other unit with a weakness forcing you to use only the good(best characters) which is total bs since there are like 120 you can use but only like 30 worth using most of them you get late game so no winning with the starting gang (the ones you fed all your stat boosters) did i mention bs false difficulty like that one boss with super low stats but has counter as a skill of couse my avatar did x2 38dmg and gets wiped and stuff like flying bow units makes flyers even more useless gives you characters like felicia that you can reclass as a hero or if you work hard to get an a+ or s support almost any class but it doesnt matter because my lv 45 (yup eternal seal) felicia hero has only 12 def even though i gave her apptitude not to mention the story i mean half the enemies are translucent nobody's that you cant even see the fight animations for Anyway Awakening was a punch in the gut for fe veterans but fates was death itself i wasnt even excited for shadows of Valencia but it was amazing almost every way not perfect but by far the best of the modern fe games so F awakening Marry shadows of Valencia Kill fates
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