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  1. IHello everyone, Just a quick message to tell you that I've played this hack, and enjoyed it way too much. Like really, it was great, and truly felt like a professional thing! I wish you the better, as I'm truly looking forward to this in order to replay and re-enjoy the game, keep up the good work!! Thanks for this wonderful experience that was your hack!
  2. I'll look forward to it! Thanks buddy!
  3. Hello fellow Fire Emblem amateurs! I've been doing some researches on the subject, and I can't find a goos answer to it, my question being, How to patch a rom on mobile phone? I'd like if some one who had that experience could help me out, I have already played some hacks before (Void's;TLP...) on PC, but now my studies are more demanding and I'd like to play only on my mobile phone. I hope this wasn't ask before, because I couldn't find anything. I thank you in advance for your answers.
  4. This hack seems very interesting! I'm looking forward to play it once a final version is out, the work seems to be great! Keep up the good work!
  5. My thanks to you both ! Sincerely appreciate the "french touch" you made here :D
  6. Hello everyone, and merry christmas to you. My name is Azakthor, I'm a french dude of 19 years old. I came regularly in this website to search useful informations, and I found those. (Great website you have here). I've played The Sacred Stones as my first FE games, and adored it. Afterwards, I've played FE7, FE6, FE11, and FE12. I've completed hard modes for FE 8 and FE12 only (classic hard mode, not lunatic tho). I've created this account so I can ask questions, as I'm not that good at those games. My favorite FE game would be FE7, even if I truly love FE8, I liked the difficulty more in FE7. I don't plan to hack, but I don't mind either, maybe i'll get into that sooner or later. I guess my presentation is complete now, I wish you best of luck on the field, I thank you for reading my presentation and hope to see you soon ! Thanks
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