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  1. Amazing replies thanks guys ! I feel reassured then :) I know +2 spd can make a big deal I'll avoid that since there are already good enough characters to work with in the base game. I'll see if I can get a somehow better Sothe which seems hard considering the good base stats he has indeed. I look forward to do Radiant Dawn, I have good memory of how the game is concepted with the different parts showing us the different groups. From what I've recently heard this game is not high in the most prefered FE games, which seems weird to me. Thanks again :)
  2. Hello, I'm doing a run of Path of Radiance at the moment and was planning to do Radiant Dawn after that. Since I know you can data transfer your stats I wanted to ask you if it'll make the game too easy to do so.. Considering I'll be playing on the highest difficulty level. I planned to have a really good Sothe on Path of Radiance, but if it makes Radiant Dawn too easy I think I'll just skip that, since Sothe stats transfer totally. Has anyone played hard mode FE10 with a uber Sothe ? Does it remove the challenge ? :/
  3. Started my first playthrough yesterday in hard mode and didn't seem me hard :/ Some chapters are harder than others, especially when there is something really stupid like this summoner on the boat in the Celica part, who was hard to kill due to healing and others.. Maps are a bit too open in my taste, even tho I should admit it's closer to the reality. I especially liked the part where you've to take castles ! Overall you can just put a Tanky unit and being cautious about a mage that may counter it or just send Alm taking care of him.. but ye if you're patient in your strategy the game reward you a lot.
  4. ZSel

    Tough choice

    Thanks for your reply ! Well I've heard Sacae is harder and I'm looking for challenge so.. Can't I go to Sacae with Fir only ? But yeah I think I won't bother resetting as you suggested even if it means giving up on Sacae.. This game so far has the perfect balance of difficulty, your team isn't too broken and enemies are strongs, you've to use a lot of units unlike awakening where you can solo map.. at least so far x)
  5. ZSel

    Tough choice

    Sadly I can't.. : / There are no normal ways from what I know.. Is this nomad worth 10 hours ? x)
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