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  1. This is my biggest issue with Camilla. Like she had so much potential and I agree the mix hurt her. On topic of Fates v. Three Houses, I'm firmly in the camp that Fates is absolute trash—but I can see why people liked it. Because I think the whole debate is so firmly in the ground of preference. And the worst part about it, is that I absolutely adore the concept of Fates. I still think it has the best concept of a FE game. Blood versus Family. But I was SO, SO excited for Fates. I adored Awakening, and Fates looked like a great step forward for the franchise. My first bit of disappointment was the reveal of Inigo, Owain and Severa. And those are some of my favs from Awakening. But I wanted Fates to be it's own game. And already it was just using Awakening as a jumping off point. Then suddenly Gaius and Cordelia (and Tharja) were in the game? My fears intensified. This wasn't going to be a FE game. It was going to be a pandering mess of fan-service. But I still had hope. I understand marketing, so even though I disliked it, I was hoping that was the only bits they did. The game comes out, I choose Conquest, because hello! And then Corrin starts speaking. And they keep speaking. And halfway through Chapter 3 I'm already annoyed at Corrin, and the story. Get to Chapter 8 or 9 and I actually put the game down. Because I don't want to play anymore. This is the first (and only) Fire Emblem game I've ever put down. I pick it up a week later, thinking maybe I was just too hyped for it and I keep playing. I get more than halfway and I put it down again. Because each chapter is annoying me. The supports are grating and I don't like many of the characters. Corrin I actually despise (this is both half personal and half the actual writing - I don't think his personality is awful, but the way in which the story bends to him is annoying, and on a personal level, I hate, hate, hate goodie-too shoes and naive heroes, which Corrin fits to a T), and the rest of the characters just feel like poorly written tropes. My favorite part about Conquest is the gameplay — it is my favorite of a FE game. Fast forward, and I hear Birthright is good, so I get that. I actually (reluctantly) finish it. But I'm not happy with it. The story is better than Conquest for sure, but it was a literal chore to play and get through. Revelations come out and I think, "Maybe this is better?", so I get that. I get maybe to Chapter 18 and I just can't bring myself to finish. And to this day, I still haven't finished it. Because it just didn't appeal to me. The concept completely failed upon execution of the story, and the poor writing of the characters and plot really got to me. I always thought gameplay and story were the heart of video games for me. Fates made me realize that characters are the heart of video games for me. Without liking the characters, I can't play a game. Something similar happened with Tales of Zesititra (and Graces), where I struggled to finish, not because the stories weren't great or the gameplay wasn't amazing. But simply because I found the characters unappealing. So for me Three Houses wins solely on its characters. I mean, I loved the rest of it as well, but what stood out to me about TH was the characters and where Fates failed the most for me was its characters. The rest of it (maybe not the story) I can go either way about, but the characters are what broke Fates for me.
  2. I agree. It's why Verdant Wind is my least favorite of the four three routes. Because of Claude. And I LOVE Claude's design and general basis of character. Sassy, aloof, with a heart of gold? Perfect. But he's so disjointed and incomplete and more than not a side accessory in everyone's story. His arc got answers cause he was the only lord curious enough to ask questions (unlike both Edelgard who wanted to cling to her false truths and Dimitri who despite all evidence to the contrary, wanted to keep things the way they were), and I sorta like this dichotomy of him (the foreigner) being the only one to truly uncover the truths about everything and dive deeper because he doesn't have the biases of Fodlan in his head. In this sense, I think his story had the biggest capability to be SO much, but I agree they just didn't quite put the pieces together for all the reasons you stated. In my opinion, I wish Claude's route had been split into two routes (and just get rid of Silver Snow entirely), and make one where he actually joins Edelgard and the two unite against Rhea and Dimitri and another route where he actually joins Dimitri and Rhea and unites against Edelgard. I think Claude is one of those characters who could have legitimately joined either side based on the Professor, and it seemed so odd that he remained a full third party, when I feel like he could have made a difference in both. Especially in Dimitri's route, it would have made sense for him to join instead of not doing anything (and in turn inspire some curiosity and thinking to Dimitri's single-minded goals). And in Edelgard's route (if we didn't kill Hilda, *cries*) it would have been nice to have him join us at the voice of both reason and maybe to temper some of of Edelgard's more egregious tendencies.
  3. OMG. If the banner leak is true, I need to save orbs, STAT. Forget everything else happening. *cries* I was hoping for some more banners I didn't care about to replenish my orbs, they keep throwing great banners at me.
  4. Even though I JUST pulled Líf, I would love a second to merge (and get rid of his -SPD!), and I'd also be happy with another SK!Alm. The rest...meh. I don't mind skill-fodder, but I'd rather get a merge of a character I want to use, so I'll get voting for Líf and maybe some for SK!Alm!
  5. That was my point, though. That there seems to be a lot of hate for Edelgard making her seem 'divisive', but it doesn't really seem to be accurate based on polls and what's actually happening. There was a lot of hate for Camilla (specially on here), and yet she clearly still won CYL, which meant it's not fully indicative either way. But just the fact it doesn't feel true to say Camilla is less divisive because there were at least more specific events that led to salt, that Edelgard hasn't had (yet). So overall the salt towards Camilla was at least higher and exacerbated by several issues. Not to suggest there weren't a huge populace of people who stayed silent/actually really like Camilla.
  6. Is this even close to being true?? Camilla was from what I remember, far more divisive simply because everyone considered her a pair of boobs rather than a character and she already had numerous alts prior to her winning, and Fates pandering was already being ridiculed in FEH (and Fates generally hated as a game itself). I saw very few people happy with Camilla's win, and many attempt to organize to defeat her. Every time she got an alt, this forum was filled with salt.
  7. But to get Silver Snow you do have to do stuff. You have to avoid supporting Edelgard, decline the coronation and choose to kill Edelgard at Rhea's request. To anyone playing through the game that would be the natural progression. You have to know to purposefully miss/change one of those flags, otherwise you'd default into getting all of them. The game is called Three Houses, and the marketing was specifically Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude. Not Rhea, Dimitri and Claude. You choose Edelgard in the Crimson Flower route and logic dictates you'd follow and support her. You have to specifically go against the path laid out for you, to get the 'hidden' Silver Snow path.
  8. How does the game automatically put you on Snow? I found it a LOT harder to get to the Silver Snow route than the main route with Edelgard. Not arguing canon or not, but as Edelgard is the main lord and your training her, you build support with her instantaneously and if it's your first play through, you're going to be talking to the characters every month just to get snippets of their personality/other stuff, so you won't be able to miss talking to her in that special event. I feel like the only way you can miss it, is if you've played the game 2-3x already and you're skipping the monastery part out of boredom and then you miss it. But the game wasn't designed for you to skip it, so it's highly unlikely anyone would miss talking to Edelgard, meaning the Silver Snow route is something you have to ACTIVELY choose, rather than just naturally following Edelgard's route.
  9. I think the 'divide' between Edelgard and Dimitri is overblown, specifically on these forums. Everyone likes to be team 'one or the other'. Though personally I think the true popularity/rivalry gap is between Rhea and Edelgard, who I think are at the heart of most 'discussions', because they truly are two sides of the same coin. Edelgard and Dimitri are put in competition as their stories are so revolved around each other (well I guess Dimitri is revolved around Edelgard, rather than the opposite way around), but I never once for a moment thought Edelgard wasn't extremely popular. I just think you can't bring up Edelgard without someone wanting to compare her to Dimitri or say she's the villain and not one of the lords. Haha.
  10. I wouldn't necessarily call him 'pathetic', but he is unmemorable, and while I tend to usually agree about male characters getting the shorter end of the stick when it comes to gender-stereotyping, I honestly don't think Ignatz would have been any more well received if he was a girl. He's too bland of a character overall. I don't really think he's 'realistic' either. I actually found him too one-note and without the sort of depth a lot of other characters had. I don't think you need a tragic backstory to be interesting by any means, but just going along with being a knight when you clearly want to paint just didn't resonate with me, which is funny because I'm in a creative career, and I thought he would resonate, but he just fell incredibly flat. (Also he's ugly pre-skip and below average post) For midterm results...I'm not surprised. Well, I AM shocked M!Robin is still consistently #6/7, so while I know he won't win, I'll definitely keep throwing a vote or two his way. But Lysithea!! I love her, I'm so glad she's #2 out of everyone else. I don't think Edelgard will fall, but I would love a 3 Houses only Brave Banner. Recency bias aside, I just think the characters really deserve it. Eirika has so many alts (including her Legendary which I love), and Plumeria doesn't even exist really. On the men's side, I honestly don't care about Marth or Seliph at all. And Chrom and Robin (while I love them both), I don't necessarily think they need more alts at the moment (though selfishly I'll always vote for M!Robin).
  11. Hmm. It's so hard. I absolutely love Three Houses. A lot. The characters by far surpassed my expectations, moving away from being no more than tropes (Fates mainly/Awakening to a lesser extent), and with the story and conflict being engaging to me and realistic. The gameplay was fantastic, I loved the art style (actual graphics could stand a polish) and for the most part they handled Byleth as well as could be expected for a silent protagonist. But I think Awakening, still holds top spot for me. It might be a combination of nostalgia (I found Awakening a year or two after it had come out, not even realizing one of my childhood favorite series had released a new game) and the fact that Robin remains one of my favorite characters, paired with loving Chrom/Lucina/Morgan and the whole child mechanics which, for someone who likes Pokemon breeding and other games to the such, it was super fun. But Three Houses is definitely a close, close, second. And who knows. After this new DLC comes out and I go through it again, it might even come out on top! I think playing all 3 routes in succession (I'm pretending Silver Snow doesn't exist because---ew), definitely allowed me a greater view of the flaws of Three Houses, whereas the 3 times I've played through Awakening were months/years apart so the flaws aren't as glaring. But yeah, I love Three Houses and truly hope they continue to push Fire Emblem in this direction because I loved it and can't wait to see what they do for the next entry! I'd have to rank them Awakening > Three Houses > Sacred Stones, I think. Echoes was also a lot of fun, though the story was simple/maps easy, but the cast of characters was super endearing to me. Blazing Sword I love from a nostalgia factor, but replaying it, it didn't hold up as much as I particularly wanted, and I've only played the Tellius games once, so many years ago that I only vaguely remember them (though I did like them).
  12. But maybe consider that's why people are so harsh. Corrin is too good in my opinion and that's what makes them boring. And the only reason Corrin works better as a girl is because we allow girls to be more naive/etc. I think it comes down to the actual flaws of the story/writing really, really impacting Corrin specifically, who maybe outside of that bad plot/writing might have been a good character. But to Byleth...hmmm. I don't think he's very comparable to Robin OR Corrin. If we're ranking. Robin comes ins 1st. And Byleth falls pretty short of that at 2nd, but still ranks miles and miles and miles above the mess that is Corrin. But in terms of his actual character, I think they did a great job keeping him just blank enough to self-insert, if anything almost to a detriment to the other characters who I feel like could have had MORE light to shine against a "real" character such as Robin or Corrin. Both R/C had defined personalities and growth in their games, which meant I couldn't self-insert. Or rather ... it's a toss-up. Robin I personally related to, and so naturally, even though I didn't self insert, I was VERY concerned about his growth and development. Versus Corrin was someone I would hate in real-life and generally don't like their personality in video games, it's grating, so I was forced to be SO distant from the game just to stomach the decisions "I" was making. Whereas we didn't get too much choice with Byleth (the dialogue options were pretty bare bones), but it did allow me to sorta imagine my own personality for him, which was good and bad. Good for the inevitable 'shipping' and having favorite characters. Bad for said development of 'shipping' and favorite characters. Even if I personally found Dorothea incredibly interesting and Sylvain in need of a desperate hug, Byleth's interactions with them were so distant, and so their characters shined much better when bounced off others, which made romancing Dorothea for example, feel .... not right. Like I was robbing her of someone she really needed. Overall it didn't detract from my enjoyment. If anything it was when they gave Byleth too much personality. For instance on Claude's route, there's a few dialogue options about Rhea (who I literally wanted to kill from the beginning of the game), and there's no option to dismiss her or not care! It's all about "saving her" or "being worried", when in reality, I was just as skeptical about her as Claude was, and I wanted to share in that skepticism with him. So in those cases, it brought me out of the game because suddenly my self-insert was showing their own characteristics. I definitely found myself wishing they just gave him a defined personality, but that was always mitigated by Corrin existing and how much I disliked their personality and yet how much we were supposed to BE Corrin, so I'm pretty satisfied by how they handled Byleth. As a character? Idk. I wouldn't call him that. But as a ... vessel? I enjoyed him.
  13. Hmm, I hope. I voted M!Robin today. I have a feeling they might drop in rankings, but I do hope they stay next to each other and drop the same amount.
  14. Yay it started! And wow, the first thing I do is vote Edelgard, so maybe I'm more biased towards her than I thought! Haha. I'll wait until mid-terms maybe and then see if I should switch to M!Robin (or throw in a vote for Dimitri). Shame they split Byleth up, but I honestly don't like post-timeskip Byleth because his hair color infuriates me. 😅
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