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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. Best unit's got to be Zihark or maybe Marcia. If I haven't decided what kind of playthrough I want to do, I always end up using at least one of them. Worst unit is definitely Sothe! Best character is pretty obvious, I believe. The one and olny: Naesala! Worst character is probably Devdan. Never liked him.
  4. Forgive my intrusion, but I just checked out all the sprites in this thread, ignorant of the number of pages. Took me slightly less than an hour. More time than I expected, so now it's off to bed. Oh by the way, you are a freaking EXPERT!!!
  5. I don't use her because I find her weak, but I also dislike her as a character, which is partly connected to her appearance, yes.
  6. Raising Leanne to level 40 SEVERAL times in 2-3 (I think it is). Perhaps not crazy, but a real pain in the ass!!
  7. I did that too! It was really amusing.
  8. I think you're right about the signer of the pact, but is that a reason for why the mark shouldn't disappear from Naesala's wrist? Just because he wasn't the one who signed it in the first place?
  9. Haven't been online here for quite some time so i thought I should leave a comment. My favorite character's got to be Zihark. He's simply awesome! Unless we're talking story-wise 'cause then I'd got to say Naesala!
  10. Happy 18th birthday =o

  11. Happy 18th birthday!

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