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  1. 1- Give weapons better hit rates, this includes nerfing the thrones/gates avoid bonus. 2- Make Nomads/Nomad Troopers weak against anti-calvalry weaponry. 3- Make ambush spawns Hard mode only. 4- Give dragons 1-2 range on Hard mode at least.
  2. I would recommend Sacred Stones, the story is pretty cool and it is fairly easy as well.
  3. Tbh Mark is so irrelevant to the story, that you can play the game without them. The only thing they have is the tactician bonus, and that isn't that important anyway. If they got deleted I wouldn't miss them, however, just making them stay the same would be fine for me as well.
  4. I think it is because Erk was trained by Pent himself, thus giving Etruria's court confidence on his magical abilities. Also being the adopted son of Pent might have some importance on the matter as well.
  5. Oops, my finger slipped, now all of you're banned, have a nice day.
  6. Idk if he really counts as obscure, but I would say mine is Draug. I find hilarious how his base conversations with Kris portray him as an unbeatable wall, however, if you reclass him to anything but armour/general, he loses a lot of defence and gains a lot of speed, becoming a totally different unit.
  7. Wrys, she is a sweetie. If you get hurt, she will gladly heal you with her staff, which is really wholesome of her. Also, if you want, she will cut your hair to match hers, which is really cute as well. Top tier waifu, 10/10.
  8. Wyvern rider/Wyvern lord.
  9. Radd was Radd But he became badd For his growths were all that he hadd They were taken away, and now he is sadd
  10. Hi guys, i'm new here, i started playing FE like 1 year ago. The first game i played was Sacred Stones, which is also my favourite one, I also played Shadow Dragon. I hope to learn here how to play beacuse i'm pretty terrible playing it :)
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